kindle publishing. for your motivation guys!!! 0% tax from pakistanis

Download KINDLE PUBLISHING. For Your Motivation GUYS!!! 0% Tax From Pakistanis

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  • For Your Motivation GUYS!!! 0% Tax From Pakistanis
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  • Focus Mindset
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  • What is Kindle &What is Kindle Publishing?
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  • Now, these days we have KINDLE apps available for both android and iPhone which means you can read kindle books on Desktop and phone.
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  • But why has it become so popular? You can store an entire library of books on one small, portable device. It doesn't matter whether you've got 2 books or 100 books stored on your Kindle - it'll still take up exactly the same amount of space in your bag, meaning that you can take your entire book collection with you wherever you go.
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  • Kindle you can purchase a book at the touch of a button. Let's say you are browsing the internet one day and come across a new book that you really want to read. Before the days of Kindle you would have to order it and wait for it to be delivered. With a Kindle you can purchase the book at a touch of a button and have it sitting on your device just a minute later
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  • Why Do You Want To Get Into Kindle Publishing?
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  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Get into Kindle You are in control of your publishing fate Kindle publishing is easy You get decent royalty You can reach a wide audience
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  • 4 Reasons It's Easy to Create a Kindle Book It doesn't have to be "book-length" Kindle pages are smaller than regular pages You may well have ready-made content Start writing content from scratch
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  • The Kindle advantage Kindle books take less time to publish Kindle books are easier to market than hard copy book
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  • 7 Steps To Get Your E-book On The Amazon Kindle Store Step 1 Write (and Format) the Book! Step 2 Sign Into Amazon KDP Account
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  • Step 3 Add a New Title to your Amazon KDP Bookshelf
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  • Step 4 Edit Book Details in the Your Book Tab
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  • Enter the description of the book, which will be displayed on your book listing page. This is how it will display:
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  • After this, upload your book cover with a dimension of 1563 pixels wide by 2400 pixels tall.
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  • Step 5 Check before you SAVE and CONTINUE
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  • Step 6 Select Publishing Territories, Price and Royalty Rates
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  • Step 7 Wait for Amazons Approval The final step in publishing, is to wait for Amazon to approve your book, it normally takes about 24 hours.
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  • If want to make changes to your book or description or the author or keywords, you will need to submit your book again for approval and this time, it will take a couple of hours for approval.
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  • Content Guidelines Illegal Content or Infringing Content Pornography Non-Exclusive/Public Domain Content Good Formatting
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  • Those Who Are Interested In Affiliate Marketing Kindle books can make you amazing amount of money, just from the royalties. But that's barely scratching the surface. If you play your cards right, you can make a whole lot more from your Kindle books. How do you do that? By using your Kindle books strategically.
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  • 1) Get the contact information of your buyers 2) Add link to your Kindle book, there should be a link back to your website prominently displayed in your book. It could be in the resource section, or you could create a short chapter that will offer an enticing gift or upsell that will get the reader to your website.
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  • 3) What should you offer? 4) Create an enticing upsell on your Thank You Page 5) Send follow-up emails
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  • IMPORTANT QUESTION How will you get paid? 0 % tax from Pakistanis