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  • Foundation Phase Curriculum

    Language, Literacy and Communication

    Write Dance

    Mark making using various materials (Rainbow sand tray, rainbow

    rice, coloured beans, twigs in gloop, Rice crispies, black gloop bags

    with stars in them ,Chalk mark making on blackboard logs)

    Beginning to use writing materials in the role-play areas.

    Using fine motor activities to develop pincer grip.

    Emergent writing

    Talking about real life experiences visit to local parks. Retell real

    life events in order.

    Listen and respond to visitors.

    Listen and join in with songs / reciting rhymes in English and

    Welsh. Learning basic topic vocabulary, etc. Birthday song, Autumn

    leaves song online. Colours Rainbow song, Dawns y dail

    Revising Sut wyt ti? and Sut maer tywydd? and the relevant

    responses; using these patterns on a daily basis.

    Role-play familiar stories using dressing up clothes, hats and

    masks, asking and answering simple questions. New vocabulary and

    topic words.

    Listen to stories and non-fiction texts giving information and show

    some interest. Elmer, Noah, Barefoot books I Spy, Autumn

    stories, Bonfire night poem, Olivers Wood, Night monkey, Day

    monkey, Nativity, Billy Bon Bon, Autumn leaves (Hwb), Plop y

    Gwdihw, Pi po babi Colours book, Nadolig Tedi Twt

    Sensory stories

    Matching cards games.

    Read charts and labels.

    POPAT and Foundation POPAT

    PECS cards

    Plus IEP targets specific to each child during focused tasks and 1-1

    sessions as appropriate.

    Science and Technology

    Investigate various sources of light dark room,

    light box, sensory toys, pumpkin lanterns, shadow

    puppets etc. Sparklers

    Learn about nocturnal animals puppets/snap etc

    Local area walk observe seasonal changes.

    Sorting Autumnal objects.

    Listen to a variety of different types music

    sources of sound.

    Skittles with water experiment

    Floating and sinking in water tray

    Pippettes with paint on paper towels

    ICT will be holistic and integral across the

    curriculum. Children s ICT skills, knowledge and

    understanding will be developed through a range

    of experiences throughout all Areas of Learning:

    for example, ipad, netbooks, Word processing;

    Splosh; Smartboard; Choices; Other software

    and Internet; Beebot; Dizytron; Digital camera,

    video camera; CD player, Headphones,

    Microphone, TV/Video/DVD player; switch

    activated programs and toys.

    Maths and Numeracy

    Numbers to 5 (counting), numbers to 10 forwards and backwards within songs / rhymes

    Listen to and join in with rhymes, songs, stories and games that have a mathematical theme 5 little fireworks etc

    1-1 correspondence counting Monkeys-bananas Use money to buy a poppy

    Making comparison of size/ weight/ capacity during cooking activities - Elephant

    biscuits, Noah s ark banana boats,

    Play with 2D and 3D shapes; make models and pictures using the light box, Make banana sandwiches (Shapes) Pattern making with Autumn found objects Shape rockets (Bili bon bon) Butterfly symmetry/ matching

    Sort and match sets of Autumn objects by recognising similarities

    Sort and match sets of animals by recognising similarities Colour sorting / threading

    Plus IEP targets specific to each child.

    Health and Well-Being

    Self-help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume)

    Starting to talk about feelings

    Begin to develop an understanding of the behavioural expectations of the setting/school and


    that rules are essential in an ordered community- settling into school, making new friends.

    Home and family traditional events Birthdays, Class sessions the children will work

    together in groups /pairs, etc. taking turns, making choices, showing preferences, sharing

    circle time. Share our banana (sandwiches) at snack time

    Learning about celebrations (Diwali) to develop an awareness of different cultures and the

    differing needs, views and beliefs of other people in their own and in other cultures and to

    treat people from all cultural backgrounds in a respectful and tolerant manner.

    Learning to be more aware of their personal safety - Crossing the road meet Glenda the

    lollipop lady

    Begin to value and contribute to their own well-being and to the well-being of others - meet

    the poppy vendors in town, learn about bedtime routines and the importance of sleep. Learn

    about taking care of animals (pets etc)

    PE sessions, Physiotherapy sessions. Sensory garden.

    Link room Vestibulator, Physio, stepping stones, bikes/cars etc

    Bikes/cars outdoor play.

    Self help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume)

    Walks in the locality, Playing in the park etc.

    Small and large construction. Threading. Tweezers / pincers. Peg boards. Play dough

    Playing with a variety of toys and tools for different purposes.

    Self-help skills dressing yourself (uniform, swimming costume)

    Specific fine motor toys

    Elmer multilink, Lolly stick ark, Milk carton rainbow streamers, Invitation to make a Rangoli

    patterns, Firework prints, Black and white lines painting, Cotton bud stars follow the line,

    Christmas activities

    Aromatherapy. Foot spas, Tac-pac sessions, Use of the vestibulator Mister Tongue.


    Observe how the seasons change. Go on an

    environmental walk looking for signs of


    Make a visual timetable of day and night

    Learn songs about the days of the week and

    months of the year.

    Recall past events from their topic books /

    class book. Use photographs from school

    visits and outings to talk about the past e.g.

    Yesterday we did this

    Visits to parks in locality

    Visit to see Santa

    Bible stories and songs, Sensory walks in the

    locality to experience the awe and wonder of

    changing seasons. Home and family traditional

    events ,Birthdays, Class sessions the

    children will work together in groups / pairs,

    etc. taking turns, making choices, showing

    preferences, sharing Circle time

    Noah dove of peace handprints, Celebrating


    Remembrance day prayers (minutes silence)

    Christmas activities

    Expressive Arts

    Pom pom elmer, Ice cube painting, Conker paint rolling,

    Handprint bonfires

    Collage owls, Transient art with Starry, starry night.,

    Christmas activities

    Music Express Year R pack. Learn new and sing familiar songs

    in an integrated setting with mainstream Year R children and

    LSC unit.

    Songs and rhymes associated with the topic Mr Noah songs,

    Animals went in 2 by 2, Use instruments to create sounds,

    Christmas activities

    Sticky kids, Move like Autumn leaves


    Shadows, Rainbows, Stars

    Mrs Harvey & Mrs Johns


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