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  • 1.!/kgictorontoKGIC - KGIBC Toronto Campus Friendly Campus in the big city Toronto is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in Canada, which has famous restaurants, different kinds of entertainments and arts from all over the world. You will have various lifestyles such as having relaxing time at a park or along the Ontario lakeshore which is rich in nature or having exciting time in the city. Toronto is located in lively Midtown Toronto and it is a few minute walk from the intersection of Young Street and Eglantine Avenue. It takes 10 minutes by subway from downtown Toronto to Eglantine Area where our campus is. It is a convenient area but still that area has a relaxed atmosphere and a quiet residential area. There are banks, convenience stores, drugstores, libraries, restaurants and coffee shops neat Eglantine Station. You will have a comfortable school life here in Toronto. noitacoL noitacoL noitacoL noitacoL Ar e a O n t a ri o , Toronto Eglinton Area 10 minutes by subway from downtown Toronto #150 Eglinton Avenue East 7th Floor Toronto, ON Tel 604-930-5161 / Fax 604-930-5171 Su r ro7-minute walk u n d in Eglinton Station----------- 1-minute walk gBus Stop--------------------- 5-minute walkShopping Mall and bank-- 3-minute walk Ar e a Caf and fast food restaurant----Supermarket, drugstore-- 3-minute walkSurrounding area of Subwaydowntown---------------------10-minute byEglantine Station subway noitamrofnI supmaC noitamrofnI supmaC noitamrofnI supmaC noitamrofnI supmaC The number of students Average 350 students (ESL 2012) Nationalities Saudi Arabia Korea Taiwan Japan Mexico Brazil Venezuela Turkey Peru Russia, Spain, Italy, Australia, France, Belgium, Thailand, India School Facilities kitchen, student lounge, Wi-Fi computer room. International staff: Yes ytivitcA ytivitcA ytivitcA ytivitcA Yo u ca n j o i n va r i o u s a c t i v i t i e s a t To ro n to C a m p u s !stropS Major League NBA Pro Basketball HNL Pro ice hockey Soccer erutaN Lake Ontario Niagara Falls Algonquin ProvincialPark High ParkInternational MovieFestival International tnevEmarathon Jazz festivalerutluCDinner from different country Halloween Christmas

2.!/kgictorontoKGIC - KGIBC Toronto CampusCampus EntranceReception Desk Reception Desk Along Eglantine StreetOur bright front desk Flower Arrangement by ESL teachersMany restaurants and shops are near Our staff will be there to welcome you Students and teachers arranged thisthe campuswith a smile everydaytogether ClassroomClassroomClassroom Bright classroom, Both laughter and serious study fill In our spacious class room,every classroom has a TV all the class rooms you can focus on learning Hallway Information Board Computer RoomSome English phrases are designed on the Check out the latest school and activity Work on Presentation Use the internet. wall of the hallway information Japanese language is available You can learn English all the time Activity Desk Student Lounge Student LoungeCheck out the latest activity with our activit Specious lounge Relax in Sofas and pre A place for everyone to relax with friendy coordinatorpare your lunch at the kitchenfrom all over the world. 3. City of TorontoThe city of Toronto is one of the largest and the most exciting cities inCanada. It has famous restaurants, many shops and entertainments & artsfrom all over the world. Toronto is in an area where Lake Ontario is, whichis one of Great Lakes and it is the central place of Canadas economy,commerce, culture and art.You will have fun at CN Tower which provides a great view of Toronto,Royal Ontario Museum which has an elegant atmosphere and Sky Domewhich is one of a kind. You can also have relaxing time at Lake Ontario orparks. Toronto provides various lifestyles.The city is also known as a clean, safe and friendly town.Population in the city of Toronto2,500,000 Population in Toronto5,900,000 Fifth Place in North America Summer / Winter average temperature 26 / -1 Multiethnic City You will see the world in Toronto. Make friends from all over the world. Enjoy different culture and food culture in many little townslittle Italy china town Korean Town Indian Bazar Greek Town Portugal Town, Latin Area International students from all over the world Standard English and High Educational Standard You can study English hard Famous universities and community colleges which have various programs Great library service Language exchange experience Convenience in the big city Convenient transportation One month pass allows you to take subway, bus and street car as many as you like TTC Metro Pass 24-hour bus service Entertainment like America Movies Musical, Shopping Convenient to travel French Canada New York , Europe Watching Sports Games MLB Major League Baseball Blue Jays American League East Area NBA Basketball Raptors NHL Ice Hockey Maple Leafs Soccer Toronto FC American Football Toronto Argonauts Many Festivals Events Many festivals and events are held in Toronto all year around. You cango to a lot of multicultural festivals. They are very fun! Pride Toronto The largest Gay Parade in Canada. Everybody lives equally with pride! Salsa on St. Clair Festival: Latin Cultural street festival. Everyone dances Salsa on the street on that day. Caribana The largest Caribbean festival in North America. People dance a lot with their very flashy costumes. Taste of Danforth Summer Festival in Greek Town. Shut Danforth street to all the traffic and you will see many stalls there. International Film Festival: A lot of actors come to this festival. Many volunteers will be recruited for this event. 4. City of Toronto A place for everyone to relax Shopping town downtown Beautiful city in front of city hall You find history in urban area You find old history in urban area Big shopping mallCN TowerROM Museum KasaromaHigh Park with flowers in full broom 10 minutes by bus from town Beautiful nature Niagara Falls Maple street Toronto city from Lake ontario