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A presentation targeting startups & individuals wanting to initiate an SEO program. Not intended to be in-depth. Rather it focuses on the initial stages of preparing for an SEO commitment.


<ul><li> Launching An SEO Effort<br />What You Need to Know &amp; Getting Started<br /></li> <li> Agenda<br />About Confluence Digital<br />How Search Engines Work in 2 minutes<br />Search Engine Optimization in 2 Slides <br />A Few Myths About SEO<br />Before Optimization Starts<br />Where to Start?<br />Live Optimization<br />Resources<br /></li> <li> Confluence Digital Work<br /></li> <li> How Search Engines Work in 2 Minutes (or so)<br /></li> <li> The Basics - Indexing<br /></li> <li> The Basics Serving Results<br /></li> <li> Search Engine Results Page (SERP)<br />The higher the position of your listings, the more click-throughs to your site.<br />The number one search result is worth pursuing because # 1 gets:<br />4.9 X more clicks than number 3 position <br />8.5 X more clicks than number 5 position <br />14.1 X more clicks than number 10 position<br /></li> <li> Search Engine Optimization in 2 Slides<br /></li> <li> Google Page Rank<br />Elite 8-10<br />Above Average 6-7<br />Average 3-5<br />Below Average 0-2<br /></li> <li> SEO Factors<br />Off-site<br />On-site<br /></li> <li> A Few Myths About SEO<br /></li> <li> Its All About the Homepage<br /><ul><li>False. While important, high value internal pages may have a larger role in converting actions. Its about conversions! </li> <li> View your site as a funnel functioning to move visitors to act on a specific objective.</li></ul>Keyword Meta Tag<br />No. The Keyword Meta Tag is no longer a consideration in search algorithms.<br /></li> <li> Your Domain Doesnt Matter<br />False. A domain that includes keywords, all else being equal, will out rank a generic domain name. URL is not a primary factor.<br />Example: We sell widgets<br />Better URL:,<br />Not as strong:, depth of content can be an equalizer<br />All Hosts Are Created Equal<br /><ul><li>False. Geographic location impacts local search results. Hosting in the location of your target audience for a modest SEO boost.</li></ul></li></ul>