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Online workshop for the Seneca Leadership Program: Keeping Yourself and Your Team Motivated


  • 1. The Motivation Trifecta:Keeping Yourself and YourTeam Motivated

2. The questions many people ask- namely, Howdo I motivate people to learn? To work? To dotheir chores? Or to take their medicine?- are thewrong questions. They are wrong because theyimply that motivation is something that getsdone to people rather than something thatpeople do.-Edward Deci 3. Today we willDiscuss the principle of motivation!!Assess your leadership motivation!!Examine the 3 elements of true motivation and how toput these into action for yourself and when leadingothers!! 4. Do you have adesire to lead? 5. Complete theLeadership MotivationAssessment 6. If you have found that you're stronglymotivated to lead, and you're already a leader -great! And if you're not already a leader, this isdefinitely an area you should investigate as youplan your time at College.On the other hand, if your score indicates thatyou don't have a strong motivation to lead,you will need to identify the type of work thatdoes motivate you. 7. MOTIVATIONPsychological processes that arouseand direct goal-directed behaviour 8. Extrinsic Motivation


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