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June 26, 2013 edition of the Lake Country Calendar


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    District of Lake Countrystop bureaucrat honoured with award................................3

    District councilsupports using the Aspen Grove Golf Course for sports elds at new school. ...............................7

    MP Ron Cannansays the federal government is monitoring the prices we pay at the pumps for gasoline................................5

    CalendarProudly ServingWinfield, Oyama,Okanagan Centreand Carrs Landingsince 1951

    L a k e C o u n t r y

    June 26, 2013

    MANJIT BASRA from Rutland Farm Market, is ready to serve customers in his booth at the Lake Country Farmers Market, which will be back open this Friday at Swalwell Park in Lake Country from 3 to 7 p.m.



    e District of Lake Countrys planning de-partment is stretched to the point of not being able to take on more pro-jects after sta ng levels were cut in half follow-ing a business systems review in early 2012.

    e issue of sta -ing levels at the district was raised at last weeks

    council meeting af-ter Coun. Owen Dickie put forward a motion for sta to look into getting some signs in place in areas where agriculture is taking place.

    But the districts chief administrative o cer told council there is not enough sta to take on new projects without an-other one being removed from a priority list al-

    ready approved by coun-cil.

    We dont have the capacity to do this in-house, said De Feo. We went through a review, we cut our sta in half, we cut the times to pro-cess applications in half, which is way better than any other place in the Okanagan, he said. We are really pushing the limits here.

    Lake Countrys dir-ector of planning and development also told council that the cut-backs to sta ng levels in the planning depart-ment has made it more di cult to operate, espe-cially since sta has been asked to deal with les in the same time or quicker than in the past.

    e di cult part is the expectation has re-

    mained the same in terms of le times, said Mark Koch, Lake Coun-trys director of plan-ning and development. ere are areas that we would like to spend some time around some policy improvements. ere are a number of examples around the commun-ity that need some atten-tion but we are not able to get to.

    Koch pointed to the amount of building con-tainers in and around the community and how they are stored as one area that has no policy in Lake Country but needs some attention.

    With current sta -ing levels, those kinds of issues cannot be dealt with, he said.


    District staf ng cutbacks put kibosh on new projects


  • Lake Country Calendar Wednesday, June 26, 2013 A3 A2 Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Lake Country Calendar


    From seed to treeA small seed falls

    from a tree in the forest. It lands in the leaf litter and lies there, still and undisturbed. A small nuthatch foraging for food nds the seed and carries it to its favourite perch for a bite of lunch. Suddenly a movement in the nearby brush startles the bird and it its away, dropping the seed to the ground. e seed remains there for quite some time until conditions are just right for germination and the shell coating of the seed splits. A root emerges from its coat and pushes eagerly into the soil. e stem begins to elongate and sheds the now useless seed coat. Its rst leaves exposed to the sun, the tree seedling is launched into the world to live its life in the forest.

    is is the most common method of planting a tree on the planet. is is the result of millions of years of evolution and its a lesson in tree planting. e tree seedling grows with its roots radiating

    away from


    trunk, unlike a tree in a pot with its roots growing around the trunk in a circle. e seedling places its self at exactly the correct depth. e root are is just above the ground level. ( e root are is the widening of the trunk just as it meets the ground.)

    Many times when trees are planted we see no root are at all, just a straight trunk entering the earth. is is not a normal situation for a tree; its roots are too deep. e tree must grow roots straight up from the base of the trunk to nd the surface in order to get air and water.

    ese small roots mass at the base of the trunk, the trunk grows wider and the roots grow in girth as time goes on. e result is a strangling e ect over time causing a constant level of stress to the tree. e result of stress is often an over-abundance of damaging insect populations and an early demise.

    Landscapers take very large trees and place them into instant landscapes and then people wonder why they perish after only

    a few weeks. e root zone is not big enough or wide enough to sustain the tree. It is relying 100% on you to

    bring its daily water supply

    while it tries its hardest to adapt to an unfamiliar soil environment. Large, newly transplanted trees can take over ve years to establish. (Establishment is the moment a plant has developed enough root

    system to support

    itself.) is is why a small seedling tree planted beside a large transplanted tree will actually often outgrow the large tree in just a few years. e smaller the plant, the shorter the period it takes to become established and the faster it reaches optimum growth rate.

    Now that we have some background on tree growth, lets summarize the tree planting process.

    THE HOLEDig the hole

    shallow and very wide because the roots like to spread out horizontally and fairly shallow.Not too deep,

    about an inch or so deeper than the pot or root ball.Leave the bottom

    of the hole rm so the tree doesnt sink down over time.Do not add any

    rich soil, use only what you remove from the hole.

    THE TREEDuring the dormant

    periods only container trees can be bare rooted to expose the roots for untangling or for trimming. Remember, the roots should radiate away from the trunk not circle around it. is will also make it clear where the root are is located. Some trees are planted too deep in the pots when you buy them.

    A Ball and Burlap tree was cut out of a eld and its roots were wrapped up to keep the soil ball intact to protect small roots. ese B&B trees have roots that radiate away from the trunk so they do not require any root adjustments at planting time.

    Be sure that all trees are planted a bit proud.

    Proud means atop a slight mound with the root are above the ground level.

    Before placing the tree in the hole lay it down, prune o any bad branches and select a central leader that will guide the tree into the future. Some trees may require staking; this should be done only if it is necessary for support.

    Two or three stakes around the bottom third of the tree are strapped individually around the trunk. Use a wide, belt-like strapping to reduce bark damage and tie loosely to allow some tree movement. Stakes should be tall to reduce the angle of the strapping.


    Do not rely on spray-type sprinklers to water newly planted

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    plants, as the water is sprayed lightly over a large area and there will not be enough water to establish a tree. An average tree would require at least 5 gallons of water in the root system once every 2-3 days after planting and more regularly depending on heat.

    is should be reduced gradually until the tree is established. Many new landscapes are irrigated with drip

    lines that consistently supply water to new plantings.

    Trees prefer not to have grass growing up to the trunk, so locate trees in planting beds or make a 4 to 5 tree well to keep mowers and lawn away.

    Always mulch the surface of the soil at the base of trees with a chunky compost-type product at a thickness of about an inch and a half.

  • Lake Country Calendar Wednesday, June 26, 2013 A3 A2 Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Lake Country Calendar

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    e planning le load has been increased over the years and our capacit