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Every writer has encountered some form of writers block, the inability to know what to put in your paper or project. There are several techniques to consider using when this unfortunate frustrating problem arises. Using brainstorming techniques are just one of many things you the author can implement to overcome writers block. Control your emotions especially fear, or being afraid to put your thoughts on paper, as this is one of the primary reasons writers do not know what to write. Being absolutely perfect is another of the top reasons for writers block. Nobody is perfect all of the time so you as the author need to take this into consideration when writing.A few suggestions most writers would give to you; get some exercise, lighten the mood, listen to music, or read a book. This writer likes to do a lot of free writing then sort through it to pick out the good ideas. You need to understand how to get you out of the writers block and move on to productive writing.One thing a writer can implement into knowing what to write is using various types of surveys to determine what your audience wants to see in your content matter. Surveys have changed rapidly in an ever changing effort to get accurate consumer, among other demographic feedback from anything to their likes, dislikes, satisfaction, wants, and needs. Surveys are everywhere in todays world from the restaurant survey to the telephone survey. In my opinion they are here to stay and are in a constant state of evolution.