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King's general brochure containing an overview of all our courses.



    Best Location | Top Education

    New Zealand

    Teacher Aiding

    High School Preparation

    English language training

    Early Childhood Education

    English for Nursing Registration

    Teaching English as an International Language

  • Start DatesGeneral English, School English and Healthcare programmes start every Monday.

    Please enquire about start dates for Specialist and Study Tour courses.

    General English Programme General English (1-48 Weeks) Beginnertoadvanced(5levels).


    IELTS Preparation (eg for university, migration, high school, etc.) Examtechniquetraining. Practiceofkeystudyskills.

    Working Holiday Courses - Internship(12 Weeks) Forstudentswithworkingholidayvisas. ThiscourseincludesGeneralEnglish(concentratingonspeaking)andoneofthefollowing:JobTraining,Hospitality,EarlyChildhoodCare,AgedCare,Cheffingand Tour Guiding.

    School English ProgrammeHigh School Preparation (1-48 Weeks) Forstudents13-18years DesignedasatransitioncoursetoaNewZealandhigh

    school, including a specialist literacy programme in mathematics, science and social studies.

    Homework Help Runstwiceaweekafterschooloratothertimes-as



    Healthcare ProgrammeOET or IELTS Preparation for Nursing Examtechniquetraining. Develop4skillareasfornursing.

    English for Nursing Registration (ENR) BecomeaRegisteredNurseinNZ

    Aged Care Education (ACE) Betrainedasacaregiverforelderlycare. Becomeaqualifiedcaregiverfortheelderly Thiscourseisdesignedfornon-medicalpeople

    Specialist CoursesChild Care Training Earlychildhoodteachingforqualifiedteachers(ECO) Childcareandmaternitycourse(nannying-HCC)

    TEIL (TESOL) BecomeanEnglishteacherinyourowncountry

    Teacher Aiding Becomeatrainedspecialistforhelpingdisabledstudents

    in classrooms

    Study Tour Courses 2-8weekcourses IndividuallydesignedtocombineEnglishlearningwithNewZealand(kiwi)styleactivities


    For more details on Study Tour Courses visit

    Daily Hours Fulltime: 9.00am-3.00pm 22.5hoursperweek

    Parttime(am): 9.00am-12.30pm 17hoursperweek

    Parttime(pm): 1.30pm-3.00pm


    Note:GeneralEnglishclassesfinishat12.30onFridaysand free activities run in the afternoon. FreeafterschoolclubsMonday-Thursday.

    Studying at Kings has been a great experience. I have improved my English and now Im working in New Zealand

    -ValentinGerigfromSwitzerlandGeneral English student

    Kings Education Study Options

  • English Training Pathways

    General English


    Entry: IELTS 4.0*

    Regular English Pre-


    Entry: IELTS 3.0*

    Regular English Beginner/


    Entry: open

    Become a Registered

    Nurse in New Zealand

    Become a:

    Child Care Giver Early Childhood


    Teacher Aide Care Giver for


    Become an English language

    teacherGo to university

    or polytechGo to high


    IELTS 7.0You need: IELTS 5.5IELTS 6.0 IELTS 5.5 IELTS 5.5


    Exit: IELTS 3.0

    IELTS 6.0*

    OtherSpecialist Courses

    English for Nursing

    RegistrationIELTS Preparation

    IELTS 4.5*

    High School


    Teacher Training Course

    IELTS 4.5* IELTS 4.5*IELTS 4.5*

    Exit: IELTS 4.0

    Study Pathways at Kings

    * Equivalent KEA(Kings English Assessment Score) Subject to approval to approval by Immigration New Zealand

    Gain work experience

    Internship (Working Holiday)

    IELTS 4.5

    IELTS 4.5*Entry:

  • Working Holiday CoursesKings Education Internship

    Job Training (CV, interviewing skills, succeeding in the NZ workplace, etc.)

    General English6 weeks

    Students who haveWorking Holiday Visas

    Entry: at least IELTS 3.5*

    Cheffing Early ChildhoodCare

    Hospitality- Barista

    -Waitressing-Kitchen Hand-Wine Waiter


    * Or equivalent Kings English Assessment Score.

    Vocational English 6 weeks - mornings

    Vocational Training6 weeks - afternoons

    (in one of the above areas)

    Aged Care Education

    Castle RecruitmentsAfter completion of the course Castle Recruitments will assist you in finding a job in one of the vocational

    options below. Castle Recruitments will guarantee that you will be provided with paid work for one month to the value of $1500 NZD (certain criteria apply).

    12 week course for people wanting to gain work experience


    Tour Guiding

  • Junior Campus

    High School Preparation Programme

    English Writing & ReadingImproveyourcommunicationEnglishfor: reading,spelling&vocabulary speakingformakingpresentationscomprehensionskillsgrammarandwriting(includingnotetaking) researchability(online,library,etc.)

    MathematicsImproveyourliteracyandwordunderstanding: formaths-basedvocabulary inmathsfordoingmeasurementofarea,volume,

    calculations, statistics, probablity, etc. formultiplication,division,subtractionandaddition

    ScienceImproveyourliteracyandunderstandingin:biologychemistryphysicsearthscience technology



    Social Studies

    KingsHighSchoolPreparationProgramme is foryoungpeoplewanting togo tohighschool inNewZealand. Itincorporatesaspecialistliteracycourse,ComprehensionStrategyInstruction(CSI),designedspecificallytoimproveliteracyinmaths,scienceandsocialstudiesaswellasEnglish.CSIisadigitally-enhancedcoursewhichusescolourfulworkbooks, movies and photos, where students can understand word meanings very quickly. The methods ofteaching are whole group instruction and cooperative practice designed to develop a high level of research ability as wellasdevelopspeedfornotetakingandsummarisingskills.

    1 - 48 week course for people aged 13 - 18 years

    A Typical Day at Kings Junior Campus

    9.00 am Identifying the days objectives9.10 am General English communication exercises

    10.30 am Interval11.00 am Improving English literacy12.30 pm Lunch break

    1.30 pm Comprehension Strategy Instruction to improve literacy for maths, science and social studies3.00 pm Home time

    Homework: Diary writing, spelling and reading

    Students will also have the opportunity to participate in free Friday afternoon

    activities to help their learning outside the classroom.One of our teachers, Tetaki, with a group of young students

  • * Subject to approval by Immigration New Zealand It is possible to gain a National Certificate

    English for Nursing Registration (ENR)26 week course for Registered Nurses


    Aged Care Education (ACE)Thisisa12weektrainingcoursedesignedforpeople(notnecessarilynurses),whowishtoworkascaregiversfortheelderly.Entryrequirement:IELTS5.0(orequivalent) Stageonecoursecoveringessentialcaregivingknowledgeandclinicalskills(eg.physicalcareoftheelderly,infectioncontrol,safety,nutrition,basicfirstaidandmedication,etc.)


    12 week course for non-medically trained people

    Healthcare Pathways to Nursing in New Zealand

    Less than IELTS 5.0

    Entry IELTS 6.0

    Entry IELTS 7.0 or OET B band

    Kings English for Nursing Registration(Intensive IELTS and OET training)

    26 weeks

    Entry IELTS 6.0 (Nurses Only)

    Must be a Registered Nurse in home country and have clinical work experience

    within the last three years


    Competency Assessment Programme 8 weeksCAP

    Work* as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand or Overseas

    Part time work* in the New Zealand Healthcare


    Castle Recruitments

    Gain Work Permit and New Zealand Permanent Residency status (PR) (Assisted by Castle Recruitments)

    Aged Care Education (ACE)

    12 weeks

    Kings English Language Training Entry IELTS 5.0

    Full time work* in aged care facility in

    New Zealand

    Apply to Immigration New Zealand for full-time

    temporary work* permit

    Castle Recruitments

    Castle Recruitments

    IELTS 5.5

    IELTS 5.0 Pre-ENR

    Part time work* in the New Zealand Healthcare


    Castle Recruitments

    Entry IELTS 5.0 (Nurses Only)



    Can study ACE if not Registered Nurse

    (Registered Nurses only)

    Learn English while working

  • Kings Education Certificate in

    Steps to Becoming a Registered Teacher in New Zealand

    Apply to NZQA to have your education training assessed for early childhood education teaching in New Zealand.1Get your English level to 7.0 IELTS in all 4 skill areas.2Apply to the New Zealand Teachers