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  1. 1. This is a scene from Katy Perry-thinking of you. This medium longshot has inspired what the dressingroom scene before theperformance of the Laurenettes,how it might be set out in a similarscenery however they will besinging into the mirror etc. as wellas doing their makeup.This is a insert/close upshot of her holding ablack and white pictureof her ex boyfriendwhich is a similar sceneKaty Perry uses an excellent example as shewe will be using for thealso uses a flash back of a picnic, I choselaunderette scene whenthis video because it most like our ownthe main laurenette willvideo we are construction. The mainbe remembering thelaurenette will be having a picnic with hertimes they used toboyfriend for like 30s before returninghave.back to the present day.
  2. 2. Katy Perrys song thinking of you is narrative based which usesGoodwins theory. Katy Perrys motif is to sing a lot of pops songsin bright sparkly outfits as she is a pop singer however in this closeup which is voyeurism as we break the trend of her motif to be allsexy however in this shot she is sad singing about a past lover thatshe has to live on with out.There is a relationship with the visuals andthe lyrics because its a narrative about howshe is staying with another man cos whenIm with him I am thinking of you cuts froma scene with this new man to a flashback ofher and her past lover and a close up of apicture of him.
  3. 3. This is many various shots of notion of look voyeurism. This gives an effect as she is watching her past relationship because she is thinking of her memories which she wants to hold onto. The shots use focus to show what she is looking at and what the audience can see is important.Katys costume here is a similarThis part of the video the pace of theresemblance to what ourmusic increases as it contrasts the twolaurenettes will wear in thedifferent lifestyles, where he is in warvarious locations as in the 60sgetting shot down and she is pushingpeople had very retro outfitsher new lover onto the bed whichthat many hipsters idolizesincreases the effect of how shes goingover in this generation.behind his back and his dying alone.