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Kaylee Lynn Stephens5502 S Farm Road 139 | Springfield, MO 65810 | (417) 818-2961 | kls3md@mail.missouri.edu

PHYSICAL THERAPY OBSERVATION Overall Total Hours: 72Boone Hospital Center (Columbia, Missouri) October 24, 2014Aaron Witte Inpatient Orthopedic(573) 815-8928 Total Hours: 4 Observed inpatient orthopedic physical therapy for patient recently recovering from neck, back, hip, and knee replacement surgeries. Observed mainly the first evaluations and first interactions with the therapist and patient to assess the patients first abilities to move the day after surgery. Evaluations also included home life situations, access to and within the home, and determining who will be the main care provider upon leaving the hospital. Also observed how the therapist dealt with patients that are not compliant. Boone Hospital Center (Columbia, Missouri) October 21, 2014Laura CraneInpatient Orthopedic (573) 815-3355 Total Hours: 4 Observed evaluations with patients recently recovering from neck, back, hip replacements, and knee replacement surgeries. Observed first interaction between therapist and patients in a private room creating a rapport followed by evaluating the range of motion the day after surgery. Then observed the patient performing simple exercises. Witnessed how the therapist records the face-to-face interaction with the patient that will be documented and available to other medical professionals.Broadway Physical Therapy (Columbia, Missouri) April 24 and 29, May 1, 6, 8, & July 9, 2014Rick Rother Outpatient(573) 886-7411 Total Hours: 24 Observed orthopedic physical therapy in a private outpatient practice in downtown Columbia, Mo for four-hour increments. Observed the evaluation appointments in which new patients met with the physical therapist in a private room. From there, the therapist would ask various questions about the patients physical ailments and abilities. Then the therapist would perform stretching and manipulation to learn more about their range of motion and pain. This evaluation allowed the therapist to diagnose the injury and create a plan for treatment. Observed how treatment was carried out and participated in counting and making sure the exercise was performed correctly while therapist would check on other patients.Peak Performance (Springfield, Missouri) June and July 2012Matt Schurtz Outpatient(417) 881-2900 Total Hours: 40 Observed orthopedic physical therapy in a large private outpatient setting in Springfield, Mo. Observed the therapist create treatment plans and paperwork such as billing in accords with insurance plans. Observed the therapist work with a range of individuals and injuries including young athletes, middle aged shoulder replacements patients, back pain and surgical repaired patients, and elderly patients. Treatment plans were carried out on land and in a rehabilitation pool with various exercises.

EDUCATIONKickapoo High SchoolGraduated Springfield, Missouri August 2007-May 2011Missouri State UniversityDual Enrollment within high school for Springfield, MissouriCollege Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology, and Physics 1. Physics 2 Summer Course August 2010-July 2012University of Missouri Columbia, MissouriBachelor of Health Science in Health Sciences August 2011-PresentMinor in Business and Psychology GPA 3.82/4.0EMPLOYMENTJewelry Consultant, Customer Service Associate Columbia, MissouriKohls Department Store July 2014-Present Hours: Part-Time 20-24 hours per week. Interacted with customers and show different jewelry pieces while answering any questions about the product. Maintained diamond count, which keeps track of the most expensive pieces insuring safety of product. Itemized merchandise and set up appealing displays for customers. Customer service associate: completed returns, exchanges, and answered questions for customers. Maintained customer satisfaction and corrected any error which leads to a positive shopping experience.Coverage West Clerk Columbia, MissouriFaber and Brand Law Firm January-October 2013 Hours: 15 hours per week. Prepared and recorded documents for court cases. Communicated with judges and court clerks about court issued judgments. Interacted with lawyers and other parts of a team to coordinate all the necessary documents for court.Assistant Springfield, MissouriEmployee Benefit Design, LLC June-August 2010, 2011, 2012 Hours: 15 hours per week. Filed, faxed, and prepared documents for different companies insurance policies. Answered and made phone calls to insurance companies regarding individual policies. Organized files and data and created spreadsheets.

VOLUNTEER/SERVICE/RESEARCH ACTIVITIESRelay for Life Participant and Captain Columbia, MissouriRelay for Life November-April 2013, 2014, 2015 Fundraised money for cancer research individually and coordinated efforts for my team. Recruited and organized team members and fundraising event for the main event in April. Recruited individuals to attend the main event to raise more money for cancer research. Held meetings and relayed information to team (2 hours/month, 12 hour event).Service Day Volunteer Columbia, MissouriSchool of Health Professions Student Council November 2013, 2014 Helped clean Cosmo Park along side SHP faculty members and students (4 hours). Enhanced the parks appearance and use for the Columbia community. Picked up trash along the Martin Luther King Trail and stream (3 hours).Volunteer Columbia, MissouriReading is Fundamental April 2012, 2013, 2014 Fundraised childrens book to bring to Blue Ridge Elementary for each student to take home. Read and created activities for students. Special Olympic Buddy Columbia, MissouriPhi Epsilon KappaFebruary-April 2013 Helped plan and coordinate event (2 hours/week, 3 hour event). Set up safe and controlled environment for special needs children to play and interact with students.Volunteer with Coyote Hill Columbia, MissouriAlpha Phi Omega April 2013 Helped organized a scavenger hunt for children in foster care (1 hour/week, 4 hour event). Created activities, played, and supervised children.Blanket Making Columbia, MissouriAlpha Phi Omega Project Linus October 2012, 2013 and April 2013 Made several different blankets for the children diagnosed with cancer staying at the Childrens Hospital. 2 hours in one week each semester.

Coach Columbia, MissouriAdaptive Gymnastics September 2012-April 2013 Worked with children between the ages of 5-12 with special needs to exercise. Helped children with their coordination using gymnastic equipment. Worked with children 2 hours each week.Leader Columbia, MissouriWalking School Bus September-December 2012 Lead a group of 10 elementary students from their houses to school three mornings a week (1 hour each day). Encouraged students to exercise before school by walking. Worked with children with discipline issues and maintained order and the safety of students.Side Walker Columbia, MissouriCedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center September-November 2011, March and September 2012 Provided assistance as a side walker to those that have special needs to regain their mobility by riding horses. Interacted with riders through games and positive encouragement (2 hours/month).

HONORS/AWARDS/ORGANIZATIONSMember of the Academic of Excellence Committee and Intramural Chair Columbia, MissouriUniversity of Missouri Kappa Kappa Gamma January 2013-Present Monitored each members grades in order to achieve fraternitys GPA goal. Attended bi-monthly meetings to discuss improvements and problem areas. Communicated and worked with members to improve overall grades. Intramural Chairman: coordinated game schedule, held try-outs, and created teams for four different sports. Coached and maintained all sports teams.Co-founder and Secretary Columbia, Missouri School of Health Professions Student Council September 2013-present Helped create an organization within the School of Health Professions for students to interact with administration, faculty, and other students. Helped select 10 students to create the first council establishing the founding members. Helped select 30 students in fall 2014 for the first full student council. Recorded all minutes for each meeting and maintained attendance. Worked with the Dean of SHP and other members to establish the role of the Student Council. Interacted and established relationships with SHP alumni.Member Columbia, MissouriAlpha Phi Omega September 2012-present Fulfilled 20 hours of service in the Mizzou and Columbia community each semester. Attended weekly meetings and participated in different committees such as fundraising.Special Olympics Co-Chairmen and Member Columbia, MissouriPhi Epsilon Kappa September 2012-September 2014 Helped coordinate Special Olympics event for the members of PEK to help entertain and provide an outlet of exercise for children with special needs. Attended weekly meetings and completed 10 hours of community service each semester.Honors/Awards: University of Missouri-Columbia Honors College (Spring 2015) Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship Dinner Attendee for excellent grades (Fall 2012-Fall 2014) School of Health Professions Deans List (Fall 2012-Fall 2014) Barber Memorial Student Workers Scholarship (Fall 2011) TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION None