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<p>THE PLANNING FOR O P E N S PA C E S A N D G R E E N A R E A S FOR KUALA LUMPUR28th JUNE 2010 SERI PACIFIC HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR</p> <p>DRAFT KL CITY PLAN 2020</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>1DBKL DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Content01 Public Feedback for the Draft KL City Plan 02 Definitions of Open Spaces and Green Areas 03 Proposed Strategies and Actions to Achieve More p gOpen Spaces</p> <p>04 Strategy for Greening the City</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>2DBKL APUDG</p> <p>About Kuala LumpurLand Area: 24,221.05 hectares 242.10</p> <p>Total No. of Lots Over 180,000 lots</p> <p>Population Population 2005</p> <p>1.6 million Population 2010</p> <p>1.9 million*[estimated] Population 2020</p> <p>2.2 million ** projected</p> <p>[</p> <p>]</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>3DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Feedback from Public on Open SpaceDraft KL CITY PLAN 2020</p> <p>FEEDBACK ON OPEN SPACES in Draft KL City PlanPublicity for 3 months (15 May to 31 August 2008) )</p> <p>Group</p> <p>Individual I di id l</p> <p>7224Feedback(13%)(Total Number of Group Objection: 58,878)</p> <p>150Feedback (2%)(Total Number of</p> <p>Individual Objection: 8,346)</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>4DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Feedback from PublicDraft KL CITY PLAN 2020 Not enough open spaces and green areas in Kuala Lumpur Proposed Open Space has not been coordinate with the KLSP2020 and national policies for open space (eg DPN) Some of the public open spaces proposed and earmarked are on private land Some existing open spaces not earmarked in the draft plan Some of the areas reserved as open spaces in the Development Order (DO) approval have not been taken into account in the draft plan</p> <p>DBKL is currently undertaking the following actions in the amendment process d 1. Review and strengthen definition of open spaces and green areas 2. Rectify database and information i f ti 3. Consult relevant stakeholders (other government agencies and public) 4. Strengthen proposed S e g e p oposed solutions and action for larger open space 5. Identify measures and actions to green the cityAPUDG</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>5DBKL</p> <p>Open Space and Green AreaWhat is the different?Open spaces &amp; Recreational areas</p> <p>OPEN SPACE: Public Garden Parks Sports &amp; Recreation Ground Public Place Cemeteries Nurseries</p> <p>River CorridorGREEN AREA Forest reservesUtility and Infrastructure corridors (Transmission Line, Retention Pond, Road, Rail)</p> <p>Residential compounds</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>6DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Definitions of Open Spaces and Green AreasOpen spaces and green areas</p> <p>have been defined in several documents whichform b i f d fi i i of f basis for definition f open spaces and green areas in the Draft Local Plan.</p> <p>National Urbanization Policies (NUP) Town and Country Planning Act 1976 Act g 172 Federal Territory (Pl F d l T it (Planning i ) Act 1982 Act 267 Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan (KLSP)PAGE</p> <p>7DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Definitions of Open Spaces and Green AreasFrom National Urbanisation Policy D fi i i in the NUP Definition i hN AT I O N A L U R B A N I S AT I O N POLICY (NUP)Open space p public use or benefit f gardens, children playground, playfield, sports g p ground, , floral garden landscaped and planned area Green Area forest reserve, prime agriculture area (PAA) environmentally sensitive area (ESA), open space p p playground.</p> <p>Open spaceSpecifically for public use or benefit. In p y p general, it refers to land or space allocated as an area for relaxation / picnic and recreation. It includes gardens, children</p> <p>playground, playfield, sports ground, floral garden as well aslandscaped and planned area.</p> <p>Green AreaThis area encompasses forest</p> <p>reserve, reserve prime agriculture area (PAA) and environmentally sensitive area (ESA Level 1 and 2), open space and playground. l dPAGE</p> <p>8DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Definitions of Open Spaces and Green AreasFrom Planning ActsOPEN SPACE Public garden Park Sport &amp; recreation ground Pleasure ground or walk lk Public place *The Acts do not define Green Areas</p> <p>Federal Territory (Planning ) Act 1982 Act 267</p> <p>Town and Country Planning Act 1976 Act 172</p> <p>Definition in the Acts open space means any land whether enclosed or not which is laid out or reserved for laying out wholly or partly as a public garden, park, sports and recreation ground, pleasure d k i d l ground, walk or as a public place;DBKL APUDG</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>9</p> <p>Definitions of Open Spaces and Green AreasFrom Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan D fi i i i KL S Definition in Structure Pl PlanKUALA LUMPUR STRUCTURE PLAN</p> <p>Open space Consists of city park, district park,</p> <p>City Park (&gt;50 Hect) District Park Serve for 200,000 people 200 000 (50&gt;x&gt;25hect) Neighborhood Park (25&gt;x&gt;5hect) Local Park (5&gt;x&gt;1hect) Local Play Area (1&gt;x)Serve for 50,000 people</p> <p>neighbourhood park, local park and local play area. Some of these areas may have water bodies like lakes and flood retention ponds.Green areas Generally covered with natural or planted vegetation, consist of open</p> <p>Serve for 10,000 people</p> <p>Open Space</p> <p>spaces, recreational areas, utility and infrastructure corridors, buffer zones, forest reserves, agriculture areas, cemeteries nurseries, areas cemeteries, nurseries shrubs and residential compounds.PAGE</p> <p>10DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Structure Plan policies with regards to open spacesUD 11</p> <p> CHKL shall provide a continuous green network of</p> <p>open spaces. CHKL shall develop pocket parks and plazas in the City Centre and urban centers.</p> <p> Established Hierarchy of Park Gazette Open Space Green connector Public Spaces River Corridor Promote high quality of living by providing targeted ratio of Open Space</p> <p>UD12</p> <p>UD13</p> <p> CHKL shall provide and designate places for informal civic and cultural use in the City Centre. CHKL shall retain and maintain mature trees found in all areas and ensure that the character of designated areas which have a preponderance of mature trees is preserved CHKL shall designate river corridors, implement measures to improve the amenity value of the rivers and implement guidelines for developments within or abutting the river corridors. CHKL shall gazette all existing and future open spaces to ensure the continuity of its use. CHKL shall establish a hierarchy of parks and y p implement a programme to develop more district</p> <p>UD 14</p> <p>UD15</p> <p>CF11</p> <p>CF 12DBKL</p> <p>parks, neighborhood parks, local parks and local play areas.APUDG</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>11</p> <p>Proposal in the Draft KL City PlanZoning Categories for Open SpaceKepong Metropolitan Park</p> <p>Open space has been classified into two (2)</p> <p>Batu Metropolitan Park</p> <p>PUBLIC OPEN SPACE Area which provides for a variety of active and pasive needs of ages of the community and local residentsPerdana Lake G d L k Garden</p> <p>Titiwangsa Lake Garden KLCC Park Bkt Nenas Royal Selangor N Golf Club</p> <p>KL Golf Country Club</p> <p>PRIVATE OPEN SPACE g Parks and green areas that is owned by individuals or bussinesses and are used at the discretion of the owner ie: Golf CourseLegend d Public Open Space Private Open SpaceDBKL</p> <p>Bukit Gasing Park</p> <p>Desa Water Park</p> <p>Permaisuri Lake Garden</p> <p>Bkt Sg Besi Bukit Jalil International Park Bukit J lil B kit Jalil Golf ClubPAGE</p> <p>12APUDG</p> <p>Proposal in the Draft KL City PlanProposal to Increase and Improve Provision of Open Spaces for the City 1. Providing Public Parks and Recreation Grounds 2. Securing City Urban Spaces 3. Providing Quality Recreational Facilities</p> <p>6 6</p> <p>6 3 6 1</p> <p>6 6 6</p> <p>Youth Park at Jalan Cenderasari Lake Garden Expansion Urban Parks in all Redevelop ment Projects</p> <p>3 2 3</p> <p>3</p> <p>4 6 6</p> <p>New Major Park &amp; Public Open SpacesLake Parks function as Drainage Retention Alam Sutera District ParkDBKL</p> <p>Bukit Gasing District Park</p> <p>Legend Public Open Spaces Private Open Spaces 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Lake Garden Expension Youth Park at Jalan Cenderasari Urban Parks Bukit Gasing District Park Alam Damai District Park Lake ParksAPUDG</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>13</p> <p>Open Space Existing StatusTo date Kuala Lumpur has almost achieved WHO standard for healthy date, provision of open space for its population.1980 Population Total Land Allocated for Public Spaces (hect) * % public spaces in KL 1,036,900 667 2.8% 2000 1,423,900 964 4.0% 2005 1,620,100 1,543 6.4% December 2009 1,629,400 2,482 10%</p> <p>Ratio of Public Parks and Open Spaces to Population (sqm/person)*Figure includes public open space &amp; forest reserve</p> <p>6</p> <p>7</p> <p>10</p> <p>15</p> <p>Standard for Open Space Provision World Health Organisation 16 sq.m per person National Urbanisation Policy 20 sq.m per personPAGE</p> <p>14DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Projected increase in population will require more areas for open spaceProjected Population 2020</p> <p> 2,198,366 peopleArea zoned for open space by 2020</p> <p>Scenario 1 : Meeting WHO StandardOpen space area requires to meet ratio of 16 sq.m per persons Gap from areas zoned in the Draft Local Plan 3520 hectares 962 hectares</p> <p> 2557 hectareRatio of open space to population in 2020</p> <p> 11.6 sq.m per person</p> <p>Scenario 2 : Meeting NUP StandardOpen space area requires to meet ratio of 20 sq.m per persons Gap from areas zoned in the Draft Local Plan 4400 hectares 1842 hectares</p> <p>Provision of open spaces through land use zoning alone is not enough to meet the required provision ratio dDBKL</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>15APUDG</p> <p>Strategies to achieve more open spaces Strategy 1 Gazette More Open Spaces</p> <p>890 hectare</p> <p>806 hectareGazette **Figure as at 18 June 2010 Gazette Reserved not yet gazettedDBKL APUDGPAGE</p> <p>Reserved</p> <p>16</p> <p>Strategies to achieve more open spaces Strategy 2 Reclaiming open spaces from development and redevelopment (through imposition in planning permission)</p> <p>FUTURE DEVELOPMENT(Development Control)</p> <p>i. i ii.</p> <p>10% f from residential id ti l development 10% from commercial, mix use, and industrial development</p> <p>REGENERATION AREA MEGA PROJECTS RIVER CORRIDORDBKL</p> <p>i. 15% for individual land 10Hect iii. 30% for Government Land</p> <p>i.</p> <p>30% from Mega Projects</p> <p>i.</p> <p>7m from river reservePAGE</p> <p>17APUDG</p> <p>Estimated open space areas</p> <p>Total open space areas anticipated to be achieved if reclaiming green through development strategy is implementedFrom Zoning Plan 2010 From River Corridor From Redevelopment F From M Mega P j Projects From 50% Development Control Total Ratio of Public Parks and Open Spaces to Population (sq.m/person)</p> <p>2,131 2 131 hec200 hec 180 hec 180 h hec</p> <p>With the planned strategies to achieve more green through zoning plan and through development imposition, imposition Kuala Lumpur still</p> <p>short of the WHO standard provision</p> <p>2020WHO Standard: 3 520 hec 3,520</p> <p>230 hec 2,921 hec</p> <p>GAP: 2% (598 hec) hec)</p> <p>13 Sqm/pax</p> <p>KL Strategy: 2,921 hecPAGE</p> <p>18DBKL APUDG</p> <p>Strategies to green Kuala Lumpur</p> <p>Vertical Forestation</p> <p>Why we need to green the city? Reduce the overall heat absorption Carbon &amp; Energy reduction Leisure and relaxation Beautifying the environment Greenery Maintain safe air and water q quality y</p> <p>Rooftop Garden </p> <p>Utility Reserve</p> <p>Housing Compound</p> <p>Greening Parking Area</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>19DBKL APUDG</p> <p>STRATEGY</p> <p>Greening the City</p> <p>Vertical Forestation</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>20DBKL APUDG</p> <p>STRATEGY</p> <p>Greening the City</p> <p>Roof Top Garden Garden on the roof of a building For recreation use</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>21DBKL APUDG</p> <p>STRATEGY</p> <p>Greening the City</p> <p>Utility Reserve Road Reserve Sewerage Treatment Plant River Reserve Road Median/ Road side Public Spaces/ Walkway</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>22DBKL APUDG</p> <p>STRATEGY</p> <p>Greening the City</p> <p>Housing Compound Landscape Tree Planting Soft cape</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>23DBKL APUDG</p> <p>STRATEGY Greening the City</p> <p>Greening Parking Area Grass Crete Landscaping Parking Spaces</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>24DBKL APUDG</p> <p>THANK YOU</p> <p>PAGE</p> <p>25DBKL APUDG</p>