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<ul><li><p>Foundation Phase Curriculum </p><p>Language, Literacy and Communication </p><p> Write Dance </p><p> Mark making using various materials (Rainbow sand tray, rainbow </p><p>rice, coloured beans, twigs in gloop, Rice crispies, black gloop bags </p><p>with stars in them ,Chalk mark making on blackboard logs) </p><p> Beginning to use writing materials in the role-play areas. </p><p> Using fine motor activities to develop pincer grip. </p><p> Emergent writing </p><p> Talking about real life experiences visit to local parks. Retell real </p><p>life events in order. </p><p> Listen and respond to visitors. </p><p> Listen and join in with songs / reciting rhymes in English and </p><p>Welsh. Learning basic topic vocabulary, etc. Birthday song, Autumn </p><p>leaves song online. Colours Rainbow song, Dawns y dail </p><p> Revising Sut wyt ti? and Sut maer tywydd? and the relevant </p><p>responses; using these patterns on a daily basis. </p><p> Role-play familiar stories using dressing up clothes, hats and </p><p>masks, asking and answering simple questions. New vocabulary and </p><p>topic words. </p><p> Listen to stories and non-fiction texts giving information and show </p><p>some interest. Elmer, Noah, Barefoot books I Spy, Autumn </p><p>stories, Bonfire night poem, Olivers Wood, Night monkey, Day </p><p>monkey, Nativity, Billy Bon Bon, Autumn leaves (Hwb), Plop y </p><p>Gwdihw, Pi po babi Colours book, Nadolig Tedi Twt </p><p> Sensory stories </p><p> Matching cards games. </p><p> Read charts and labels. </p><p> POPAT and Foundation POPAT </p><p> PECS cards </p><p>Plus IEP targets specific to each child during focused tasks and 1-1 </p><p>sessions as appropriate. </p><p>Science and Technology </p><p> Investigate various sources of light dark room, </p><p>light box, sensory toys, pumpkin lanterns, shadow </p><p>puppets etc. Sparklers </p><p> Learn about nocturnal animals puppets/snap etc </p><p> Local area walk observe seasonal changes. </p><p> Sorting Autumnal objects. </p><p> Listen to a variety of different types music </p><p>sources of sound. </p><p> Skittles with water experiment </p><p> Floating and sinking in water tray </p><p> Pippettes with paint on paper towels </p><p> ICT will be holistic and integral across the </p><p>curriculum. Children s ICT skills, knowledge and </p><p>understanding will be developed through a range </p><p>of experiences throughout all Areas of Learning: </p><p>for example, ipad, netbooks, Word processing; </p><p>Splosh; Smartboard; Choices; Other software </p><p>and Internet; Beebot; Dizytron; Digital camera, </p><p>video camera; CD player, Headphones, </p><p>Microphone, TV/Video/DVD player; switch </p><p>activated programs and toys. </p><p>Maths and Numeracy </p><p> Numbers to 5 (counting), numbers to 10 forwards and backwards within songs / rhymes </p><p> Listen to and join in with rhymes, songs, stories and games that have a mathematical theme 5 little fireworks etc </p><p> 1-1 correspondence counting Monkeys-bananas Use money to buy a poppy </p><p> Making comparison of size/ weight/ capacity during cooking activities - Elephant </p><p>biscuits, Noah s ark banana boats, </p><p> Play with 2D and 3D shapes; make models and pictures using the light box, Make banana sandwiches (Shapes) Pattern making with Autumn found objects Shape rockets (Bili bon bon) Butterfly symmetry/ matching </p><p> Sort and match sets of Autumn objects by recognising similarities </p><p> Sort and match sets of animals by recognising similarities Colour sorting / threading </p><p> Plus IEP targets specific to each child. </p><p>Health and Well-Being </p><p>Self-help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume) </p><p>Starting to talk about feelings </p><p>Begin to develop an understanding of the behavioural expectations of the setting/school and </p><p>understand </p><p>that rules are essential in an ordered community- settling into school, making new friends. </p><p>Home and family traditional events Birthdays, Class sessions the children will work </p><p>together in groups /pairs, etc. taking turns, making choices, showing preferences, sharing </p><p>circle time. Share our banana (sandwiches) at snack time </p><p>Learning about celebrations (Diwali) to develop an awareness of different cultures and the </p><p>differing needs, views and beliefs of other people in their own and in other cultures and to </p><p>treat people from all cultural backgrounds in a respectful and tolerant manner. </p><p>Learning to be more aware of their personal safety - Crossing the road meet Glenda the </p><p>lollipop lady </p><p>Begin to value and contribute to their own well-being and to the well-being of others - meet </p><p>the poppy vendors in town, learn about bedtime routines and the importance of sleep. Learn </p><p>about taking care of animals (pets etc) </p><p>PE sessions, Physiotherapy sessions. Sensory garden. </p><p>Link room Vestibulator, Physio, stepping stones, bikes/cars etc </p><p>Bikes/cars outdoor play. </p><p>Self help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume) </p><p>Walks in the locality, Playing in the park etc. </p><p>Small and large construction. Threading. Tweezers / pincers. Peg boards. Play dough </p><p>Playing with a variety of toys and tools for different purposes. </p><p>Self-help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume) </p><p>Specific fine motor toys </p><p>Elmer multilink, Lolly stick ark, Milk carton rainbow streamers, Invitation to make a Rangoli </p><p>patterns, Firework prints, Black and white lines painting, Cotton bud stars follow the line, </p><p>Christmas activities </p><p>Aromatherapy. Foot spas, Tac-pac sessions, Use of the vestibulator Mister Tongue. </p><p> Humanities </p><p> Observe how the seasons change. Go on an </p><p>environmental walk looking for signs of </p><p>Autumn </p><p> Make a visual timetable of day and night </p><p> Learn songs about the days of the week and </p><p>months of the year. </p><p> Recall past events from their topic books / </p><p>class book. Use photographs from school </p><p>visits and outings to talk about the past e.g. </p><p>Yesterday we did this </p><p> Visits to parks in locality </p><p> Visit to see Santa </p><p> Bible stories and songs, Sensory walks in the </p><p>locality to experience the awe and wonder of </p><p>changing seasons. Home and family traditional </p><p>events ,Birthdays, Class sessions the </p><p>children will work together in groups / pairs, </p><p>etc. taking turns, making choices, showing </p><p>preferences, sharing Circle time </p><p> Noah dove of peace handprints, Celebrating </p><p>Diwali </p><p> Remembrance day prayers (minutes silence) </p><p> Christmas activities </p><p>Expressive Arts </p><p> Pom pom elmer, Ice cube painting, Conker paint rolling, </p><p>Handprint bonfires </p><p> Collage owls, Transient art with Starry, starry night., </p><p>Christmas activities </p><p> Music Express Year R pack. Learn new and sing familiar songs </p><p>in an integrated setting with mainstream Year R children and </p><p>LSC unit. </p><p> Songs and rhymes associated with the topic Mr Noah songs, </p><p>Animals went in 2 by 2, Use instruments to create sounds, </p><p>Christmas activities </p><p> Sticky kids, Move like Autumn leaves </p><p>Topic: </p><p>Shadows, Rainbows, Stars </p><p>Mrs Harvey &amp; Mrs Johns </p></li></ul>


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