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    Spring of 2014 is all about professional development for students! We will have two guest artists working with the members of the University Dance Compa-ny: Autumn Eckman of Giordano Dance in Chicago, and Carly Malsom of Point B. Our dance majors Amanda Segro and Erica Powell will be self-producing an evening-length concert of their own work with the support of an SIRG grant. We will be test-ing the speed-dating model in providing technical feedback to students in our Critical Feedback Sessions. Our OASIS performance series continues in supporting the development of student choreography and performance.

    Seniors Alli Sierra and Lydia Snell will bring work to the American College Dance Festival, and senior Amanda Rixeys senior work will be included in the program for the University Dance Company concerts at the Lawrence Arts Center. We will be starting a new Professional Development Series that will include workshops with professionals in dance and other related fields, building skills that will serve you as you create a life in dance. Dont miss these exciting opportunities to deepen your expertise and choreograph your futures.

    - Michelle Heffner Hayes, Professor & Chair

    Spring 2014 Newsletter

    GUEST ARTISTS Spring Autumn Eckman will be in residency at KU from February 3rd through Friday February 14th.

    During this two week res-idency Autumn will set her work Yes . . . and! upon members of the University Dance Compa-ny as well as guest teach technique classes.

    Carly Malsom will be guest choreographing a piece for the University Dance Companys Spring performance. Carly teaches Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary at Point B Dance Studio here in Lawrence, KS.

    More info about our guests artists can be found online at dance.ku.edu

  • Spring 2014 Faculty Office Hours


    SOPHOMORES In 2012, we eliminated the audition for the BA program in favor of a Sophomore Review. 2014 will be the

    first year of implementation for the process. The sophomore review will consist of

    An evaluation of academic standing: students must have a 2.5 GPA overall and a 3.0 in dance courses.

    A self-evaluation: students must submit responses to a series of questions about their own artistic, technical and academic progress in the program. The self-evaluation is due by the last day of classes in

    spring 2014. The questions will be distributed in March 2014.

    A faculty evaluation: faculty will provide feedback on each sophomores artistic, technical and academic progress in the program based on classroom observation, rehearsals and performance during the first two years. There is no special audition required for the faculty evaluation. However, we may incorpo-

    rate video software in the assessment process.

    These materials will be reviewed at the end of finals week in spring 2014. Results will be available by the end of May 2014.

  • FACULTY . . . updates

    Patrick Suzeau

    James Moreno

    Emergence by Muriel Cohan. Fall 2013 UDC Performance

  • Spring 2014 Featured Alumni

    . . . Juliet Remmers

    Juliet dances in Patrick Suzeaus piece Short Stories during the Fall 2012 UDC


  • . . . updates STUDENT

    Amanda Segro

    Erica Powell

  • dont forget these


    May 1st & May 2nd, 7:30 PM, 240 Robinson

    AUDITIONS - University Dance Company For more information, contact UniversityDanceCo@gmail.com

    January 23rd, Thursday, 5:30 PM, 242 Robinson

    January 27th, Monday. 5:30 PM, 240 Robinson

    Critical Feedback Session for Dance Majors This is an opportunity for students to get feedback from faculty about their progress as a dancer. For more information, email Amanda Enneking at aennekin@ku.edu

    AUDITIONS - University Dance Company This audition is specifically for casting in Guest Artist, Autumn Eckmnans UDC piece.

    For more information email UniversityDanceCo@gmail.com

    February 3rd, Monday, 5:30 PM, 242 Robinson

    March 1st, Saturday, 1:00 PM, 251 Robinson

    AUDITIONS- BFA/Scholarships Incoming freshman as well as sophomores who would like to enter the BFA program may

    audition at this time. Incoming freshman may also audition for scholarship eligibility. For more information email Amanda Enneking at Aennekin@ku.edu Or visit dance.ku.edu and navigate to Admissions and Auditions

    April 25th & April 26th, 7:30 PM, Lawrence Arts Center (940 New Hampshire St.)

    University Dance CompanySpring Performance Email UniversityDanceCo@gmail.com for more information

    Tickets can be purchased at the Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS

    (785) 843-2787

    Spring Break March 17thMarch 21st

    New Dance Performance Student Choreography Showcase

    Interested performers should contact Muriel Cohan at Mcohan@ku.edu Or Amanda Enneking at aennekin@ku.edu

    Tickets can be purchased at the door $2 suggested donation

    February 21st, 5:30 PM, 242 Robinson OASIS

    OASIS is an opportunity for performers to present their works in progress with the option to receive critical feedback in a facilitated environment. All types of performances are welcome.

    To sign up or for more information email Amanda Enneking at aennekin@ku.edu


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