King Peasants and servants Lords and ladies Knights Lords Bishops Monks Priests.

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Slide 1 Slide 2 King Peasants and servants Lords and ladies Knights Lords Bishops Monks Priests Slide 3 Kings: They made the rules for their land, or kingdom. They were expected to follow the rules of the church. Slide 4 Knights and Nobles Knights: Their job was to fight to protect the King and the kingdom. They went to knight school at a very young age. Nobles: Nobles owned their own land in exchange for protecting the kingdom during war or battles. Slide 5 High Church Order: The rulers of the church Popes: Head of the church Priests: Controlled individual churches Monks: Dedicated their lives to the church Nuns: Dedicated their lives to the church Slide 6 Skilled Workers: People who could perform difficult jobs like cooking, sewing, carpentry, or ironwork. Farmers: People who had no education or skills and worked on the farm. Slide 7 Castles Houses Churches and Cathedrals Monasteries Walls Slide 8 Walls: to protect the people Servant living quarters: Rooms for servants Well: to get water Kitchen Bedrooms Church Great hall: For parties or meetings Watch towers: To look for danger Horse Stable: A home for the horses. Slide 9 Roman, German and Islamic arts mixed together in the Early Middle Ages. Two styles were important in this period: Romanesque Gothic Around 1100 turns into Slide 10 The church had respect and power. The Church was led by popes. They were more powerful than kings! Slide 11 Monks dedicated their lives to God. Monks spent years writing the bible by hand. They preformed chores such as cooking, cleaning and farming. They lived in Monasteries where they were teachers and cared for people. Slide 12 Nuns dedicated their lives to God. They performed simple tasks like cooking, sewing or reading. Some could also write and taught others. Slide 13 The Crusades were a series of battles between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. Christian knights wanted to take the Holy Land and give it back to Christians. Slide 14 Thousands of knights and barbarian soldiers united under Christianity attacked Muslims and Jews in Turkey and Jerusalem to gain the land for Christians. Slide 15 Killing and persecution of Jews and Muslims Economic development through trade Kings and popes gained power


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