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  • 1. Over 67% of American's eating and drinking activities occur at home. 67% Whospendsmoretimeinthekitchen? The average American family spends 175 hours a month in the kitchen. 65% of American women do food preparation or cleanup while only 39% of men do the same tasks. Worldwide, 82% of women prepare meals on an average day, while only 44% of men do. KitchenTrends Howmuchtimewomenspendtimeinthekitchen? Non-working women spend over 70 minutes per day preparing food. Women who work part-time spend 53-56 minutes per day preparing food. Single working women spend about 15 minutes less per day preparing food. Single nonworking women spend approximately 30 minutes less per day cooking. Arepeoplecookingmorenoworless? 75% of homeowners intend to remodel their kitchens in the next two years. 62% of homeowners take on remodelling their kitchen to get rid of outdated spaces. 37% want better kitchen functionality 35% want more storage More than 50% of homeowners want to invest on cabinetry in their kitchen. 90% of all kitchen cabinets sold were made from wood. MostSellableWoodKitchenCabinetsin2006 49% were made from maple 22% were made from oak 18% were made from cherry 4.3% were made from hickory 2.4% were made from alder 1.8% were made from birch Men who cooked had increased from 29% in 19651966 to 42% in 2007-2008. The time spent by men in cooking increased from 37.4 min/day in 19651966 to 45 min/day in 2007-2008. Onaverage: 70% of kitchen work and time are spent in food preparation. 20% of kitchen work and time are spent in cleaning up dishes, pots, pans, and other utensils. 10% of kitchen work and time are spent in actual cooking. KitchenImprovement: Reference: id&accname=guest&checksum=31804D4B536049E1F8F3F18974B464E6 The proportion of women cooking declined from 92% in 19651966 to 68% in 20072008. The time spent by women in cooking dropped from 112.8 min/day in 19651966 to 65.6 min/day in 20072008.

2. The way we use our kitchens had changed over time. As our needs change so do our kitchens. Here's a look at the current trends. Kitchen Trends