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Presentation from KySTE Conference 2011 - "Why Raise a Hand When You Can Click a Button" Various uses of eInstruction clickers by: Christie Turbeville & Susan Jenkins


  • 1. Take the attitude of a student; never be too big to ask questions and never know too much to learn something new. - Og Mandino - Susan Jenkins Christie BCPS Technology TIS BCPS Technology TIS
  • 2. Keith Frank, Proven Learning, Einstruction Educational Consultant 859-699-3263
  • 3. Study Island Self-Paced Assessments (Common Assessments / Flashbacks / Bell Ringers) Verbal Mode / On the Fly Interactive Whiteboard Lessons History Alive Compass Learning
  • 4. Pat Ryan, Kentucky Sales Representative 1-800-419-3191 ext. 7617
  • 5. Premade Flashbacks / Bell Ringers Exit Slips Common Assessments (any format) Student-Paced Mode
  • 6. Verbal Mode is used to check for quick understanding during a lesson.Questions are not necessarily premade and truly on the fly! This is also for overlaying websites such as Compass Learning, BrainPop, etc. Flashbacks / Bell Ringers / Exit Slips Powerpoint / IWB / Website Questions Direct Instruction
  • 7. CPSEngagement Toolbar forVerbal Mode
  • 8. CPSEngagement Toolbar forVerbal Mode
  • 9.
  • 10. As we go forward, I hopewere going to continue to use technology to make really big differences inhow people live and work. - Sergey Brin -