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A preview of exhibitors particpating in AccessoriesTheShow & Moda Las Vegas.


  • When it comes to the Las Vegas Market week, it is clear that the buyers are overwhelmed when all of the shows run the exact same three days. Of late, we have been able to solve this issue by opening a day earlier than the other industry events. However, for August of 2012, a mega corporate event takes place right before us and this will preclude us from being the first major show to open this season. Even so, we are going to offer you the best shopping experience in Las Vegas. AccessoriesTheShows Las Vegas edition will provide you with the advantage of saving time by finding everything you want and need on one floor. The shows progressive dedication remains in providing the finest selection of juried accessory resources to be found during the Las Vegas market weeks. Holiday/Resort comes to you with 300+ lines consisting of the must-haves and necessities for the season as well as an increase of many new exhibitors on the show floor. The show will highlight the best accessories of the season including animal prints, stackable bracelets, bright colors, jewelry with raw stones and more. Bags will range from in demand styles of totes, patchwork bags, real and faux crocodile, alligator and ostrich. AccessoriesTheShows focus on trend-right pieces will result in sales opportunities and profits for your store.

    Moda Las Vegas will house the most focused and refined group of Womenswear this season. With over 250 designers and 65 International collections all under one roof, this market extends from Contemporary Lifestyle to European goods to Fur as well as Better womens RTW. Our commitment to a tightly juried and carefully merchandised show floor will ensure your access to some of the most well-known names in the industry. At Moda Las Vegas, tight jurying means that you will find the right resources that will not only intrigue your customers, but drive your sales and thats the bottom line!

    Make the most of your time in Las Vegas by taking advantage of AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Las Vegas productive and profitable one-stop shopping experience Start planning your travels today!

  • Complimentary amenitiesFor your indulgenCeBreakfast | Bottled Water | Lunch | Coffee/Tea | Beauty Spa | Complimentary Bag (First come/first served)

    CoCktail reCeptionTuesday, August 21st: 5:30pm 7pmThe celebration will begin with a reception with an extensive selection of hors doeuvres. All buyers will be invited to network and continue to shop into the evening.

    exClusive travel oFFersdelta airline meeting travelReceive 2% 7% discount by calling 800.328.1111Valid Cities: United States/Canada to and from Las Vegas Travel Dates: 8/17/12 8/27/12Use Discount Code: NM8EX

    the venetian hotelFriday, August 17 Sunday, August 26Cut-off date to receive group rate is July 31st or until rooms are sold out!

    win by booking with us!Its all about winning in Las Vegas and BJI has created a lottery for those who book rooms through our exclusive housing agent, Par Avion. You will automatically be entered in a sweepstakes: A total of $5,000 to 37 lucky winners with a grand prize of $1,000 to one lucky winner.

    Reserve Online: l (under travel conveniences)Reserve by Calling: 800.826.3079 (US/Canada) or 310.590.4706 (International)

    exClusive amenities For venetian guestsCaf Presse: 15% off | First food & Bar: 20% off food bill | Grand Lux: 10% off | Lavo Lounge: Buy 1 drink get 1 drink between 5pm 7pmCoupons will be distributed upon check-in to the hotel.

    taxi reimbursementLet us pick up the cost of your taxi ride to the Venetian. Present a receipt at the registration counter and well reimburse your fare up to $10 (For retailers, show days only).

    show updates exhibitor previewVisit the Shows websites two weeks prior to the show for a detailed preview of participating exhibitors!

    get the latest show news! | |

    bJi Fashion mobile las vegas august edition - available For download in the Coming weeksThe BJI Fashion Mobile LV August edition will be available for download on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

    With BJI Fashion Mobile, you will have all of the shows at your finger tips, including: Searchable exhibitor lists Floor plans GPS to help navigate the show floor Important news updates Tools to organize your favorite exhibitors and plan an agenda.

    To download, visit

  • Whats your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design?The best part of creating a design is seeing something new and exciting come alive. Its about using our design expertise and making our products relevant for today.

    How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?For me, its effortless and so easy to keep up with fashion because I truly love it. I have tons of energy and must see every new movie, show, art exhibit, store, restaurant, and I read every fashion magazine. Being on the go at all times and in the know is so much a part of me.

    What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?This season retailers will love our festive brights as well as our Retro Riviera group, which is a modern take on summer seaside living. Retailers know that they can always count on Echo for great color and pattern.

    Whats your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design?That moment when you are inspired by something and a light bulb goes off in your head like a cartoon. The switch is flipped, it turns on, and you know youve hit the nail on the head!

    How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?I look at blogs, magazines, and watch movies. Although many times I start to see styles that are played out and have been done before, I ask myself what am I into at the moment and how can that influence what I do. I ask myself, What is next?

    What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?Retailers will be drawn to my collection because it has a strong impact and it is bold. It is not shy; doesnt play it safe and hide among the masses. It is timely. An example is my necklace Brass Monkey in honor of the passing of one of my heroes, Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys.

    Whats your favorite part about conceptualizing a new design?Turning a sketch into a sample is so exciting! At that instant, the sample product is still so new and yet to be seen by others; it is the moment when you can envision others wearing it and loving it.

    From where do you draw inspiration?I love to travel and planning what I would wear in a certain locale is a fun daydream-turned-reality exercise for me.

    Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?My greatest influences are the women who come into our stores or attend our events as I get to see them in action. They often tell me what they want to see from me coming up and I get to see how they translate my pieces into their accessories wardrobe. It is helpful to be this close to the consumer!

    From where do you draw inspiration?My biggest source of inspiration comes from traveling. Seeing new places, cultures and lifestyles in different countries really motivates me to create unique products. I spend a lot of time people watching, reading and learning about the latest trends and figuring out how we can integrate them into our scarves without being literal.

    What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?I think having a really unique line of scarves that are digitally printed will be a real draw. Scarves are a perfect gift for the holiday season and we have created 12 scarves each representing a sign of the zodiac incorporating colors and images from each sign.

    Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?My mom has been the greatest influence in my life. She has always had a keen sense of style. Growing up I noticed that she always saw the potential in things and even if something didnt look great, she would whip out her sewing machine and add some lace or buttons to make the item brilliant!

  • Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.My Spring 2013 collection is fresh and lively. I combine neutral colors with matching prints and use special textural fabrics, laces and hand painted stripes in colors that all work together. Basic black anchors my collection from season to season. I think of my collection as timeless. You can easily combine new collection pieces with items from previous seasons.

    From where do you draw inspiration?For inspiration, I travel around the world and draw from many things. I like Japanese designers who use a lot of black, as I do, and are very creative without adding more and more to their garments. I like refined simplicity with imaginative styling.

    What is your personal fashion philosophy?When designing my collection, I imagine an independent, strong woman who knows herself and wants her clothing to underline her character. She does not want to be extravagant but still wants to make a statement in a subtle way. My clothing gives her a better feeling, which gives her an even more positive vision of herself.

    Describe your Transition/Spring 2013 collection and the trends you have focused on.Always staying within our core values, our new collection is full of easy, drapey pieces consisting of lightweight woven rayons and modal knits, which piece together sheer fabrics and jerseys; all with a focus on hemlines, pops of bright color, stripes and sophisticated tie dyes. Boho-chic for today!

    From where do you draw inspiration?Travelling the world and living in California, I am inspired by the idea of beauty and comfort without compromising our environment.

    When a woman is shopping your collection, how should they go about choosing an outfit most fitting for the