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  1. 1. Presented to: Sir Rao Kashif Presented By: : Irzam Shahzad
  2. 2. Gates of Lahore History
  3. 3. MAP
  4. 4. The Raushnai Gate Main entrance for Rulers Illuminated during night Gate of light
  5. 5. KashmiriGate Direction Of Kashmir Kashmiri Bazar
  6. 6. Masti Gate Twisted name Masjidi ( Real)
  7. 7. SheranwalaGate Ranjit Sing Lions
  8. 8. Yakki Gate Name As Zaki Gate Fought brilliantly against Rebellions
  9. 9. DehliGate Highway from Lahore to Dehli
  10. 10. Akbari Gate Named After emperor Rebuilt this town
  11. 11. Mochi Gate Wrongly Pronounced Called after Moti Ram Officer of Akbar
  12. 12. Shah Almi Gate Named after Muhammad Moazzam Shah Alam Bahadur Shah The son and successor of Auranzaib Was a mild and Generous king
  13. 13. Lohari Gate Called after the name of city
  14. 14. Mori Gate Smallest In Old times as an outlet for the refuse and sweepings of the city
  15. 15. Bhatti Gate Called after Bhatti Ancient tribe of Rajput
  16. 16. Taxali Gate Named after the taxal or royal mint Used to be in its neighborhood during the period of the Mohammed emperors