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1. Kitselas & Major Projects Part 2 What do we want? Monday, December 15, 2014 Community Meeting 2. 2 CHIEF AND COUNCIL 3. Chief & Council Our Role Participate on regional level (talks with other First Nations, Northern BC conferences, etc.) Participate on provincial level (talks with government officials, provincial conferences, etc.) Inform and gather input from community Participate in negotiations with proponents listen, assess projects, present staff and community input, etc. Choose to enter or not enter into agreements with proponents (support or not support projects) 3 4. Chief & Council Guiding Elements Official Kitselas documents and policies created with community: land use plan, strategic framework, etc. Input from community members meetings, surveys, studies, etc. Staff and expert recommendations Past experience for example, agreements with Pacific Trails Pipeline and Northwest Transmission Line resulted in significant training and employment for members 4 5. Chief & Council Guiding Elements cont. We are committed to protecting the Social Environmental Economic Cultural values within Kitselas traditional territory and marine harvest areas. 5 6. 6 NEGOTIATIONS TEAM 7. Negotiations Overview Goal is financial independence Key pieces are environmental stewardship community health jobs Pacific Northwest LNG (PNW) and Prince Rupert Gast Transmission Project (PRGT) out in front in Prince Rupert final investment decision (FID) in March 7 8. Negotiations Petronas Term Sheet Kitselas helped force change in design In return for support Kitselas receives: Note: Financial information removed from this file for privacy reasons. Work for Kitselas citizens Relationship for life of project Final Agreement in early 2015 8 9. Negotiations BC Pipeline Agreement Accommodation Agreement for PRGT, Coastal Gas Link (CGL) and West Coast Canada (WCC) pipeline projects Note: Financial information removed from this file for privacy reasons. Impacts low: pipes outside the territory Safeguards in place: MFN and certainty Kitselas still negotiating with proponents 9 10. 10 LANDS AND RESOURCES 11. Lands & Resources Flow Chart 11 12. How do we work with proponents? 12 Meetings: - Community meetings - Proponent engagement meetings - Meet with regulators (OGC) and government (EAO) Field studies: wildlife, fish, water, terrestrial mapping, air and noise pollution Participate in traditional use and socio-ec studies Many consultants and contractors Community liaison officers provide a hub between community, staff, consultants, and proponents Proponents provides funds to complete work 13. Lands & Resources Benefits Wanted 13 Kitselas Lands and Resources has a list of ideas that are resource-based: Fish Hatchery Stream Restoration Community Smokehouses Cultural Camps Traditional Territory Wide Land Use Plan (currently only have IR based land use plan) Capacity Building, Training, Skills, & Development 14. 14 KITSELAS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (KDLP) 15. KDLP Our role in Kitselas Success Kitselas Development Limited Partnerships role, with Kitselas and a variety of Industries, is to develop strategic partnerships and businesses to enable Kitselas to utilize Procurement, Training and Education opportunities. KDLP will continue to explore the development and expansion of our joint venture networks to provide goods and services through such mechanisms as favoured trading partner arrangements with major industries, commercial and industrial ventures as well as human resource development to service these industries. 15 16. KDLP Current Opportunities Primary role is development of opportunities for Kitselas, KDLP and Kitselas members to be successful through Business, Education and Technical capacities for long term success KDLP is currently developing a diverse portfolio of partnerships that include LNG and much more: LNG Pipelines, Plant Facilities, Reclamation Power Generation Facilities (2) 40 year life Pellet Plant Production Qinhuangdao Economic Development Skeena Industrial Park Alfalfa Extraction & Wheel Manufacturing Plants 16 17. KDLP Long-Term Opportunities KDLP envisions success for Kitselas by developing strong relationships within its Territory by forging relationships that encourage Kitselas and its members to participate and prosper in various endeavors: KDLP Businesses and supporting Kitselas Entrepreneurial Business Ventures Kitselas members develop Educational, Technical and Business Experience to foster variety of career opportunities Utilize our Lands and Resources for sustainable development to support the Kitselas vision of prosperity17 18. 18 HOUSING, PUBLIC WORKS, & INFRASTRUCTURE 19. Housing/PW/Infrastructure Impact on the Community We plan to mitigate some of the impacts caused by the socio-economic pressures in the region for the community of Kitselas. Due to lack of rentals and high rental prices in the local housing market, community of Kitselas has been under pressure as the need for housing increases. We are looking to maintain and improve housing availability to promote affordable and sustainable housing. 19 20. Housing/PW/Infrastructure Impact on the Community cont. Increase of traffic has increased the risk to the local environment. Result is need for a water protection plan. The creation of such a plan will enable the community of Kitselas to have control over the quality of the water in the community of Gitaus. 20 21. Housing/PW/Infrastructure Benefits Wanted Weve advocated to proponents on the vision of steps to move forward, promoting sustainable housing and infrastructure assets. Projects such as: New Community Center New Elders Center More Housing New Waste Water Treatment Facility Improve Network and Technology More Office Space, etc. 21 22. 22 COMMUNITY SERVICES 23. Community Services Socio Economic Team Kitselas socio-economic team aims to mitigate impacts to the human aspects. The projects have the potential to bring lots of good, but also lots of bad. Impacts include, but are not limited to: - Strain on essential services (medical, fire, RCMP); - Increases in drugs and alcohol - Increased population - Decreased housing availability 23 24. Community Services Socio Economic Team Established November 29, 2014 Team Members are: Jennifer Howard - Director of Health Judy Gerow - Employment & Training Coordinator Debbie Moore - Director of Community Services & Education (point of contact for team) Team works with contractor Andrea Scarth 24 25. The role of the Socio Ec Team is to: To identify Socio-Economic impacts related to all LNG activities that have and will affect Kitselas. Participate in meetings related to socio-ec to provide meaningful input Working group participation & written submissions Provide input to proponents for socio-economic effects management planning and other plans Engage with the proponents, Provincial and Federal governments 25 Community Services Socio Economic Team 26. 26 EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING 27. Employment & Training Advocating for members When meeting with LNG proponents or other companies wanting to do business with Kitselas, the Employment & Training Department advocates for Kitselas members for jobs and training: Direct meetings with proponents and companies Participating in working groups with MARR, LNG Alliance, IMBA Caucus, Socio-Economic Team 27 28. Employment & Training Benefits Wanted Mentorship and On-The-Job Training Heavy Equipment Operators Requirement of 4000 5000 seat hours Skilled Workforce Proponents and other companies to provide list of types of jobs that will be available Recruitment of Workforce Readiness Coordinator 28 29. 29 SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 30. Social Development Role Social Development Coordinators role is to network between departments (employment, housing, education) informing the Socio-Economic Team of concerns: Lack of training for employment Overcrowding in homes Pressure on families increasing Addictions, alcoholism, drug use/selling, criminal activity spreading 30 31. Social Development Benefits wanted In partnership with Employment & Education, we want: Increased education, training & employment, with the goal of decreased use of the Social Development Program 31 32. Social Development What is needed? Social Programs that are needed in Kitselas are: Budgeting Skills (long term financial planning) Life/Family Skills (family dynamics changing) Healing Workshops (addictions, anger, stress management etc.) Enhanced Training for members 32 33. 33 WABSUWILAKSM GITSELASU ADULT SCHOOL 34. 34 HEALTH DEPARTMENT 35. Health Department Working with Proponents Kitselas health department works with proponents to decrease negative effects and increase positive effects of industry coming into our area. We: Advocate on behalf of Kitselas members for increased health resources Meet with proponents to discuss community health concerns and effects we are already seeing Interview with proponents to advise them of studies already completed on health and their outcomes 35 36. Health Department Benefits Wanted We are looking for financial assistance with: Elders Care Facility Language Revitalization Program Development of Rediscovery Camp Program Daycare Centre: Increased Access to Childcare and Parent Support Services Development of Youth Programing with a Focus on Confidence, Culture and Community Involvement Fitness Activities Community Center 36 37. The End Want more info? Go to (Lands & Resources/Major Projects section) PowerPoint presentations Videos Questions and answers Handouts Project info Community engagement info Upcoming events Etc.