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ABSTRACTThis report is a complete strategic plan which can help reshaping tourism in Lahore. We have focused both on the existing scenario and the possible solutions to help the tourism industry right now. As a group we decided that it would be interesting to visit the offices of concerned authorities currently responsible for running tourism in Lahore. We also paid visits to the famous tourist locations highlighted by these authorities. After analyzing the current situation we introduced a promotion campaign with the title Lahore Galore. In this campaign we focus on how the tourism industry of Lahore can be improved in order to increase the influx of foreigners and contribute to the economy of the country like many other developing countries of the world. It stresses largely on retaining the true essence of the city by keeping it clean and utilizing its fertile land to make it the city of gardens once again. We also suggest that the people of the city and around the world must be made aware of the importance of Lahore in relation to its strong cultural heritage.We have given ways for tourist attraction including the projection of Lahore on the media as a beautiful city, restructuring the official website, reforms to be made by the government to ease the entry of tourists in the country and to involve private sector to invest in tourism industry. NOSTRUM INC.



To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. 1 Pakistan is a destination that has so much to offer visitors, from some of the highest and most spectacular mountain ranges in the world to the architectural glories of the Mughal Empire, and ancient bazaars to soul-spinning musical mystics. Lahore alone, known as the cultural capital of the country, holds many marvels, a huge history and never ending delights. Based in the heart of Punjab, the most populated province of Pakistan, Lahore has become the defining city for the people of Pakistan. Its a mixture of so many cultures and has been on the face of the earth for a very long time. The evidence of its presence was provided in a book written in about 150 A.D., refers to it as "Labokla" and locates it with reference to the Indus, the Ravi, the Jhelum and the Chenab rivers.2 It has seen emperors, events, people and all of them have left their mark on this city. Lahore has been the heart of every dynasty of Sub-continent. The Ghaznavid Empire, Sultanates, Khiljis, Tughlaqs, Sayyid Suris, Lodhis, Sikhs, Mughals and then the British Empire, all have added something to this city that makes it unique in the world. The Mughals gave it its famous architecture including the magnificent fort, gardens, tombs, mosques and pavilions. The British added a mixture of Mughal, Gothic and Victorian style of construction to this city like Government College, General Post Office, Oriental College, Aitchison College and the High Court. . Like the architecture the culture, language and races found in this city are equally diverse. Lahore is famous for its rich food and hospitality. The people of Lahore are very hearty and lively and readily accept all cultures with open arms but have never lost their own core values.


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But this city has not been explored to its fullest. There are so many places, so many facets of this city that the world is still not aware of. The tourism industry in Pakistan has never been successful in bringing the worlds attention to this marvulous city that holds so many secrets. No matter how many the attractions, tourism in Pakistan has always been something of a hard sell. So the question here is what stimuli could be taken into consideration to enhance this industry, particularly in Lahore? In this report, we will put forth some concrete suggestions to make this happen. Nostrum Inc. aims at providing and promoting a whole new picture of Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, to the world in order to give tourism a new meaning. In this project we will be delineating some actions by elaborating following topics: 1) Tourism around the world. 2) Lahores potential. 3) Current action plan of the authorities. 4) Possible improvements and incentives. In order to accomplish this assignment, we conducted interviews and paid visits to offices of the concerned authorities, like TDCP and PTDC. We collected information and data about the potentials in Lahore and current action plan of these authorities. Moreover, we explored some exciting parts of the city yet to be explored. We are sure that this report will serve the purpose. This report assumes that there are no financial or political constraints in the country. Chapter-2 will tell you about this great city and its history, chapter-3 will be about the existing efforts put in by the authorities, chapter-4 will elaborate the tourism that is present around the world, chapter-5 will give recommendations to promote torisim in Lahore and the Methodolgy that will be followed, Summary and conclusions are discussed in Chapter-6.


Chapter: 2 Lahore: A Glorious Heritage

Lahore Lahore aey. Thus goes the popular Punjabi saying that literally means Lahore is Lahore. The expression however, encompasses a sense much wider in meaning than what is conveyed by these three simple words. Referring to the peculiarity and the particularity of the traditions and traits very strongly identified with the city. Yet another term Zinda dilan-eLahore or the lively Lahorites only betrays the pleasant and amicable character of its inhabitants, and speaks volumes, again, of the charm and spell Lahore is capable of casting upon anyone. Lahore has seen many dynasties and each dynasty, religion and century culture that visited or resided in this city has left its mark on this city. It is known as the cultural metropolis of Pakistan where myth and legends are so intertwined that historians and scholars have not yet been able to clearly spell out its true origin and early growth. Some theories connect it to Loh, the son of Ramachandra. A small temple attributed to Loh still exists near the western extremities of the present brick fort, which means that this city has been on the face of the earth since centuries. Deshwaya Bhaya, another ancient book, also agrees to this theory. Many early Arab geographers have also mentioned this city in different ways at different times. Ahmed Bin Yahya mentions it by the name of Alahwer in Futuhul Baldan on of the earliest Arab chronicles. Al-Idrist, a great Arab traveler of the ninth Century, mentions it as Lahawar. Abu Rehan Al-biruni in his famous work of tenthe century also mentions it Its colorful history has not only seen the periods of glory and abundance but also the era of utter chaos and distress.

2.1 Architectural Monuments: Hindu Period Muslim Period Kamrans Baradari


Lahore Fort Badshahi Mosque Shalamar Gardens Masjid Wazir Khan Wazir Khans Baradari Wazir Khns Hamam Akbari Serai Tomb of Jehangir Tomb of Asif Khan Tomb of Noor Jehan Tomb of Anarkali Gulabi Bagh Gateway Dai Angas Tomb Tomb of Ali Mardan Khan Nadira Begums Tomb Sarv Wala Makbara Budha Ka Awa Chauburji Nawankot Monuments

2.2 Gardens Bagh-e-ayyaz Bagh-e-zanjani Bagh Shah Ismail Bagh Qutubuddin Bagh-e-Shah Kuku Chisti Bagh-e-Daulatabad Bagh-e-Bihisht Bagh-e-Shimal 5

Bagh-e-Buland Bagh-e-Channar Naqash-e-Jahan Bagh-e-Dilkusha Angori Bagh Gulabi Bagh Bagh-e-Safa Garden of Kamran Garden of Khwaja Dost Munshi Garden of Khwaja Ghazi Garden of Mehdi Qasim Khan Bagh-e-Dil-Amiz Garden of Mirza Kamran Bagh-e-Momin Ishqbaz Bagh-e-Anarkali Shalamar gardens

2.3 Sikh Contribution towards Lahores Architecture Baradari in Hazoori Bagh Smadh Maharaja Ranjit Singh Marble Baradari Shrine of Guru Arjan Mal Art treasures of Sikhs in Lahore Fort

2.4 British Contribution towards Lahores Architecture High Court GPO


Government College Lahore Aitcheson College Lahore Oriental College of Arts (NCA) Government Dhial Sing College Punjab University Tollington Market

2.5 National Monuments of Modern Era Allamma Iqbals Tomb Minar-e-Pakistan

2.6 Festivals Basant Mela Cheragan Rustam e Punjab Dangal Data Ganj Bakhs Urs Rafi Peer Cultural Festival

2.7 Marketplaces The Kashmiri Bazar Suha Bazar Chatta Bazar Dabbi Bazar Anarkali Bazar of the old city Liberty Bazar Gulberg Main Market in modern Lahore Moon Market


2.8 Food Methiees (sweets) Halwa Lahori Fish Khunna Chappali Kabeb Takatak Mutton Gosht Biryani


Chapter: 3The Effort put in by the AuthoritiesThere is one government body exclusively working for the maintenance and promotion of tourism industry in the Lahore region, namely TDCP. Here we will discuss their working agenda and critique their performances. Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab:-

Since the establishment of The Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab Ltd., in 1987, strenuous efforts are being made to promote tourism among the masses and to provide infrastructure for the promotion of tourism industry in Pakistan. The Basic vision is to guide and facilitate the private sector in improvement of tourism industry

3.1 Attracting Tourists:Advertising

Brochures and vouchers are offered in Airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways. Air Japan Stalls are placed at main hotels in Lahore o PC o AVARI o HOLIDAY INN


Currently foreign exhibitions are not being attended due to budget shortcoming. Fortress Expo center is used for international tourism exhibitions A bus service between Lahore and Delhi is operating to improve relations and promote tourism in both countries.

Pakistan Tourism Fair

The Pakistan Tourism Fair provides a platform for local tour operators to interact with for