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Future Fitness presentation by Kurt Ackermann at the E-Tourism Africa Summit 2011 in Cape Town


<ul><li>1.KURT ACKERMANNE-Tourism Africa Summit 16 September 2011 @kurt_a</li></ul> <p>2. Image: Tom Cunniff 3. DamianWilliamAveragepersonscapacity toabsorbinformationover a 2-dayconference 4. BUSINESSFUNDAMENTALS 5. Image: Jordi Cabane 6. SERVICEQUALITYINTEGRITY VALUE 7. CASH FLOW PEOPLEBRAND SALES 8. LISTEN TO YOURCUSTOMERS 9. E-Tourism means Communicating the right Content across a variety of Channels to the best value Clients who will Convert to a sale and keep Coming backSlide: Damian Cook 10. BUSINESSFUNDAMENTALS 11. Mobile+ Social No Problem+ Local 12. The honest truth is Image: Adam Tuttle 13. WellUhhh 14. Radio has no future.Heavier-than-air flying machinesare impossible. Lord Kelvin, 1899 15. Who the hellwants to hear actors talk?H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927 16. There is not theslightest indication that nuclear energy willever be obtainable. Albert Einstein, 1932 17. Flash Gordon 18. Zuma presidency 19. Now, waitjust aminute 20. Image: Simon Keeping 21. Complexity.Image: The Opte Project 22. Interconnectedness. 23. 108105104 24. 200 MJul 11 25. 2001 26. GOOGLE EARTH ZOOM TO cticcLocal Context. 27. Credit: AFP/Getty Images 28. So, how DO we becomefuture-fit? 29. BUSINESSFUNDAMENTALS 30. 10 years+ TIMEDay to day 31. What ARE thekey issuesdestinations &amp;travel businesses need to address as they look to the future? 32. Helena EganHead of DestinationMarketing, EMEAA 33. Dimitrios BuhalisProfessor, Bournemouth UniversityPresident, International Federation forInformation Technologies in Travel andTourism (IFITT) 34. Mariette duToit-HelmboldCEO, Cape Town Tourism 35. KurtAckermannkurt@imagineer.cc@kurt_a </p>