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Discover our Economic Newsletter Spring 2014. In this special issue - Head offices: Alimentation Couche-Tard, Novexco, Multi Recyclage, Contant, Kolostat and Joanel


  • 1. ALAIN BOUCHARD Alimentation Couche-Tard, p. 4 V O L U M E 2 3, No. 01 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 N E W S L E T T E R agropole | biotech city | e-pole business services and head offices pole industrial pole | leisure and tourism pole ECONOM I C NOVEXCO Robert de Montigny MULTI RECYCLAGE Sylvain Demers CONTANT Chantal Contant ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD Alain Bouchard KOLOSTAT Stan Segal JOANEL Johanne Boivin SPECIAL ISSUE HEAD OFFICES
  • 2. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014 02 A BOOMING BUSINESS Novexco has been operating out of Laval since day one. In 2011, the company moved its head office to the Highway25 Industrial Park on the east side of Laval, a location selected with the help of Laval Technopole. In addition to providing great visibility from Highway440, the new facilities are spacious enough for the company to gather all employees in one place to better achieve its objectives for growth in a booming city with a thriving business community. Novexcos new premises also include some 13,000m2 of warehouse space, increasing the companys storage capacity thanks to convenient 9.8metre high ceilings. Products are stored following precise guidelines to rationalise logistics and ensure delivery to customers anywhere in Quebec within 24hours. Novexco offers over 16,000products, 2,000 of which were just added to the list in 2013. The company continues to enjoy great success and enhances customer loyalty by diversifying its offering to meet demand. You always have to keep reinventing yourself and innovating in an industry that isnt really that innovative to begin with, says Robert de Montigny. A born entrepreneur, his goal is to continually expand the Novexco range of products, making sure his company is always at the leading edge of technology to reduce errors and serve customers better than ever. This commitment to innovation is one of the many factors that enables Novexco to play its part in helping the office supply industry grow. According to de Montigny, the key to running a successful business is developing a strategic plan, focusing on objectives, persevering, being thorough and keeping employees well motivated. The president and CEO must know what hes talking about since Novexco was recognized as one of Canadas50best managed companies by Deloitte in 2012. A MAJOR ACQUISITION In a transaction that met the business objectives of both companies, Novexco acquired the Canadian division of Lyreco on January 1, 2014. The strategic partnership created in the process provided Novexco with the opportunity of serving Lyrecos international customers across Canada. By combining their strengths and expertise, LyrecoCanada and Novexco now make up the largest Canadianowned company in its field, and the third largest overall in the Canadian market. Thanks to its wide range of office products and streamlined operations, Novexco is phenomenally successful in Quebec. And now that the company has acquired LyrecoCanada, it has the means to satisfy even more customers from coast to coast. A QUEBEC LEADER IN OFFICE PRODUCTS NOVEXCO Novexco came into being when two groups of independent office supply retailers, Sopa and Bureaulab, merged in 1996. The 100% Canadian company offers a variety of innovative solutions in marketing, technology and office product procurement through its network of BuroPLUS and Club express stores. It also sells directly to retailers and consumers through its business divisions as well as online. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Robert de Montigny, president and chief executive officer, at 514-335-8521 or at Robert de Montigny, President NOVEXCO ACQUIRED THE CANADIAN DIVISION OF LYRECO ON JANUARY 1, 2014.
  • 3. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014 03 QUEBECS DRY WASTE RECYCLING EXPERTS MULTI RECYCLAGE Sylvain Demers founded Multi Recyclage in 1993 to provide an eco-friendly solution to treating dry waste. The Laval company sorts, processes and reclaims as much debris from construction, renovation and demolition sites as possible, extending their services to municipalities as well as commercial and residential customers across Quebec. AN EXTENSIVE SERVICE OFFERING With its head office in Laval, MultiRecyclage is part of a growing network of companies operating out of the bustling city. Nestled between Montral and the NorthShore, the third-largest city in Quebec is proving to be a prime location for business operations of every type. MultiRecyclage rents out nearly 1,000containers with capacities ranging from 10 to 40yd3 (7.6 to 30 m3 ) to collect dry waste materials such as wood, brick and concrete from construction and demolition sites. Discarded materials are brought to the companys sorting facility where theyre separated mechanically as well as by hand before being processed and reclaimed. MultiRecyclage also provides demolition and decontamination services for industrial sites. MAXIMUM RECYCLING POWER The Laval company currently recycles 80% of the construction waste it collects, a figure it hopes to raise to 100% within the next few years. To achieve this goal, MultiRecyclage is always on the lookout for new recycling processes inspired by methods developed in Europe, where the current benchmarks in the field are being set. MultiRecyclage puts its meticulous methods, expert knowledge and imagination to work finding innovative ways of enhancing dry waste sorting techniques with maximum efficiency and total respect for the environment. In business, you find success but you also encounter failure. The important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and never give up, says SylvainDemers. The MultiRecyclage president adds that in order to succeed, you need vision, the right team, and the ability to communicate your objectives effectively so everyone can work on achieving them together. The companys strong eco-conscience is behind MultiRecyclages ongoing search for new ways to convert recyclable dry materials into a dependable resource for the future. But contributing to sustainable development also means minimizing landfill waste to ensure a better world for future generations. Demers hopes to educate Quebec municipalities and businesses on the benefits of recycling and to encourage them to send their dry waste to a treatment facility rather than a landfill site. While enjoying strong growth, MultiRecyclage continues to build on its reputation for excellence with a full range of services FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Sylvain Demers, President, at 450-625-9191 or at and a comprehensive commitment to the environment and the future. Thevariety of sustainable solutions it offers for managing dry waste provides an opportunity to showcase Laval know-how across Quebec. Sylvain Demers, President THE COMPANYS STRONG ECO-CONSCIENCE IS BEHIND MULTI RECYCLAGES ONGOING SEARCH FOR NEW WAYS TO CONVERT RECYCLABLE DRY MATERIALS INTO A DEPENDABLE RESOURCE FOR THE FUTURE.
  • 4. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014 04 A SOUND BUSINESS MODEL Looking to build on a stellar reputation earned across Canada, Couche-Tard continues its expansion into international markets. The company already operates some 12,500stores in 18countries (6,000 in NorthAmerica, 4,000 in Asia and 2,500 in Europe). CoucheTard has been on a sustained growth curve since day one, mainly because of an expansion strategy that focuses on acquisitions and affiliations with gas stations. In fact, 80% of CoucheTard locations sell fuel. Talk about convenience! And in an effort to meet customer needs even more, the company has developed its own line of readytoeat prepared foods that are flying off the shelves. In the spring of 2012, the Laval multinational acquired Norwegian gas station chain Statoil to spearhead its Europe conquest. By adding 2,300 Statoil locations in eight Northern European countries, CoucheTard has greatly enhanced its position in this lucrative market. In 2013, CoucheTard acquired 36locations in NewMexico, Florida and Georgia. These stores which now operate under the CircleK banner are at the core of the companys business plan for escalating activities in the U.S. market as well. CoucheTard is a major player in todays NorthAmerican convenience store industry. The companys success is a tremendous source of pride for all Quebecers. With its remarkable growth on the international market, CoucheTard is well on the way to achieving its goal of operating 25,000 convenience stores worldwide, an ambition it is certain to fulfill thanks to its dedicated team and winning business strategy. PART OF THE LAVAL LANDSCAPE FOR OVER 30 YEARS Couche-Tards first headquarters and service centre were located in Laval. But by 2010, its steady growth made larger premises a necessity. When the time came to pick the ideal location for the new CoucheTard offices, AlainBouchard brought his 260Lavalbased employees into the selection process. The decision was unanimous, with everyone agreeing that Laval offered the perfect blend of opportunities for professional and personal development. The youthful and vibrant city features a host of advantages for CoucheTard corporate staff, including an extensive public transportation network and a short commute. The city also has a rich pool of mostly bilingual skilled labour. The new CoucheTard headquarters and service centre were built in just 12months, an impressive accomplishment made possible by LavalTechnopole, which helped streamline the pro