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To create shower products that make water usage better for everyone, everywhere for businesses with high volume water requirements, for consumers demanding an improved eco shower experience and for those around the world in water-scarce and water-stressed regions where every drop counts.

OUR VISIONOur video shows how weve developed the greenest shower on the planet

For Kazakhstan, our vision is to utilize our groundbreaking technology to save 50billion litres of water, each and every year.


2010Endorsed by Waterwise and the first consumer trials completed

201275,000 Carbon Trust Entrepreneurs Fast Track Funding secured

2013480,000 DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Grant secured

2014Interest from major manufacturing partners (4 UK, 7 Brazilian)

2015Fully functioning Kelda Eco Power Electric Shower prototype builtFully functioning Kelda Commercial Mixer shower prototype built

2016Kelda has water savings validated by the University of SouthamptonCommercial gym trials with UKs largest gym chain commenceEuropean commercial launch at FIBO, CologneUK commercial launch at ELEVATE, Olympia


We engineer shower solutions that leverage aerospace and automotive technology to deliver significant savings without compromising user experienceThe Kelda Technology patented shower system uses similar principles as a turbojet, mixing the optimal volume and droplets of water into a stream of air in the handset to create the most effective shower.

Shower Head. State of the art computer modelling introduces air and water into the head at the perfect volume and velocity.Atomisation Chamber. High speed air meets pressurised water to form the perfect droplet size.Atomised droplets are accelerated out of the finely precision engineered nozzles to give a powerful shower experience.TECHNOLOGY


TECHNOLOGYThe Kelda shower unit has been independently verified as saving over 50% of the water used by traditional showers.*

The patented technology not only saves significant volumes of water, it also improves the shower experience for the user. In commercial trials, 82% of users felt the Kelda shower was the same or better than a traditional shower.

* Professor John S. Shrimpton, Engineering and Environment Department at the University of Southampton

THE BENEFITSThe Kelda Technology shower system delivers a 2.4x greater shower spray performance, a scientifically validated saving of 50.3% in water usage and water heating costs and a 20x increase in protection against harmful bacteria when comparing aerosol generation.

SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATEDKelda shower system savings have been independently verified by the Department of Engineering and Environment at the University of Southampton.

A report authored by ProfessorJohnS. ShrimptonBEng, PhD, DSc, CEng, FIMechE has confirmed Kelda Technology water savings and user satisfaction as part of a commercial trial programme at the UKs largest gym chain.

Health benefits have been validated by the UK Department of Health:"Kelda technology has been assessed and proven to be six times less likely than ordinary showers and twenty times less than aerating showers to cause Legionella

Dr T Makin, Advisor to the Department of Health, UK Government


Each Kazakhstan gym would save 5.4 million litres of water per year.

Each Kazakhstan hotel with 500 rooms would save 7.2 million litres of water per year.

Each Kazakhstan medical centre would save 3.6 million litres of water per year.


Domestically, a family of four using a Kelda Technology shower could save 61,000 litres of water per year.

This would mean that each family would reduce CO2 emissions by 784kg annually.For Kazakhstan, with a population of over 18 million, these savings would equate to 250 billion litres of water saved each and every year.

PILOTS AND ROLL OUTKelda Technology and Pilot Programmes

To date, we have had experience of conducting trial programmes for prospective purchasers of the Kelda shower system in the UK and Latin America, including pre-pilot technical audits, on-site project management, testing and validation and trial reporting.

As an agile, early stage company, our team are able set up trials of Kelda shower systems with hands on and expert support at every stage.

Installation and Roll Out

Kelda shower systems can be ordered for either new builds or retrofits and our team have successfully managed both install categories. Installation is broadly comparable to traditional shower installation and Kelda have systems to suit all types of water and water heating set ups.



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