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Kathryn MacKay. Road Safety Project Officer City of York Council Road safety – the future. How Road Safety needs to change for the Future. Kathryn MacKay. Topics Covered. Marketing vs Publicity Feedback Forms Vs Critical Review of Road Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Kathryn MacKay

Road Safety Project Officer City of York Council

Road safety the future

How Road Safety needs to change for the Future.Kathryn MacKayTopics CoveredMarketing vs PublicityFeedback Forms Vs Critical Review of Road SafetyShow and Tell vs Understanding Human Behaviour.Some Thoughts and Conclusions

PublicityMeeting limited numbers of the wrong people?

The act, process or occupation of disseminating information to gain public notice

5MarketingCommunicating with large numbers of the right people.Need to develop social media and other marketing tools.

Nestle and Coco Cola to name a few6Feed Back Forms

7Critical ReviewUnderstand the science as well as being able to contribute via experience.

Critically review reports

Pessimists make the best report readers (not a scientific fact) 8Show & TellDont Drink and Drive

Dont Speed

Wear your Seatbelt9Road Safety and Human BehaviourRoad Safety needs to be about behaviour change.

Risk and Causes

Need to understand the influences on behaviour of an Individual.

10Human Behaviour facilitating ChangeKey life events/factors which will influence behaviour change.

Perception alters Behaviour. Dont want to catch drink drivers we want to stop them drinking and driving in the first place.11Thoughts and ConclusionsFor Road Safety to develop we need to make sure that we are progressive in our thinking.

Do we have these skills? Do we need to up- skill, find those who do.

The Academy and how it can help


You must be the change you wish to see in the World

Mahatma Gandhi13