La cuisine. le salon, la salle de séjour la chambre

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>la cuisine Slide 2 le salon, la salle de sjour Slide 3 la chambre Slide 4 la salle de bain Slide 5 la salle manger Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 1.Make a chart with three columns. - In the first column, title it LES VERBES . - In the second column, title it VERBS . - In the third, title it SALLE . Slide 18 2. Copy down these verbs in the first column in French. aimer arriver chantercuisiner danserdtester coutertudier habiterjouer mangernettoyer parler (au tlphone)prparer quitterranger (la chambre) regarder la tlrigoler travailler Slide 19 3. In the second column, write down the English definitions of any cognates. 4. Define the rest of the words using the book for help. 5. Write the name of the room in the house where that activity takes place. This part should be done IN FRENCH. EX: pieuter /hit the sack /la chambre </p>