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  • LAGHU UDYOG SAMACHARLAGHU UDYOG SAMACHARtuojh / January, 2010 ewY; % 20 #i;s @ Price : Rs. 20


    Republic of India


    Special Issue

  • Shri Dinsha Patel, Hon'ble Union Minister of State for MSME and Shri Dinesh Rai, Secretary

    (MSME), Govt. of India reviewing the progress of the Training Programmes of the

    Tool Room in Jamshedpur. Hon'ble Minister being welcomed by the local people.

    Shri Dinesh Rai, Secretary, MSME, Govt. of India delivering his inaugural speech on the occasion of

    National Conference on Financing Mechanism for Energy Efficiency Improvement in SMEs

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    The material for publication should be sent, in triplicate, neatlytyped in double space. The reports on functions or eventsshould be sent immediately after its conclusion. Articles/Reports should be accompanied by photographs with captionspasted upon reverse. The photographs should be placed inbetween the thick paper, gem clipped and attached to theforwarding letter. Photographs should be focussed more onthe events or products than personalities.

    All efforts have been made to ensure that the informationpublished is correct and reliable. However the Laghu UdyogSamachar journal holds no responsibility for any inadvertenterror, commission or omission. Opinions, photographs andviews published in Laghu Udyog Samachar journal do notnecessarily reflect the views of Ministry of Micro, Small &Medium Enterprises or Government.

    Editorial Office : Advertising & Publicity Division, Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME),Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-110108, Phone & Fax : 011-23062219

    Published by : Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India,Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-110108

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    o"kZ 35 vad 6 Volume XXXV No. 6 ewY; % 20 #i;s@Price : Rs. 20 tuojh] 2010 January, 2010

    Editorial Team

    M.P. SinghEditor-in-Chief

    Harish AnandSenior Editor

    Harendra PratapEditor

    Editorial Advisory BoardChairman : Madhav Lal

    Additional Secretary & Development Commissioner (MSME)Vice Chairman : M.P. Singh

    Economic Advisor

    MembersPraveen Mahto

    Additional Economic Advisor

    Debashish BandyopadhyayDirector (IC & CD)

    P.P. MuralidharanDeputy Secretary (Ministry of MSME)

    Harish AnandDirector (Publicity)Harendra Pratap


    A Monthly Journal for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises SAMACHAR

  • Contents vuqe

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    nwjHkk"k la[;k % 011&23062219 QSDl % 011&23062219

    Special Article

    Technology Upgradation Support to MSMEs on

    Energy Efficiency under NMCP 3

    60 Years of Republic of India

    Entrepreneurship Development in India:

    Evolution of Policy Support 6


    Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and

    Small Enterprises 11


    Overview of World Trade Organisation

    (WTO) 15


    Industrial Incentive Policy of Bihar 18

    Special Story

    The Economics of Carbon Credit for MSMEs 23


    Global Warming Challenges and

    Initiatives by MSME Tool Rooms 26

    Calendar of Events 28

    News 29

    Dinsha Patel emphasizes the need for Banks,

    KVIC and DIC to become pro-active 31

    Handbook for SMEs for Managing Export

    Payment Risk Released 32


    Programme on Fashion Design & Tailoring

    at Pokhiazar 33

    Programme on Fashion Design & Tailoring

    at Teleria 33

    Programme on Beautician at Tezpur 33

    Programme on Readymade Garments &

    Tailoring at Tezpur 34

    Intensive Motivation Campaign at

    Bindukuri 34

    Intensive Motivation Campaign at ITI,

    Tezpur, Sonitpur 35

    Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    at Moidangpok, Imphal West 35

    Programme for Weaker Sections at

    Imphal East 36

    Training Programme on Packaging for

    Exports at Hyderabad 36

    Programme on Domestic & Export

    Marketing for Jute Entrepreneurs 36

    Media : News & Views 37

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    Laghu Udyog Samachar2

  • Technology Upgradation Support to MSMEs

    on Energy Efficiency under

    National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP)

    Technology Upgradation

    has emerged as an important

    attribute in enhancing

    competitiveness for any

    manufacturing industry.

    While the large industries

    having adequate linkages

    with the global markets and

    access to cheaper funds

    through various financial

    instruments, perceive the

    need and develop a strategy

    for continuous technology

    upgradation, the approach is

    significantly different for the

    Indian MSME sector. With

    limited access to funds,

    MSMEs are forced to think

    short term, make products

    which need minimum capital

    investment and produce

    them at a lowest cost. This

    approach has brought the

    Indian MSME suppliers to the

    lower end of the global value

    chain and they have mostly

    become uncompetitive as the

    suppliers of stand alone


    Cost of energy is an

    important component of the

    cost structure of any

    manufacturing unit. With the

    spiralling cost and uncertain

    supply, energy has already

    become a critical input in any

    modern manufacturing

    process and for cost

    competitiveness, MSMEs

    need to focus on

    economizing on energy use.

    To conserve the crucial

    energy resources, the

    Government of India enacted

    Madhav Lal

    Additional Secretary &

    Development Commissioner,


    Government of India,

    Nirman Bhavan

    New Delhi-110 108

    the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The Act brought

    every sector of the economy under the purview of

    energy conservation and efficient management.

    While the major consumers of energy, viz., the large

    companies and undertakings have been stipulated

    to initiate energy conservation and report the extent

    of conservation of energy achieved in their annual

    reports, the small and medium enterprises have so

    far no compulsion to conserve energy and use energy

    in an efficient manner. The purpose of the present

    scheme is to encourage and support energy efficiency

    for the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

    Besides curtailing the cost of energy which is a

    significant component in the cost structure of almost

    any manufacturing/production activity, energy

    efficiency also reduces global warming. As more

    than 90% of energy consumption originate from fossil

    fuels, this involves generation of huge quantity of

    green house gases (GHG) leading to change in the

    global atmosphere.

    Objective of the Scheme

    The present scheme has been worked out as one

    of the ten components of NMCP as conceptualized

    by the NMCC. While the other nine components of

    NMCP and other Government schemes address to

    the various facets of Quality and Technology

    Upgradation, the present scheme focuses on to the

    two important issues in enhancing competitiveness

    of the MSME sector, through Energy Efficiency and

    Product Quality Certification. The scheme will also

    deal with the issue relating to reduction in emission

    of GHG, by the MSME sector, through energy


    The objective of the present scheme is to sensitize

    the manufacturing (MSME) sector in India to upgrade

    their manufacturing processes towards usage of

    energy efficient technologies so as to reduce cost of

    production and the emissions of GHGs. The scheme



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