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Corporate Portfolio of Kellton Tech for Consumer and Enterprise Web Applications; containing in depth information about our service offerings, clients and expertise in Web based Solution Development. We offer end-to-end Web Product Development, Creative and HTML Design, Deployment and Quality Assurance, Migration, Porting and Testing services for a wide range of verticals including : Retail, Travel, Education, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Advertising, Media & Publishing and Non Profits.


  • 1. Portfolio Webizing Businesses Enterprise and Consumer Web ApplicationsKellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 2. The Fact Sheet. Footprint. Vision. People. Our footprintKellton Tech boasts of a global presence spanning three continents, three countries and five cities. An ISO9000:2008 certified company, Kellton Tech is also listed on Indias largest stock exchange, BSE [Code:KELLTONTEC; BOM:519602]. Our VisionTo offer infinite possibilities with technology. Our ClienteleKellton Tech has served gambit of customers including Startups, Early Stage companies, Establishedcompanies and Fortune 1000 businesses. Our Core StrengthThe core strength of Kellton Tech is its people. A convergence of hundreds of extremely talented professionalshand picked from the four corners of the world, Kellton Tech boasts of the strongest and the rarest combinationof unity in diversity. Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 3. A quick glance. 10 Years. 600 Developers. 200 Customers. Open Source Microsoft TechnologiesKellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 4. A quick glance. 10 Years. 600 Developers. 200 Customers. Java/J2EE Rich Internet ApplicationsFlex Flash Action Script Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 5. The Sector Expertise. Presence. Diversity. Experience. Media &Publishing Retail Travel Entertainment Telecom Non Profits Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 6. The Web Portfolio. Webizing Businesses. Product Conceptualization & Web Strategy User Interface Design & HTML Development Product Development Quality Assurance Migration & Deployment Optimization and Load Testing System Maintenance & SupportKellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 7. The Clientele. Geography. Industry. Size. Others Others 5% 7%South America 5% Non Profits 8% Europe 15% Large 30% Education 12% Enterprises Entertainment 15% India 25% 16% SMEs 30% Travel Retail North 20%America 50% Startups 40% Media & Publishing 22% Geography Industry Size Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 8. Welcome to Case Studies. A quick look at some of our 100* projects.Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 9. Intranet Marketing Portal For one of the largest consumer products company.Sony India is one of the most recognized consumer electronics brandin the country. In India, Sony has its footprint across all major towns andcities in the country through a distribution network comprising of over10,400 dealers and distributors, 270 exclusive Sony outlets and 23 directbranch locations. Sony India also has a strong service presence across thecountry with 255 service outlets. Consumer Products UI and HTML Web Concept Creative Development Design Design & Deployment Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 10. Web-izing Learning For a premium digital education company in the USA.Kaplan, the largest division of The Washington Post Company, USA isa premier name in serving digital education. Boasting of over 500 locationsin more than 30 countries Kaplan serves , more than one millionstudents each year through 31,000 employees worldwide. Education Website HTML UI Design Conceptualization Development Maintenance and Deployment Quality Assurance Support Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 11. Building the Web for News. Web system development for NY Daily News, USA.The Daily News of New York City is the fourth most widely circulateddaily newspaper in the United States and the most read newspaper in MediaNew York. Founded in 1919, the Daily News has won 10 Pulitzer Prizesfor excellence in Journalism. Web Portal Maintenance Quality Deployment Development & Support Assurance Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 12. Facebook Marketing For the product(s) promotion of a Fortune 500 Organization.Nokia Corporation is one of the largest multinational communicationsand information technology Fortune 500 corporation headquartered inKeilaniemi, Espoo, Finland. Nokia has around 97,798 employees across120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and annual revenues ofaround 30 billion. Communications Web Portal Development Strategic Planning and Consulting Maintenance and Support Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. A BSE listed Company
  • 13. Expanding Web Presence. With the Online Video Portal for a premium news conglomerateNew Delhi Television is, and has been for over two decades, a pioneer inIndias news television. It is today the most watched and the most Mediarespected news network in India. NDTV Tubaah is the online video portalof NDTV. Web Portal Development Offshore Product Deployment Development Quality Assurance Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.