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An over view of the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum, a beautiful and most looked out tourist destination...


  • 1. Trivandrum
    Cruising Through Royalty
  • 2. Hailed as the cultural capital of Kerala, Trichur hosts the maximum number of temples anywhere in the world. Having a rich historical culture ranging from dynasties including Zamorins, Tipu Sultan to Dutch and British, and the whole city has a huge archaeological base.Temples, Elephant Sanctuary, Architecture, Archoelogy and many more is in offering in this traditional city.Welcome to CULTURE & TRADITIONS
    Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala in India
    The city is very traditional which has preserved many temples, palaces and other archeological sites
    The city boasts many beach areas including Kovalamand Poovar
    The city name means Abode of Lord Ananta
    It is believed that King Solomon had landed in Poovar, a place nearby
    The city is surrounded by beaches, hills, rivers and many natural beauties
    The place enjoys a very tropical savanna climate and tropical monsoon climate
    Well connected with every part of the state and country
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  • 6. Kovalam Beach
    PadmanabhaSwamy Temple
    Kuthiramalika Palace
    Aruvikkara Dam
    Sri Chithira Art Gallery
  • 7. Neyyar Dam
    Poovar Beaches
    Vazhachal Waterfalls
    Koyikkal Palace
    Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave
    Shanmugham Beach
    Temple Visits
    Zoological Park
    Veli Tourist Village
  • 8. Activities
    Beach Explorations
    Museum Visits
    Palace Visits
    Ayurvedic Massages
    Hill Range Area Excursions
    Watch Traditional Arts
    Local product Shopping
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