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Kwanzaa Gallery Growth Strategy. Strategic Plan for Short-Term Business Growth. Order of Briefing The Kwanzaa Weekly Staff Meeting. I. Order of Briefing II. Sequence and Areas of Briefing (A) Personnel Status (B) Project(s) Status (C) Training Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Kwanzaa Gallery Growth StrategyStrategic Plan for Short-Term Business Growth

  • Order of BriefingThe Kwanzaa Weekly Staff MeetingI. Order of BriefingII. Sequence and Areas of Briefing (A) Personnel Status (B) Project(s) Status (C) Training Status (D) Current Actions of Group Interest (E) Current Problems Areas (F) Planned Actions (G) Requested Support (H) Information Dissemination

  • Order of BriefingThe Kwanzaa Weekly Staff Meeting

    III. Managerial Time (1) Priority Guidance (2) Suspense Requirements (3) Group/Team/Staff Highlights (4) General Information (5) Read File Actions

  • Key PersonnelBackground & RolesPresident/CEODirector, Training and EducationDirector, Research and DevelopmentDirector, Business Development ProgramsDirector, Personnel and AdministrationDirector, Finance

  • Frank M. JohnsonFounder/CEO/Exec. Dir.U.S. Army (Ret)Grad Kansas State Univ.Paine CollegeVoorhees CollegeLeadership Augusta Class 99

  • The Kwanzaa Gallery African American Community Centerand Regional Occupation ProgramHeritage/Orita Rite of Passage SchoolGeneral ManagerAssistant ManagerAdministrative SpecialistDirector of Design ManufacturingDirector of FinanceDirector of TrainingDirector of Customer RelationsDirector of MarketingInformation ManagerLegal Affairs OfficerDirector of Community Relations

  • ProductsExportable CD Training ProgramThe Knights of Christ Training CourseThe African American Rite of Passage CourseThe African American Contemporary Leadership CourseRace Relations and Awareness CourseHuman Relations Development Course

  • Products (contd)Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination CourseInterpersonal Communications CourseProfessional Development CourseAssertion Training CourseNew Creation Development CourseThe Power of Achievement Course

  • ServicesOrganizational ConsultationCounseling ServicesIntra Community Economics ProgramFinancial Empowerment ProgramRegional Occupation ProgramWeb-site AdministrationDiversity Training and Consultation

  • General Concept of TrainingSelectCriticalTasksPerformanceTestTrainingMaterialsTrain toMeetStandardsEvaluate Effectivenessof TrainingKeyInitialActionResponseAnalyzeProvideConductEvaluate

  • AFRICAN AMERICANCULTURAL CENTERCulturalCommunityCenterHeritage AcademyRite of Passage TrainingCompCenterBusinessCenterLibraryNPOsNPOsAutoRepairTrainingApplianceRepairTrainingHomeRepairTrainingShoppingCenterCreditUnion

  • REGIONAL OCCUPATION PROGRAM CENTERCounselingClassroomClassroomStorageRestroomsWeldingMachineTechnologyElectricity &Drafting RoomsCarpentryRoomMain OfficeHealth Service CenterEnvironmentalControlsAutomotiveComputerElectronicsConstructionTechnologyHumanServices /Personal Care

  • PEAT ChartPurposeExpectationAgendaTime

  • NEAT ChartNeedExpectationAgendaTime

  • The Leadership Model


  • The Power DiamondPowerCultureLawResources

  • Norms ModelPerceptionsAttitudesMoralsValuesNORMS

  • PIESSpiritualEmotionalIntellectualPhysical

  • The L.I.D.M.A.C. ChartLoyaltyMoralityIntegrityAssertivenessCharacterLIDMACDiscretion

  • The High PerformerThe Kwanzaa Achievement ModelManaging TimeRisk TakingHolistic FitnessSelf-Image/ConfidenceNetworksVisualizationMental RehearsalBeliefWork Style

    What so ever a man can conceive, and believe...he can also achieve.

  • High Performing SystemThe Kwanzaa Achievement ModelPeoplePurposeInnovationFeedback SystemsGoalsLeadershipCreative ProcessesCommunicationsFlexibilityTeamwork

  • Goals and ObjectivesThe Kwanzaa Achievement Model(1) Perfect High Achievement Possibilities(2) Develop Pride and Professionalism in Activities(3) Establish Excellence as Our Standard(4) Recognize Outstandanding Performance(5) Effect organizational improvements(6) Optimize the employment of personnel/equipment(7) Modernize systems wherever possible(8) Reinforce profitability and value of the company(9) Improve accountability and reliability to markets(10)Prevent fraud, abuse and waste

  • My Working Prioritiesfor the rest of my life1. Interesting2. Good Wages/Salary3. Promotion Potential4. Personal Growth Potential5. Appreciated6. Good Working Conditions7. Belongingness8. Empathetic Management Team9. Management Loyalty10. Tactful Discipline11. Job Security

  • Positions Desired Training and Sales Consultant Organizational Effectiveness Training Management Job Analyst/Quality Control Manpower Planning and Development Human Resource Development Educational/Training Coordinator Communications Specialist

  • Wholistic FitnessFatherSonHoly GhostBodySoulSpiritLIFE

  • The Psychology of WinningQualities of a Winner


  • Peak PerformanceCommitment to a GoalGoals that are Measurable and AchievableSelf Management through Self-MasteryClear Thinking Self ControlTeambuildingRole PlayingDelegating and Participating in ManagementFlexibility - Course Correction as RequiredManaging ChangeTechnological Adoptability and Integration


  • High Performing SystemThe Kwanzaa Achievement ModelPeoplePurposeInnovationFeedback SystemsGoalsLeadershipCreative ProcessesCommunicationsFlexibilityTeamwork

  • REGIONAL OCCUPATION PROGRAM CENTERCounselingClassroomClassroomStorageRestroomsWeldindMachineTechnologyElectricity &Drafting RoomsCarpentryRoomMain OfficeHealth Service CenterEnvironmentalControlsAutomotiveComputerElectronicsConstructionTechnologyHumanServices /Personal Care

  • Vision StatementInitiate strategy to integrate innovation to achieve growth objective.Design a progressive developmental training program to facilitate achievement of growth objectives.Advance implementation plan to orient and develop the management team to maintain growth objectives.

  • Goal and Objective$20 Million Growth Strategy.Refine Current Human Resource Development in Strategic Growth.Tailor Strategic Growth to complement achievements to-date.

  • Todays SituationRe-evaluate current situation.Review Job Task Analysis (JTAs) to validate applicability to strategic growth.Apply Programmed Change Model to identify growth pinch points.Identify and Reengineer Applicable Tasks, Conditions and Standards

  • How Do We Get There?Institute Controlled-Change Model.Maintain Programmed Process Control Change Plan.Target Training Development toward new developing corporate environment.Implement monitoring system for identification/resolution of restraining forces.

  • Available OptionsRefine current initiatives, minimize restrictive factors.Advantage: Less disruptiveDisadvantage: Less InnovationCost Projections: Evaluation Phase: < $50K Minus HR costsImplementation Phase: < $100K Minus HR costsAssessment Phase: < $50K Minus HR costsMinimize growth projections

  • RecommendationRecommend Integrate Programmed Change Model Strategy: Including JTAs, Organizational Assessment, Training and Monitoring ProgramAdopt Strategic Plan for Strategic GrowthUse Corrective Method for AdjustmentsExercise Situational Leadership/Leaders

  • Business PlanThe Kwanzaa Gallery, Inc.Frank M. Johnson, Sr.May 11, 2002

  • AgendaCompany Introduction and BackgroundCompany DifferentiatorsProducts/Services DetailsMarket ConditionsFinancialsSummary

  • Company Introduction and BackgroundVision StatementKey employees, their background and role(s)Company history and key milestonesList of company products/services

  • Vision StatementTo conduct activities to prepare adolescents and teens for passage to responsible adulthood through systemically planned Rite of Passage education and training throughout each growth year of their youth

  • Goals and ObjectivesTo build conducive systems, facilities, and programs to secure parental and community involvement.To prepare teens with knowledge for successful and responsible citizenship.To institute a community-driven Regional Occupation program.

  • Goals and ObjectivesTo conduct programs to orient youth about cultural diversity, maintenance of individual culture and appreciation of others.To conduct programs to emphasize the importance of ethnic, cultural history and lessons learned by ancestors.To introduce youth to the spiritual and religious beliefs of their family, their ancestors and understanding differences which exist in the society.

  • Augusta African AmericanCultural CenterCulturalCommunityCenterHeritage AcademyRite of Passage TrainingCompCenterBusinessCenterLibraryNPOsNPOsAutoRepairTrainingApplianceRepairTrainingHomeRepairTrainingShoppingCenterCreditUnion

  • Director, Business Development and ProgramsOpen PositionCoordinates NPOs and Business CenterManages The Fashion GalleryManages The Music GalleryManagers The Wine GalleryManages The Jazz GalleryManages The Cultural CenterManages The Kwanzaa Care Center

  • Cultural Community CenterCredit UnionBookstore/LibraryConference CenterComputer CenterBusiness CenterAuto Repair CenterHome Repair CenterRite of Passage Training Center

  • Regional Occupation Program CenterCounselingClassroomClassroomStorageRestroomsWeldingMachineTechnologyElectricity &Drafting RoomsCarpentryRoomMain OfficeHealth Service CenterEnvironmentalControlsAutomotiveComp


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