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<ol><li> 1. Now surprise your kids with stickers Kids are the most precious gift ever to parents. The charm of stepping into parenthood is something which is beyond words, in other words, it is unimaginable. Undoubtedly, parenthood asks for patience, dedication and endless love for their kids, as kids at times, make things difficult around us; especially toddlers. Sometimes toddlers are not just difficult to tackle; rather sometimes they become extremely moody too. Not only this, sometimes you must have also observed that how these kids act stubbornly for particular things or toys. This is a time when parents need to cope up with such situation very wisely. Now being parents, if you dont know what to do and how to make your impish toddler surprise; then you heres a solution for you! These days, kids are not just being pampered; rather we make them feel special. And when you make them feel special, you need to do something different. Now if you are thinking you bought </li><li> 2. your kids all the expensive toys and games, and what else is left; then this article is for parents like you only! Now forget running about those spider-man statue and Barbie dolls for your kids. These days there are kids wall stickers in the market, which are very much in vogue. You may find your kids room fill with stuff toys and games, but definitely not with wall stickers. Now if youre thinking what can be included in name stickers, then following are a few tips for you to go through which can surprise your kids. - Cartoon stickers- Kids love cartoon very much. You can buy your kids wall stickers of their favourite cartoon character like Winnie the Pooh, Chip and Dale, Bug Bunny, Spider Man, etc. - Galaxy wall stickers- These days you can also ask for galaxy wall stickers. The galaxy stickers all the constellation and celestial bodies which space has. Kids aged between 8 to 12 years like it very much - Nature Stickers- The nature wall stickers are also in vogue. You may ask for waterfall, trees and flowers wall sticker for your kids room - Your kids name- Another option for you is to go select the name of your kids in different fonts in the form of wall stickers. These stickers may them make feel special all the time. So, stop buying those remote control cars and helicopters for your kids. It is time for you to buy such stickers, so that you can surprise your kids when they enter in their room. </li></ol>