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  • 1. Lack of Sleep in TeensBy: Tiffany Orcutt Academy High SchoolFroshCoreMarch 1, 2013

2. Have you ever asked yourselfwhy cant I functioncorrectly? 3. Background Information Not getting enough sleep may not seem like a big deal, but you may find it difficult to concentrate and learn during the day if you dont get enough sleep. Sleep is as important as the water we drink and the air we breathe. 4. Lack of Sleep affects teens because it limits their ability to learn, listen, and solve problems. 5. Main Idea Lack of sleep affectsteens ability to learnand listen. 6. Supporting Detail 1 Some things you canforget arenames, numbers, your homework, or a datewith a special personin your life. 7. Supporting Detail 2 If you forget thesimple everydaythings about someoneof life in general, youmay want to get moresleep. 8. Survey ShowsDo you find it hard to concentrate when you dontsleep at night? 6% 18%6%YesNo 70%SometimesAlways Data obtained self-generated survey.Take Survey Now! 9. Main Idea The last effect of lackof sleep is not beingable to solveproblems 10. Supporting Detail 1 When you cant solveproblems, you mightnot be able tocomplete everydaytasks 11. Supporting Detail 2 When youre not ableto solveproblems, things canget really difficult togo or solve. So if youdont get enoughsleep you cant solveproblems. 12. Survey shows What do you think lack of sleep affects? 353530252015 10104250 Learning and ConcentratingSolving All of the listeningproblemsaboveData obtained self-generated survey. Take Survey Now! 13. Brought to you by Tiffany!


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