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  • DREAM BIGThe Human-Powered Knox Experience!

  • 1. L ISTS FEEL PRODUCTIVE!We like being productive.

    2. LISTS FEEL ORGANIZED AND PURPOSEFUL As if you know what you want and you know how to get it. We like that, too.

    3. THERES ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVISATION No list is ever complete. Every life stretches the boundaries of any list.

    4 . E VERY LIST TELLS A STORY The story were telling here is this: In a small city in the heart of the country, we do dazzling, unexpected, uncommonly productive work. Were not simply an education; were an experience. And when you take that experience out into the so-called real world, you discover that it works for you. And for the people youre working and living with.

    5. LISTS ADD UP TO SOMETHING Something valuable, and practical, and purposeful. Theyre like generators of new ideas, new possibilities. We like that.



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    List 1

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  • 1. A (FUNDED!) IN VITATION TO PROVE ITWe give out more than $250,000 total each year to students for the pursuit of independent research or creative projects. The result is that nearly every senior graduates from Knox with tangible proof that they can effectively launch their own intellectual start-up.

    2. THE WAY WE WORKNamely: We put our ideas to work. One example: Experiential learning is a required part of our curriculum. Students find a mentor, write a proposal, and spend at least 40 hours on an experiential learning project an internship, a service program, independent or collaborative research. The requirement is just a start; most students do far more.

    5. IMMERSIVE TERMS Intensive programs that last a full term and tend to be described as life-changing. Students in Clinical Psychology Term take an internship and two advanced courses that speak directly to their experience. Students in Japan Term take courses in Japanese language, history, and Buddhism, then spend two weeks in Japan, exploring its cities, meeting with Knox alumni and local leaders, and completing research or creative projects. Students in Open Studio assemble an exhibition in studio art, working exclusively on their own projects and consulting with faculty and peers. Students in Repertory Theatre Term research, design,

    construct, rehearse, and perform two full-length plays the most comprehensive undergraduate theatre experience in the country.

    3. GREEN OAKSGreen Oaks is our biological field station. Its the second-oldest prairie restoration site in the country, 20 miles from campus, on 700 acres of land that comprises multiple habitats: lakes and streams, tallgrass prairie and old-growth oaks. The Green Oaks immersive term features interdisciplin-ary coursework, hands-on research, and the art of building a community.

    4 . K NOXCORPSThe next generation of civic engagement. Current students and recent graduates work with local nonprofits to develop new initiatives. Doing good, hard, sustained work for the people around you: Its as simple and as forward-looking as that.


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  • 4 . FLUNK DAYA (secret!) day in spring on which classes are cancelled, bells are rung, and the campus turns into a giant festival of nuttiness. Organized and run by a small, anonymous group of students.

    5. I-FAIRFormally known as the International Fair. Food, music, dancing, and singing

    from around the world, courtesy of our many cultural groups and students from more than 50 countries. Proud, crowded, and happily chaotic. Sample menu: fried plantains (Ghana), bulgogi (Korea), arepas (Venezuela), mango lassi (India).

    2. PUMPHANDLEOn the day before the first day of fall term, everyone at Knox stands in a long, twisty line on the south lawn of Old Main. And one by one, you go down the line and shake everyones hand. Some people wear costumes; some people get creative with their greetings; the spirit is, shall we say, giddy. And in the end you come to know everyone at Knox, face to face, hand to hand. Democratic, humanizing, time-consuming and totally worth it.

    3. THE PR AIRIE BURNAn annual controlled burn at our Green Oaks field station, which is set on one of the oldest prairie restoration sites in America. Conducted by a professor and students from all over the map, from every discipline. A smart, necessary ecological practice. And a communal approach to joining the local ecosystem. Namesake of our athletic teams, The Prairie Fire.

    1. BRONZE TURK E YThe Knox-Monmouth football game is one of the oldest college rivalries in the country (first game: 1888). The winner receives a trophy that is, yes, bronze and turkey-shaped. And the trophy is the object of many high jinks; at one point it was buried under our running track. The point being: Were serious about athletic competition. But were also serious about not taking ourselves too seriously.


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  • 1. BECOMING A RE AL JOURN ALIST Chelsea Embree interned as a reporter at the St. Louis Beacon, a nonprofit online newspaper. She developed and published her own stories and she covered President Obamas speech at Knox. That event made me feel like a real journalist. I realized I could do this.

    2. BECOMING A GLOBAL CITIZENMax Potthoff interned with ENVIRON, an environmental consulting firm in Shanghai, China. I felt a new kind of independence. I had to deconstruct how I knew myself as an American, and how others viewed me through my national identity. I became more conscious of my role as a global citizen.

    3. MOVING A N ATION FORWARDPrajwal Tuladhar interned at the United Nations Development Programme in Nepal. I felt like I was part of the economic and political development of Nepal.

    4 . WALK ING WITH GIANTSJessica Robinson interned at Yosemite National Park. I worked with my mentor on surveying the giant sequoias in the Merced Grove. Im the kind of person who needs to get out and apply what Ive learned.

    5. PERMANENTLY ALTERING THE ME ANING OF CL ASSROOMMichael Belitz interned with the Sitka Conservation Society in Sitka, Alaska. The only way to understand an ecosystem is to go out and experience it firsthand. Having the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest as my classroom was the experience of a lifetime. Bonus: a seven-day sea kayak trip to the West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness area.

    6. WORK ING ON THE CUT TING EDGEMike Supej was part of a team of students working with Assistant Professor Helen Hoyt on green chemistry research, aimed at reducing waste and toxic byproducts in chemical processes. Organometallic chemistry is not something that you see very often in undergraduate programs. I got hands-on experience with professional laboratory techniques.



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  • 5. THE HE ADLINERVir Das 02: Headliner for one of the largest comedy festivals in India. Actor in film and television; founded his own band and production company. Majored in economics and theatre.

    6. THE IN VESTORDesmond Fortes 00: Environmental and social specialist at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank, investing in projects in the developing world.

    7. A FEW E ARLY TR AILBL A ZERSThomas Kurtz 50 co-created BASIC, the foundational language of computing. Susan Deller Ross 64 is a leading figure in womens rights; shes the director of the International Womens Human Rights Clinic at Georgetown University. Ismat Kittani 51 came to Knox from Iraq, helped establish our Honor Code, and went on to become president of the United Nations General Assembly. Samuel S. McClure, Class of 1882, started McClures, a groundbreaking magazine of investigative journalism, with friends from Knox. Hiram Revels, Class of 1857, was the first African American man elected to the U.S. Senate and a lifelong advocate for desegregation. History matters.

    8. THE ADVISORJohn Podesta 71: Advisor to President Obama, former Chief of Staff for President Clinton, Chair of the Center for American Progress.

    1. THE CEOJohn Lawler 88: Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China. Majored in economics at Knox; got an MBA at the University of Iowa; worked in the U.S., Japan, and Germany.

    2. THE ARTISTCami Woodruff 10: Illustrator for award-winning animated series Archer. Author and illustrator of web comic Doomsday, My Dear. MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design.

    3. THE VISIONA RYMatt Berg 00: Director of information and communications technology for the Millennium Villages Project at Columbia Universitys Earth Institute. Developed ChildCount+, an open- source mobile health system. Created the Last Mile Initiative, which brings basic information and communication technologies to rural African v