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  • Lauren Bennett


  • If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.

    -Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Lauren BennettI believe that design is a complex puzzle that challenges the designer to be ready for any kind of combination. Good design provides a space that will create positive reactions and enhance the lives of those who work and live within them.

    Design is taking the classics, re-envisioning them to be current, original and seamlessly integrated into the world that was made for them. It looks effortless, feels natural, and is personally tailored to those spending time within them. I aim to represent my clients with a true reflection of their personal aspirations and unique individuality, while being diligent to provide a functional space.

    My thoughts about design have been greatly affected by the places where I have visited around the globe. The places I have stayed and the people I befriended along the way were invaluable to shaping my passion for diverse design. From Mustique in the West Indies, to Edinburgh, Scotland, I was reminded of the importance of how to we are universally connected, all requiring a space that nurtures, inspires and refreshes the soul.

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  • Table of Contents

    Hand Renderings

    Ultraviolet Hotel

    Intrepid Excursion Agency



    Myrtle Beach Dialysis and Nutrition Center

    The Barker Room Re-design

  • Hand Renderings

    These are some hand renderings used to study light and value on things that many different textures.

  • Ultraviolet Hotel

  • Reception Desk Amethyst Atrium Lobby Grand Double Staircase

    Imperial Guest Suite Imperial Guest Suite Restroom Imperial Guest Suite Towards Deck

  • Ultraviolet Hotel

    Imperial Guest Suite

    Amethyst Atrium Lobby

    The Indigo Spa

  • Intrepid Excursion AgencyIntrepid is a new store in Seattle, Washington that caters to the 21st century adventurer. The store has a unique personality to it where both modern, and earthy designs merge to create a truly warm and fun space.

    When Clients first walk in they will find a Pet friendly area for their beloved travel companions to rest and have a treat. From there the clients are taken care of at the front desk where all questions can be answered about the products and services under the coral like Chihuly glass wall. Clients will find that products are displayed on both modern shelving and on shelving that pulls in materials that can be founds in all parts of the world. Using materials that are renewable, and that have longevity in the store and in the offices was important for the design, of the space.

    The store and offices draw on the explorative and curious personality tendencies of the customers that come in to the store, creating an ever-changing space that encourages them to go further in the store creating its own sort of branding in use of the buildings form, and uses of displays.

    Isometric View of Intrepid

  • Conference Kitchen CEO OfficeBooking Room

    Conference RoomRiverbed Product DisplayFront Desk

  • Intrepid Inspiration BoardBreak Room


  • Plan View of Intrepid

    Eight Specialist Office

    Eight Specialist Office to Break Room

  • IllusoryAdele and Amelias new store has all the sophistication that comes with designing Haute Couture. When walking up to the store, the first thing a customer will notice is the impressive window displays that showcase the product from the street.

    A classic color scheme will envelope the store, which will compliment any variety of item colors that will come in and out of the store during the year. The high design of the store will be a timeless look that will still be current years to come.

    With warm lighting, in soft pools of color, and ambient lighting nothing will cause stress, only relaxation. The banding of the store and personal story of the area will have its place in the design through out many elements. Customers will know in seconds after entering the store that they are in the lap of luxury, from beginning to end.

  • Front Desk Lounge Front Desk

    Apartment Living Room Apartment Bedroom Apartment Kitchen

  • First Floor Plan

    Second Floor Plan

    Color Board

  • Waiting Area for Offices

    Store Entry

  • ResidenceThis was home and office redesign for an apart-ment in a High rise building.

    The homeowners were world travelers and had a passion for their children.

    Floor Plan

  • Living Room to Kitchen

    OfficeMaster Bathroom Kitchen and Fireplace

    Girls BedroomMaster Bedroom

  • Myrtle Beach Dialysis and Nutrition CenterAt Myrtle Beach Dialysis and Nutrition Center, in South Carolina the designer has selected things that will reflect the surroundings of nature and the beach life. All the materials, furnishings, and features that have been selected are items that abstractly represent things one could have found at the beach in the years past.

    The dialysis treatment rooms are constructed to resemble the classic dressing tents in shape, allowing privacy in the most fun and fashionable way. Each room posses a beautiful view of the beach that will be sure to put patients at ease, while sitting a warm and comfortable chair. During treatment there is also space for a family member in the room since the dialysis is a process that takes several hours to complete.

    The nurses will be surrounded by relaxing and cheerful blue color schemes that reflect the beauty of the ocean hitting the shore in all its organic patterns. Pops of color will be dispersed though the treatment areas by local artists work displayed on the walls. The doctors offices have been created to have a warm disposition so that all the hours that they spend up at the center will not feel as long or depressing because the work that they do is not always the most pleasant. The Office palettes are warm coffee colors, home-like lighting, personal touches, and luxurious and supple leathers it is a perfect home away from home.

    The Nutritional Center is a space that envelops all of the best things about picnics and beach vendors that always are a cause for a line during a sunny day on the sand. With lessons on how to cook and sessions on what kind of diet is best for these dialysis patients, there is plenty of space for personal interactions that make this new or scary process a day at the beach. With the honesty of the quote making this center focused on integrity, there is nothing but fresh and honest design that mimics the foods being served.

  • Nutrition Center Nutrition Center Patient Treatment Bay

    Blood LabNurses StationBlood Lab Results Waiting

  • The Barker Room Re-design

    This was a real project that I designed during my internship. It was for a young girl in High School, who wanted a fresh new look. These are the photos of the room before painting started. Janayes Room Previously:

    Red with black Chalkboard Painted walls.

    Window Seat, was furthest wall from door.


  • After:

    New Reading Chair.New Bench Seat and Mirror. Re-painted Dresser.

  • Daytime Photo of Room. Photo of Doorway Out.

  • Re-Painted Bed Frame and Head Wall.

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