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  2. 2. The military trend started reflecting in fashion since the 1930s and has constantly been on the scene in various forms such as the aviators, trench coats, dungarees, bomber jackets, khakis and [...] Pero
  3. 3. How do you co-opt to the idea of a barbaric summer? Because, it is going to be 100 degrees and you should probably start thinking of what to wear. Read More... Footwear
  4. 4. News ,Photos and shares about Indian Fashion and latest fashion trends. Read More... India Fashion blogs
  5. 5. Diwali is almost here and I can barely contain my excitement as it is my favorite festival, hands down! Apart from shopping for the regular ethnic wear, this year I got myself some swag accouterments from Kazo all in the name of Diwali shopping. Read More... Diwali Shopping
  6. 6. Watch the sunrise on the East Coast: After witnessing the gorgeous sunrise on the East Coast in the backdrop of an Ocean, I had to thank my friend (Phoney Traveler) who persisted on waking up early to watch the sunrise. If not for her persistence, I wouldnt have gotten out of bed by 6 AM. This was phenomenal. Dont miss it. Read More... Pondicherry
  7. 7. One of the pitfalls of not having a regular job is, What do you do for a living? always feels like a trick question. It always takes me a minute before I answer. Do I call myself a traveller, blogger, a website designer or a content developer? Obviously, it is never going to be as easy as nodding my head to IT? The way I used to before June 2014, when I quit. Read More... NikeDunkSkyHi
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