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  1. 1. Keratin hair treatments for curly hair! Keratin hair treatments are hair straightening methods which assist in reducing down the curls and frizzes. They also render shine and sheen to the hair provided only if it is done on a regular span of quadruples. One may think that one has to do it every four months and so it can be a bit expensive. Well mind you doing it every four months is much better than regularly straightening it and thereby screwing up the hair. However there are certain conditions which apply in case of keratin hair treatments which one should consider before setting foot to get on. Thus this article will be dealing with keratin treatment for frizzle hair. So all those who are, interested just read the article below.
  2. 2. The treatment of curly hair treatment via keratin involves the following mechanisms. During the span of keratin treatment for curly hair, shampooing and blow-drying of hair is done and after that a distinct formula solution is applied to the hair with the help of a brush or comb. The hair is properly combed by this comb enabling the solution to properly be applied on the hair. It is kept for a period of 20-25 minutes and then again blow-dried. As a result of this the treatment solution will slowly or gradually set inside the hair. As per the views of the Rod Anker, the eminent creative director of the renowned Monsoon salon and spas, the hair must be kept straight for a span of about 72 hours without the employment of any essentials or accessories and it may result to disrupt the procedures of hair treatment through keratin. Common occurrence: The keratin treatment of curly hair is a common occurrence in many saloons and spas. The reason for that is that it enables adequate hair smoothening, making it beautiful, straight, shiny and curl free. In spite of these artificial treatments, the look it renders is absolutely natural and apart from that, it softens the curls and with the assistances of other chemicals, assists retain the straight hair look for a good amount of months, namely 4-5months. But as mentioned it has to be done again after its time. Healthy for the hair: These treatments are also considered very healthy and beneficial as keratin not assists in straightening hair but also assists in fortifying them. The human hair is considered as strong as
  3. 3. the horn of a rhino. This is an interesting fact and quite surely not many readers would be aware of this. This is for an amazing reason, the human hair and the horn of a rhino are said to be made from the same proteins. Thus keratin enhances its strength even more, thereby making it last for many years. Scientifically keratin for a fact is regarded as an expert in reducing curls and frizzes thereby making it more manageable. Who are liable for such treatments? The most important topic of discussion in this article is that who are liable for this treatment. Well, people who have the tendency to blow-dry their hair excessively or those who have un- manageable frizzes and curls can opt for this treatment without any hesitation. However people who have week or damaged hair due to excessive hair coloring or those who are pregnant should prefer to opt out this treatment and it may cause certain side-effects.