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  • 1. The Lady, or the Tiger?Short Story by Frank R. StocktonIntroducing the Storywith VIDEO TRAILERLiterary Analysis: ToneReading Strategy: ParaphraseVocabulary in Context

2. The Lady, or the Tiger? INTRODUCING THE SHORT STORY How do you make DECISIONS? How we make decisions depends on the situation. A simple coin toss can help you decide who goes first when playing a video game.OR ? 3. The Lady, or the Tiger? INTRODUCING THE SHORT STORY How do you make DECISIONS? But you wouldnt want to flip a coin when making a more important choice, such as which sport to playor which high school to attend. In the story you are about to read, a decision has life-or- death consequences. 4. The Lady, or the Tiger?Click on the title to play the trailer. The Lady, or the Tiger? 5. The Lady, or the Tiger?ToneWriters often express an attitude, or tone, toward thesubject, setting, or characters theyre writing about.A tone can often be described with one word, such asangry, proud, or playful. 6. The Lady, or the Tiger?Tone Just as knowing a friends attitude can help you decide whether shes serious or joking, knowing a writers tone can help you grasp his or her message. To help you determine Frank R. Stocktons tone, pay attention to the words and details he uses to describe the characters Do his descriptions of them suggest whether he thinks theyre smart or foolish, kind or cruel? 7. The Lady, or the Tiger?Tone the setting Does he admire the societys customs? the plot events Does his language show that he takes the events seriously, or not? 8. The Lady, or the Tiger?Paraphrase One good way to understand and remember what you read is to paraphrase it, or restate the writers language in your own words. To paraphrase, follow these steps: Reread the passage, looking for the main ideas. I think that means . . . Define unfamiliar words using context clues or a dictionary. Restate important ideas and details in your own words. A good paraphrase should be about as long as the original text. 9. The Lady, or the Tiger?Paraphrase As you read, paraphrase difficult sections in your notebook. Line Numbers Paraphrase 1-4Long ago, there lived a rough, cruelking. He had been influenced byforward-thinking cultures, but he wasstill uncivilized. 10. The Lady, or the Tiger? anguished aspire The words on the right help reveal Stocktons opinion assert of his characters. In your Reader/Writer Notebook, write a sentence for each of the vocabulary words.conventional devious Use a dictionary or the definitions on the following slides to help you. An example has been provided. impartial progressiveness subordinate When Sari picked up her waver final exam, her anguished look revealed an unexpected bad grade. 11. The Lady, or the Tiger? anguished adj. tormented; distressed aspire v. to have a great ambition or an ultimate goal; to desire strongly assert v. to act forcefully; to take charge conventional adj. conforming to established practice or accepted standards; traditional devious adj. departing from the straight or direct course 12. The Lady, or the Tiger? impartial adj. not partial or biased; unprejudiced progressiveness n. the state of advancing towards better conditions or new policies, ideas, or methods subordinate adj. secondary; belonging to a lower rank waver v. to exhibit indecision; to hesitate


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