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  • Last lessonChromatography

  • Chromatographychromatography paper

  • ChromatographyOrigin line drawn in pencil with a rulerDoes not dissolve in waterabout 2 cm

  • ChromatographyFour evenly spaced crosses drawn in pencil

  • ChromatographyFour small dots made with different felt tip pens

  • ChromatographyDots must be above water levelDont slosh the water about!

  • Chromatographypencilpaper clip

  • ChromatographyMake sure you take it out before the water reaches the top!

  • Another type of chromatogram

  • HomeworkUse at least 4 diagrams to show how to make a chromatogram. Can you also stick in the two chromatograms that you made?Due Friday 30th April

  • Todays lesson - Who murdered Mr Scott?

  • The suspectsNCR

  • Todays lessonSeparating sand and salt

  • Filtration

  • Evaporation

  • Separating sand and saltCan you stick the instructions in the book and read carefully?


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