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  • I've had people ask me what's different about Keto OS, well, Steve Welch says it best..... It's not a meal replacement. It's not a protein shake. It's not a pre-workout. It's a completely new nutritional technology - exogenous ketones. Ketones are what your body uses for fuel when it runs out of glucose which 95% of our carb-loving world never experiences. Ketones are a better more efficient fuel Ketones produces 30% more energy than glucose so your cells are basically supercharged. Ketones have positive effects on mental cognition, focus, clarity, metabolism optimization and Ketones have been clinically proven to have anti-inflammatory effects. Until now, the only people who had access to supplemental ketones were clinical researchers, elite athletes and the military. Now you can experience the effects of ketones through Keto-OS. This cutting edge biologic technology is changing EVERYTHING.