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<ul><li><p>KHLER Electricity Meters Industry and Trade Inc. Co. </p><p>TS EN ISO 9001:2008 </p><p>AEL.MF.05 </p><p>MONOPHASE ACTIVE PREPAID </p><p>ELECTRONIC ELECTRIC COUNTERS </p><p>INSTRUCTIONS OF USE </p></li><li><p>INFORMATION ON THE DESIGN OF </p><p>MONOPHASE ACTIVE PREPAID </p><p>ELECTRONIC ELECTRIC COUNTERS </p><p>The electric-electronic counters of which the instructions of use are given in this </p><p>manual have been produced with the advanced technology in accordance with the </p><p>specifications published to organize the multi-tariff electricity sales and to encourage </p><p>the electricity savings by Electricity Distribution Joint Stock Company of Turkey </p><p>(TEDA) and the Turkish Standards TS EN 62052-11 and TS EN 62053-21. The </p><p>counters measure the active electricity energy and the maximum power used, display </p><p>the data on LCD screen, set the daylight saving application automatically, keep the </p><p>required information and programs on memory and allow accessing the said </p><p>information when required. </p><p>KHLER A.. </p><p>ATTENTION: </p><p>PLEASE READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY BEFORE THE ASSEMBLY </p><p>OF THE COUNTER. </p><p> Assembly of the counter should be made only by the licensed expert </p><p>personnel. </p><p> Parts with high voltage should never be touched during the assembly. </p><p> Power should be cut off during the assembly and disassembly. </p><p> KHLER electronic counters are products of highest technology. All technical </p><p>instructions and documents are the intellectual property of the company. They </p><p>cannot be reproduced or used by third parties. </p><p> This manual offers specific and summarized information about the counter. </p><p> The conformity of the counter used to the network and the installation should </p><p>be checked by the expert personnel. Otherwise, selection of incorrect counter </p><p>or connections may cause damage to the counter. In such cases, damaged </p><p>counters are not covered by warranty. </p><p> Data displayed on the screen are predetermined by TEDA. </p></li><li><p>1- INTRODUCTION </p><p>All Monophase Active counters measure the active energy with high quality ADC </p><p>with high precision and process it with digital signal processor. All electronic </p><p>counters are equipped with advanced features such as date and hour, measuring </p><p>under 4 tariffs, data transfer, signal output, recording data for 12 months etc. </p><p>2- TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS </p><p>Type Specifications Operating </p><p>current </p><p>Operating </p><p>voltage </p><p>Imp-</p><p>kWh </p><p>Value </p><p>AEL.MF.05 1 phase, 2 wires, 4 tariffs, 1st </p><p>class, with demandmeter, direct </p><p>connection, outdoor, prepaid, </p><p>active electronic counter </p><p>10 (80) A 220 V 1600 </p><p>2.2.1 Main Error Limit </p><p>Current Value Error limits for counter classes (%) </p><p>For directly </p><p>connecting counters </p><p>For counters </p><p>running with </p><p>transformer </p><p>Power Factor </p><p>Class 1 </p><p>Class 2 </p><p>0.05 /b / &lt; 0,1 /b 0.02 /a / &lt; 0,05 /a 1 1.5 2.5 </p><p>0.1 /b / /highest 0.05/a/ /highest 1 1.0 2.0 </p><p>0.1 /b / &lt; 0,2 /b 0.05 /a / &lt; 0,1 /a 0.5 Inductive </p><p>0.8 Capacitive </p><p>1.5 </p><p>1.5 </p><p>2.5 </p><p>- </p><p>0.2 /b / /highest 0.1/a / /highest 0.5 Inductive </p><p>0.8 Capacitive </p><p>1.0 </p><p>1.0 </p><p>2.0 </p><p>- </p><p>Ib : Main Current for Direct Connection Ia : Main Current for Transformer Connection </p><p>2.2- Power Consumption </p><p>Voltage Circuit: 2 W, 10VA </p><p>Current Circuit: 4 VA </p><p>2.3 Take-off Current: </p><p>For Directly Connected Counters: %0,4 Ib 2.4 Operating Voltage and Limits: </p><p>Operating Interval: 0.8 1.15 Un (Un : Nominal Voltage/220VAC) </p><p>Frequency: 45 Hz 55 Hz (Reference frequency 50 Hz) </p></li><li><p>2.5- Other Technical Specifications </p><p>Counter Battery Life: 10 years </p><p>Shelf life of counter: 4 years </p><p>Protection Class: IP54 outdoor </p><p>Operation temperature: -25 C to +55 C (for indoor counters) </p><p> -40 C to + 70 C (for outdoor counters) </p><p>Timer Precision: 0.5 s/day (ambient temperature) </p><p>Relative Humidity Rate: 95% </p><p>2.6 Main Functions </p><p> Measurement: Counter measures total active energy under 4 different tariffs. </p><p> Programming: Time zones and tariffs can be programmed. 8 different time zones can be set within a day and each time zone may be matched to any 4 </p><p>tariffs. Different tariffs can be selected for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. </p><p>The date and time and tariff information on the counter can be changed by </p><p>authorized TEDA personnel by opening the electric terminal cover. </p><p> Reading: Billing information, total consumed energy, electric terminal cover opening information for 12 months, demand information for 6 months and the </p><p>date when the upper lid is opened can be read on the counter by an optic port. </p><p> Automatic Trouble Shooting: Counter automatically checks the internal circuits and displays the following error types on its screen. </p><p>Upper lid open alert </p><p>Electric terminal cover is open </p><p>alert </p><p>Counter battery is weak </p><p>alert </p><p>Time error </p><p> Electric Terminal Cover and Upper Lid Opening and Closing Recording: </p><p>In case the upper lid is opened, the date when the lid is opened for the first </p><p>time is recorded. </p><p>In case the electric terminal cover is opened, the first date when the cover is </p><p>opened for each month and the total number of opening within that particular </p><p>month are recorded. </p><p>Date when the cover is opened and opening number are kept in the memory </p><p>for the last 12 months. </p></li><li><p> Communication: Data obtained through optic reader placed on the optic port in the counter are transferred to a portable computer (indexer). </p><p> Signal Output: A LED is placed on the counter to display the consumed active energy. The number of blinking of this LED shows the Imp/kWh value </p><p>of the counter. 1600 Imp/k Wh: blinking 1600 times = 1kWh </p><p> Daylight Saving Time Setting: Counter makes the daylight saving setting automatically. </p><p> Running Display when the Power is cut off: When the power is cut off, the required data can be recalled to LCD screen through a button on the counter </p><p>and this data can be read by the optic port. </p><p> 3 STRUCTURE AND OPERATING PRINCIPLE OF THE COUNTER </p><p>3.1- Structure </p><p>The body and the covers of the counter are in conformity with IP54 Outdoor standard </p><p>and are leak-proof. They are made of high quality fireproof plastic. </p><p>All electronic components are aligned on a special PCB card and these cards are </p><p>mounted on the counter body. Upper lid is screwed after the counter is calibrated at </p><p>the factory and sealed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Turkey. </p><p>Electric terminal lid is sealed by TEDA authorized personnel after the counter is </p><p>mounted. </p><p>3.2- Operating Block Diagram </p><p>Line input </p><p>R N </p><p>On-off </p><p>relay </p><p>Power </p><p>stage </p><p>Voltage </p><p>sampling </p><p>Current </p><p>Sampling </p><p>Line output </p><p>R N </p><p>Measurement chip </p><p>Micro processor </p><p>Test output </p><p>Button </p><p>Card </p><p>reader </p><p>Su</p><p>pp</p><p>ort</p><p>ing</p><p>po</p><p>wer</p><p>Rea</p><p>l T</p><p>ime </p><p>Clo</p><p>ck </p><p>LC</p><p>D S</p><p>cree</p><p>n </p><p>Mem</p><p>ory</p><p>EE</p><p>PR</p><p>OM</p><p>Op</p><p>tic </p><p>Co</p><p>mm</p><p>un</p><p>icat</p><p>ion </p></li><li><p>4 STARTING THE COUNTER </p><p>To start the counter, one should first add units. When the counter is mounted and </p><p>power is supplied, it operates regularly and LCD screen start to display. If no unit is </p><p>added to the counter, the screen works, but due to the relay inside the counter no </p><p>energy reaches the line. </p><p>4.1 Control of Functions </p><p>The electric connection of the assembled counter should be controlled. After the </p><p>counter is correctly mounted, the screw of the electric terminal cover is fastened. 2nd</p><p>lock sign blinking on the LCD screen will disappear after the first reading. If not, </p><p>whether the electric terminal cover is not connected correctly or its screw is not </p><p>fastened. </p><p>4.2- Operating the LCD Screen </p><p>As soon as the counter starts to run, the auto-display mode becomes active. Each </p><p>menu of the screen is displayed for 5 seconds and automatically the next information </p><p>menu is shown. </p><p>When the button on the counter is pressed, screen-recalling mode becomes active and </p><p>the information on the screen is displayed for 1 minute. After 1 minute, the screen </p><p>again passes to auto-display mode. </p><p>5- LCD SCREEN MENU </p><p>The definitions of the symbols and information on the LCD screen are given below. </p><p> Upper lid is open This symbol appears when the upper lid is open. If the symbol is </p><p>blinking although the lid is closed, it means that the lid has been </p><p>opened in a previous intervention. If the symbol is constantly </p><p>displayed on the screen, it means that the upper lid is open. </p><p> Electric terminal cover is open This symbol appears when the electric terminal cover is open. If the </p><p>symbol is blinking although the cover is closed, it means that the </p><p>cover has been opened in a previous intervention. If the symbol is </p><p>constantly displayed on the screen, it means that the electric </p><p>terminal cover is open. </p></li><li><p> Time Error: If time is not running regularly, this symbol is displayed. </p><p> Counter battery: This symbol appears if the battery is weak. </p><p> Tariff indicator: It shows the tariff zone where the </p><p>counter is used. </p><p> It symbolizes the tariff info read on the screen at the moment. </p><p> It shows the active energy unit. </p><p>5.1- Screen List Sample </p><p>Date Menu </p><p>Hour Menu </p><p>Total Active Energy </p></li><li><p>Active Energy on T1 </p><p>Tariff </p><p>Active Energy on T2 </p><p>Tariff </p><p>Active Energy on T 3 </p><p>Tariff </p><p>Active Energy on T 4 </p><p>Tariff </p><p>Maximum demand per </p><p>month </p><p>Demand Date </p></li><li><p>Demand Hour </p><p>Counter Serial No </p><p>Program Version </p><p>Remaining Units </p><p>First Counting Tariff </p><p>Type </p><p>1: Multi tariff </p><p>2: Single tariff </p><p>Second Counting </p><p>Tariff Code </p><p>Test Screen </p></li><li><p>6 CONNECTION SCHEME </p><p> Phase and neuter housings of AEL.MF.05.10(80)A prepaid monophase counters have an </p><p>inner diameter of 7 mm. If the counter is to be connected to a line of 80 Amp, the conductive </p><p>and copper part of the line wire should be at least 20 mm2. </p><p>6 MOUNTING SIZES AND PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS </p><p>Suspender </p><p>OPTIC </p><p>PORT </p><p>Seal of Min. </p><p>of Industry </p><p>and Trade </p><p>SCREEN </p><p>BUTTON </p><p>Seal of Min. </p><p>of Industry </p><p>and Trade </p><p>TEDA </p><p>SEAL </p></li><li><p>8 ADDING UNITS </p><p>8.1 Prepaid counter is designed as to </p><p>perform transfer from the counter to the card </p><p>or from the card to the counter when the card </p><p>is approached to the upper surface of the </p><p>counter. </p><p>8.2- When there is energy in the counter, card </p><p>is approached to the upper surface of the </p><p>counter for adding units. Card is not removed </p><p>until a sound alarm is heard and the screen </p><p>displays the new unit info. </p><p> 8.3- When the counter is brought to the institution for subscription for the first time, the tariff </p><p>code of the subscriber can be loaded via optic port when the electric terminal cover is open by </p><p>electric distribution company authorized personnel and this code is displayed on counter </p><p>LCD. </p><p>8.4- In applications with tariff, value is loaded to the card according to tariffs ad during the </p><p>consumption units are decreased as per this value. When adding units to the card, one can </p><p>choose whether the counter will be scheduled (with tariff) or unscheduled (without tariff). </p><p>8.5- In case the card is lost, electricity distribution company can create the same card via unit-</p><p>adding devices and by learning the counter serial number from the subscriber. </p><p>8.6- The average daily credit use of the counter will be calculated during the unit-adding </p><p>procedure and accordingly the low unit level at which the low unit alarm will be set off shall </p><p>be loaded to the card. Low unit level with sound alarm, is going to be five fold of average </p><p>daily credit use price. If the units in the counter is low as to activate the alarm, the counter </p><p>will give out a sound alarm which will continue until the user press the counter button. If the </p><p>user does not add up unit the next day, and if the units are low at 21.00, the sound alarm will </p><p>be activated again and the screen will start to flash. If the units are not low, it is supposed that </p><p>the user does not get more units on purpose and no alarm will start. This cycle will continue </p><p>until the units are over. If the units are over after 16.00 on Friday, the energy will not be cut </p><p>off. However, if no units are added until 16.00 on Monday, the energy will be cut off. When </p><p>units are added, the relay in the counter will release the energy again. </p></li><li><p>KHLER INC. CO. CONTACT INFO </p><p>HEADQUARTERS: </p><p>Bankalar Yankkap Tenha Sk. Uarlar Han No:8 </p><p>Karaky 80030 STANBUL / TRKYE </p><p>Tel: (0212) 256 81 90 (6 Lines) </p><p>255 54 13 </p><p>Fax: (0212) 256 81 97-98 </p><p> </p><p>THE FACTORY: </p><p>akmakli Mah. 58. Sok. No:3 </p><p>Kra / Bykeme / STANBUL / TRKYE </p><p>Tel: (0212 886 26 39 Pbx. Fax: (0212) 886 86 94 </p><p>e-mail: </p><p>DISTRICT OFFICES AND ELECTRICITY METER REPAIR MAINTENANCE AND </p><p>CALIBRATION STATIONS </p><p>ANKARA </p><p>Sanayi Cad. Kurueme Sok. No:3/3 </p><p>Ulus /ANKARA </p><p>Tel: (0312) 310 36 18 </p><p>Fax: (0312) 310 36 20 </p><p>ADANA </p><p>Karasoku Mah. Kzlay Cad. 28004 Sk. Yusuf elik I Merkezi </p><p>Kat: 2 No: 7/203 ADANA </p><p>Tel: (0322) 352 75 70 - 352 75 07 </p><p>Fax: (0322) 352 13 19 </p><p>ZMR </p><p>1202 / 2 Sok. No: 80/1 Temsil Plaza Gda ars </p><p>Yeniehir / ZMR </p><p>Tel: (0232) 459 59 95 (Pbx) </p><p>Fax: (0232) 459 15 51 </p><p>KHLER ELECTRICITY METERS INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. CO. </p></li></ul>


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