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1. Knot tying instructions-how to make cute hair accessories for girls If you have knotted as many string bracelets as you can, you can try this project about how to make cute hair accessories for girls. You will get a knotted Chevron headband in result.If you have seen all jewelry ornaments made out offloss, yarn, threads and cords, you are surely to knowhow the amazing potential combinations go on fornowadays. To make this knotted chevron headband,you will see the prominent extension for reputablefriendship series. Then, lets start how to make cutehair accessories for girls immediately.Supplies for a headband:1mm Nylon Thread6mm stain ribbonSewing threadNeedleGlueBlank headbandHow to make cute hair accessories for girls?Step1: knot the string pattern1. Take 6 strands of 200cm long threads and foldthem in half for 12 strips (the number of cords maydepend on the width of your headband);2. Tie a simple knot to hold the strings together;3. Measure the length and then we can start to makethe chevron pattern. The details may refer to ourexclusive knot tying techniques;4. When reach to an ideal length, stop to trim anyexcess thread tails. 2. Step2: add on the string part with glue and ribbon1. Undo the starting simple knot;2. Apply drops of glue on the back of headband, thenstart to wrap on the stain ribbon for about two circles.Ensure the ribbon stacks each other as pictureshow;3. After that, inset the chevron strip part to the frontsurface of headband. Fix it in place by wrapping thestarting locations with five or more turns of stainribbon. During that drip some glues to help ensurethe part.4. Keep wrapping around the headbandwith ribbon only;5. To the other end of headband, simplycreate a mirror image;6. Gluing the edges of knotted part to yourheadband.Done! This knot tying instructions on how to makecute hair accessories for girls will take time a lot oftime and patience to complete, especially thebeginning chevron pattern. But just keep the rightdirections and the knots will never be a part ofproblem. Trust me, and just relax and take yourtime.Learn more styles of hair accessories please click:


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