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Assistive technology overview - AT Committee - Katherine Thomas School - February 10, 2012


  • 1. Beyond the Basics: Using Kurzweil as a Writing Tool2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 2. A Swiss army knife Reading support (text to speech) Writing support Test-taking (fill in the blanks, circle tools) Study skills (highlighting) Kurzweil combines tools to increase their value. For example, you can Organize ideas in order to write a short essay Read for main ideas and details, and then generate an outline to write from Two types of Kurzweil software One type can initiate scans (LearnStation) The other type cant scan (Professional) How tell the difference? Go to Help menu About2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 3. Where is Kurzweil? On your desktop It is installed on the schools servers only 38 Learnstations can be used at a time only 5 copies of Professional at a time Resources IT for server issues Matt in LS/MS David and Candace in HS Resources on KTHS Tech Blog2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 4. Grades 3 or 4 through adult Comprehensive feature sets means most students can find benefit, especially when they have difficulty with decoding fluency visual tracking comprehension generating & organizing ideas Plus: study tools (highlighting) and test-taking tools Keyboarding skills are necessary Can operate Kurzweil with speech-to-text (Dragon) and alternative keyboard (Kurzweil overlay for IntelliKeys) Resistance to Kurzweil; K isnt cool. Some strategies: use with entire class model use demonstrate benefit (e.g. auditory feedback when editing) prepare documents for use before class starts (edit scans)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 5. 1. Drafting Text2. Working with Word Documents3. Using Word Prediction4. Using Word Lists5. Scaffolding the Writing Process6. Looking Up Words7. Using Spell Check2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 6. File New Text File (version 11) Writing toolbar is blue. It lets you adjust Font, font size, font styling Alignment (left, centered, right) Single spacing (single, etc.) If ruler not displayed: Tools Options Show Ruler Can combine with other writing tools: Word Prediction (3) Word lists (4) Spell check (7)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 7. Kurzweil speaks words as theyre typed (text to speech) Auditory feedback available in all writing tasks Students can hear their mistakes, discuss them, and pinpoint where they take place Make sure preferences are set as follows: Tools Options General, check Speak as Typing Can adjust voices used Tools Options Reading (select voice)Tip: Words are highlighted as read; sound can beturned off to get the benefit of tracking without thedistraction of read-aloud2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 8. Kurzweils tools are simpler than Words, but Kurzweil can help students edit Word documents.1. Can open Word documents from Word to edit. Lose images and formatting but gain Kurzweils auditory feedback, word prediction, word lookup, and advanced spell-checking features2. Kurzweil taskbar (great feature but buggy in Windows 7) Right click on taskbar (bottom of screen) and select Toolbars Kurzweil Taskbar (ignore message) Select and drag text from Word or any source into taskbar It will be read aloud (usually)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 9. Helps students type more quickly and expand vocabulary To activate: Click little Crystal Ball icon on Writing toolbar OR Tools Word Prediction When activated, displays a list of words that begin with the letters that a student types (type w to get the list on the right) Single click to hear a word Double click to select it OR click its number2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 10. Kurzweil offers three dictionaries to generate word predictions: small, medium, large The larger the dictionary, more choices in word prediction but more confusion for students Can add words as they are typed (Tools Options General Word Prediction) Phonetic spellings (type filan and Kurzweil predicts philanthropy); not as robust as Co:Writer2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 11. Kurzweils word lists support Allows you to create vocabulary vocabulary development while lists writing: Tools Setup Word Lists. Kurzweil includes Lists of Confusable words, Homonyms, etc. Words in any list can be highlighted in word prediction highlighted in text (Tools Highlights) Encourages use of words in context Supports correct spelling of words Click to create a new list.2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 12. To create new list: Tools Set up Word Lists New Then, Create Words from [source] or type in own vocab list; click Next and name the List Under Options, have new list words appear in Word Prediction and Tools Highlight to encourage use of words2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 13. Scaffolds writing process a. brainstorming b. outline c. draft d. review Can go back and forth between steps (draft outline); some choices will be dimmed, however2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 14. Brainstorming is used to create concept map Bubbles Links between bubbles to show sequence/relationship Quick Takes is like Inspirations Rapid Fire tool used for brainstorming (quickly generating a concept map) Word prediction, Word lookup, and auditory feedback are all available2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 15. Write Outline generates numbered outline Can edit by adding Topics Subtopics Notes Can change style of outline numberingTIP: Can generate an outline from Kurzweils column notes (File Extract Column Notes to Outline)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 16. Select Write Split Screen: Outline appears on left Write draft on right (select and drag from left); supported by auditory feedback and word prediction Outline Draft2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 17. Write Review Checklist asks students to edit by considering The way their words sound (Listen to Your Written Word) Spelling Punctuation Capitalization Word lists To change/add review items: Tools Options, click Review Items.2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 18. To get meaning of word: Reference Look up Word I type, then type in word For a selected word, click Reference Selected Word, you get Definition Can be read aloud Choice of dictionaries Synonyms Syllables Picture definitions (if installed)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 19. Simple spell check always available on Write menu. Can change all occurrences of word. Spell check as you type (Tools Options Spell Check, Check spelling as you type) Ranked spelling (Tools Ranked Spelling) Shows number of occurrences (times a word is used)2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool
  • 20. Tip How to carry it outChange tools shown on main toolbar Tools Customize Apply Toolbar Set. Use Writing Path toolbar for Write Menu tasks. Many toolbars minimize the Writing Taskbar and do NOT include Writing Path tasks.Virtually scan any document (Word, Within the other program, displayPowerPoint, Web page, etc.) to Kurzweil program. Print KESI Virtual Printer.Professional versionMake all basic features available by right Tools Customize Right Mouseclicking Button. Select the functions to make available by right clicking.Attach notes to students writing in Within the document in Kurzweil, clickKurzweil Tools Note, and add a Footnote, Bubble Note, or Voice Note.2/10/2012 Beyond the Basics: Kurzweil as a Writing Tool


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