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  • *Market of Fitted kitchens andBuilt-in kitchen appliances in Italy


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    PremisesFitted kitchens and kitchen appliances undergo the market dynamics typical of durable goodsHigh penetration;Long-drawn-out purchase frequency and re-purchase cycle.

    The replacement cycle is in fact of:ca. 20 years for fitted kitchens ca. 20 years for kitchen appliances.

    Such characteristic makes it extremely hard to survey Final customers, and this explains why they are basically absent on the Italian market.

    Kitchen-furniture&appliances 2015 has an experience in terms of staff and sectorof +18 years

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    This survey represents a natural evolution of all those carried out until now by the same pool of experts in a period of over 20 years.

    The data produced so far have allowed to elaborate a reading methodology of the same able to provide highly reliable results.

    Of quantitative nature, but with vast possibilities of qualitative reading.

    Based on a system able to sample the broadest possible universe among those accessible via mobile phone.

    Double universe: Final customer and Points of sale.

    Telephone or On-line interview.The project

  • *Characteristics of the surveyTwo Universes and three separate data collections: one among Final customers and two among the Points of sale.

    The survey on Final customers has the objective of defining the sell-out of Fitted kitchens and Built-in kitchen appliances, besides the frequency of use of their distribution channels.

    The first data collection in the Points of sale of the traditional channel allows to identify the market trends in the short term and the sales dynamics (cost estimates-orders-deliveries).

    The second data collection, to verify the impact on sales of the brands displayed in the showrooms, both Kitchen appliances and Fitted kitchens.

  • *Objectives of the survey on Final customersIdentify the market levels of the main producers in the sector of Built-in kitchen appliances and Fitted kitchens.

    Qualitative breakdown of the Kitchens present in the Italian homes.

    Monitoring of types and brands of Built-in kitchen appliances.

    Detect the purchase channel used and analyse the selection process of the same.

    Define the life cycle of the families making the purchase for various purposes.

  • *The questionnaire for Final customers: Survey topics

    Explanation of the concept of Fitted kitchen and Built-in kitchen appliance.Presence in the house of a Fitted kitchen.Age of the Kitchen present in the house.Characteristics of the last purchase: new or used?Characteristics of the last purchase: motivations.Characteristics of the last purchase: replacement, enlargement or first Kitchen ever.Characteristics of the last purchase: Fitted with Built-in appliances or Free standing?Destination of the replaced Kitchen.Brand of the new Fitted kitchen purchased.

  • *The questionnaire: Survey topics

    Floor units-tall storage units-wall units composition.Value of the purchase (Kitchen+Appliances).Purchase channel of the Appliances.Brands of the Appliances purchased within or without a Fitted kitchen.Socio-anagraphic data.

  • *The sampling of Final customers comes up with the problem that they are highly diluted in the universe individuals-families. Random selection of customers can only be the result of a fine sifting through of the contacts.

    The subjects interviewed are all those who - in the past 12-18 months - purchased a Kitchen, fitted or not, and/or a Kitchen appliance, whether Built-in or Free standing, whether a first purchase or a replacement.

    Only proceeding in this way, it is possible to estimate the overall market of Final customers and understand - in comparison to a previous estimation - if there has been an increase or a decrease and in what area, either geographic or in terms of product.

    The subjects will therefore belong to three categories:

    Purchasers of a complete Fitted kitchen;Purchasers who have partially replaced or integrated the Kitchen;Purchasers of the sole Kitchen appliances.

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    The subjects belonging to the three groups will be interviewed, while all the others will be requested to provide only their socio-anagraphic data.

    The number of subjects to be contacted to obtain a sample able to grant a fair significance to the results will be of ca. 16.000 total cases.

    The interviews will be effected via telephone starting from a sample of phone numbers generated random by a computer and cheched with automatic systems so as to ascertain their existence and connection.

    The sample of Final customers

  • *The steps

    The agreed prices cover the total costs of the survey and include the following performances:

    a.generation-cleaning of the phone numbers;b.fieldwork (interviews); editing and weighing; processing;e.personalised production of results; first presentation of results, containing common data and personalised data.

  • *Surveys on Points of sale: Premises

    A first survey on the Points of sale of the traditional channel allows to identify the current trends of the market and the sales dynamics of the sector.

    A second survey will verify the brands and the models of Kitchen applicances displayed in the showrooms with the objective of ascertaining their commercial impact.

    While the survey among the Final consumers as described herein has primarily a marketing imprinting as it studies the Final customers behaviour, the surveys among the points of sale cover mainly the requirements of the sales approach.

    The Points of sale belonging to the extreme poles of the distribution network in terms of dimension are deliberately neglected as they undergo to market philosophies different from those applied in the traditional medium-sized Point of sale linked to the concept furniture design including Furniture and Appliances.

  • *Surveys on Points of sale: The projectThe surveys are aimed at verifying:

    The display of brands and models of Kitchen appliances and Fitted kitchens in the showrooms of the Points of sale;The type of Customers targeted (based on proposed prices and quality);The sales dynamics on the basis of the situation of:Cost estimates;Orders;Deliveries.

    The frequency of the surveys will be:Bimonthly the survey on the market dynamics, where the questions asked will investigate both the current month and the month preceding the interview;Biannual the survey on the brands and models displayed in the showrooms.

    The interviews to the person responsible for the point of sale will be carried out on the phone and may lead to a subsequent qualitative follow-up interview via web.

  • *Surveys on Points of sale: The questionnaireThe objectives of the survey will result in questions included in the questionnaire concerning the following topics:

    Estimation of the sales trend - bimonthly vs bimonthly and year vs year - of Fitted kitchens and Built-in appliances;Identification of the dynamics - in terms of quantity and time between contractual orders and deliveries effected in the two months preceding the interview;Numbers of delivered Kitchens with and without appliances;Dynamics of the Kitchens displayed in the showrooms;Existing relationship between brands sold based on the showroom and from the catalogue;Sales positioning of the product sold in terms of:

    Price range, Style,Qualitative level,Type of material.

  • *Points of sale: Methodology and sample

    The survey will be carried out using a structured questionnaire submitted on the telephone.

    The sample will be of 300 cases repeated on a bimonthly basis within samples of Points of sale varying from time to time.

    The selection of the Points of sale will be made on regional basis while the interview will be carried out only upon checking some characteristics of the Point of sale itself.

    The analysis of the data will be effected starting from the progressive moving average of the results obtained in the single survey.

  • *Points of sale: Delivery time

    As usual, the results will be delivered three weeks upon the communication concerning the end of the fieldwork.

  • *The overall projectThe survey is proposed in a multiclient version, subscription is to be confirmed in advance signing a written commitment not later than 10th December 2014.

    To all subsequent subscriptions will be applied a 10% surcharge to compensate for the costs already borne by the original subscribers.

    The data produced out of described surveys will be proposed in three versions to meet the requirements of each client:

    1) Programme A.This type of subscription foresees the purchase of all the data produced out of both surveys (Final customers and Points of sale).

    2) Programme B. This type of subscription foresees the purchase of the sole data relevant to Fitted kitchens of the two surveys (Final customers and Points of sale).

    3) Programme C.This type of subscription foresees the purchase of the sole survey carried out on Points of sale.

  • *

    The agreed prices cover the overall costs of the survey and include the following performances: :

    a.generation-cleaning of the phone numbers;b.fieldwork (interviews); editing and weighing; processing;e.personalised production of results;f.first presentation of results, containing common data and personalised data.

    What is included in the price of the survey

  • *Payment terms

    Programme A.Programme B.Programme C.

    The payment of the survey is to be effected transferring the amount of the selected programme based on the following schedul