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1% of approximately 770 workers that suffered face injuries were not wearing face protection.

Getting yourPPE Facts Right

Fact or Myth?Ashley Ranck @ashleyvonrockIOHA London 2015Presented by BOHSSponsored by 3M

Medical clearances are not necessary when wearing respirators voluntarily.Fact or Myth?

Employees who are voluntarily wearing elastomeric respirators must be medically cleared.

*Employees voluntarily wearing dust masks do not need to be medically cleared but must sign Appendix D of 29 CFR 1910.134.


All PPE must comply with standards and certifications. Fact or Myth?

FACTOSHA requires that many categories of PPE meet or be equivalent to standards set by ANSI. Employees dont have to wear PPE if they dont want to or if they find it uncomfortable. Fact or Myth?Fact: If the employer deems it necessary employees must wear all required PPE, even if the task is finished quickly.

*Employees are required to provide the proper PPE for each employee, including proper sizes.

MYTHSteel toe boots have a greater risk of toe amputation than regular work boots. Fact or Myth?This myth was in 2005 by

*If any injuries were to happen while wearing steel toe boots the injury would have been considerably worse in regular work boots. MYTHOnly 1% of approximately 770 workers suffering face injuries were wearing face protection. Fact or Myth?

FACTU.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accidents Involving Face Injuries, Report 604, (Washington, D.C., GPO, May 1980) p. 10, Table 10. PPE is the best option for protecting employees.Fact or Myth?MYTHPPE is the last option.

*PPE requires proper selection, employee participation, and care to be most effective. Earplugs are protecting employees from hazardous noise when worn as shown.Fact or Myth?


Source: 3M Tips and Tools for fitting and using 3M E-A-R foam earplugs TipsHold ear back and up to straighten the ear canal and allow for easier insertion. Push earplug towards ear until fully expanded-this prevents the plugs from sticking out of the ears.

The employer is required to provide training to any employee required to wear PPE.

Fact or Myth?FACT

OSHA requires employees to know the followingWhat PPE is necessaryHow to properly don, doff, adjust, and wear PPE The limitations of the PPEThe proper care, maintenance, useful life and disposal of the PPE

Respirator cartridge lifespan depends on many factors including type and concentration of contaminant. Fact or Myth?

FACTThere are many online tools to help with determining the life span of cartridges. Change out schedules are more important with chemicals that do not have a strong odor. There is such a thing as wearing too much PPE.Fact or Myth?FACTWearing too much PPE can be just as dangerous as not wearing enough. Selection of proper PPE is extremely important.

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