Kyle Wojtylko September, 2013 Humanities “Do or do not, there is no try.”- Master Yoda.

Download Kyle Wojtylko September, 2013 Humanities “Do or do not, there is no try.”- Master Yoda.

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  • Kyle Wojtylko September, 2013 Humanities Do or do not, there is no try.- Master Yoda
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  • Training - building a base - Learning how to maintain healthy habits - knowing when to use what running tools based on the workout. Racing - being mentally ready - being well hydrated - believe that you can finish no matter how long and painful the race is.
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  • Seeing new movies when they come out - Reviewing movies - Criticizing movies behind the movies - Reading reviews and interviews - Reading early scripts and seeing what actors are picked. - Going beyond the movies in books to get the entire story www.alexandgre
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  • Creating a story - Brainstorm and pull ideas together from different stories to create an original story. - Edit and change story after done writing it. - Have a friend read and edit it as well. Essays - Gather information - start a rough draft - site the information to the essay and explain ideas.
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  • University of Michigan Flint - Get basics out of the way Working a job - living on my own in an apartment - paying off my tuition
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  • Continue with schooling - Transfer to U of M Ann Arbor - Graduate from there - Start looking for a job with my new diploma. Move out of the apartment into a house for a while. Go to school for cinema appreciation? The option is there, but I would have to leave the state. Start internship for cinema appreciation?
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  • I want to be working to help change something in the world for the better. I dont want to be a corporate sellout I will live life to the fullest and see what there is to see I will be living in London at this time. Finishing internship for cinema appreciation?
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  • Apply to College Graduate High School Work a job to make money
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  • Attend College Work really hard to get through college Be working to make money Live in a dorm or an apartment
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  • Graduate College Start working to help the world Start paying off student loans Move into a house
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