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  • Few reasons behind your dull and sagging skin! You would really feel bad when you see your skin looking dull and sagged. Is age that really matters? Well, some people start getting premature wrinkles and dull skin even when they are young. What could be the reasons? If you get a chance to meet Dr Lipy Gupta , Dermatologist max hospital delhi then you will realize that she has done enough research over the available treatments and so you can rely on her advice.

    The reasons that give you dull skin

    1. You avoid moisturizing the skin: There are chances that you would not be moisturizing the skin. This is because; skin is exposed to so much of challenging situations that it requires some sort of hydration. You should have good quality moisturizer and you must use that on your skin. For internal hydration you must drink ample of water and have lots of fruits.

    2. You lead stressful life: Often stress can affect your skin badly. So, you must try to avoid stress as much as you can

    3. You are using the wrong makeup: If you have dry skin and if you use water based makeup items then it would make the skin dry up further. In the case where skin is dry its better to use oil based makeup items. For skin conditions that are oily, water based makeup would be advised.

    4. You are not nourished properly: You are not well-nourished. You should immediately start with the balanced diet and eat and sleep well. Take vitamins in your diet and when you feel that your diet is short of that you should take the supplements for the same.

  • If you take good care of your skin then you will realize that you can keep the skin young and without sagging issues. If you check out with Dr Lipy Gupta, delhi you will realize that she has some amazing treatments including coolsculpting in delhi which has the options to fight off obesity as well. Just get in touch with her and see how you can get your skin and health related issues solved. There was a time when people did not have enough ideas to fight off the problems from the root. But thanks to the experts and dermatologists who would give you a perfect idea about how to stay young looking! Find out the right solutions. Resource: