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  • 1. Kathryn Jones, Communications Professional Portfolio: Profile raising campaign Major measurement initiative
  • 2. Profile Raising Campaign
  • 3. Profile raising campaign
    • Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) commissioned a project worth 77,000 to raise its profile.
    • It aimed to speak directly to those working in colleges, universities, libraries and learning providers about the importance of lifelong learning for all.
    • The campaign focused on the impact of the recession, featuring leaders in the field and included policy comment by influencers.
  • 4. On the 24th February, 2009
    • The training Game 12 page supplement was published and a supporting micro-site launched.
    • It served to inspire, challenge and educate the teaching workforce about their own contribution to society and LLUKs efforts on their behalf.
  • 5.
    • This tree includes many of the organisations that provide, advise, fund or regulate the training and professional development of the teaching workforce in England. Diagram by Peter Grundy.
  • 6. On the 31st March 2009
    • Chaired by the Guardian business editor Deborah Hargreaves, the great and the good from adult education and commerce came together at the Guardians new headquarters in Kings Cross.
    • The event started with a round table discussion in which a select group of senior officials, Vice-Chancellors, Principals and skills experts tackled: Lifelong Learning and Skills Development in a Recession .
  • 7. The evening reception
    • Afterwards, 80 guests attended a reception and heard speeches from MPs Lord Tony Young, John Hayes and Stephen Williams. The reception session proved lively, with attendees raising numerous points and asking very direct questions.
    • Lord Youngs office commented:
    • Many thanks for what was a very well organised event. Lord Young found it very helpful to challenge shadow ministers and to hear the concerns of important stakeholders.
  • 8. Impact
    • The online campaign reached 11,997 people, of which 8,104 registered to access the site and subsequently spent, on average, over 10 minutes on the site.
  • 9. Major Measurement Initiative
  • 10. Major measurement initiative
    • Lifelong Learning UK, an employer led organisation, needed to demonstrate its engagement and prove its employer focus within its business activities as part of its re-licensing process to government.
  • 11. Annual Conference 2009
    • This event offered the best opportunity for LLUK to increase its competitive advantage by showing employers that it understands the organisational and contemporary issues that they face.
    • Through the event, we demonstrated fresh thinking and generated ideas to help them in a recession. From this engagement we measured and assessed communications activity to direct future business activity and encourage sustainable growth and development within the employers themselves.
  • 12. Social media
    • played a role in extending our reach, including a twitter hash tag and a conference micro-site for forum discussions , all aligned with the LLUK website.
  • 13.
    • Feedback and results were collected in a variety of ways: delegate demographics, written expressions of interest, online, hard copy and face to face survey responses, website and micro-site traffic figures, delegate experience interviews, press coverage, film footage capturing active participation in activities and video/report download numbers.
  • 14. Analysis from engagement activities
    • The top issue faced by the workforce was rapid change and diversification of job roles which means planning for the unknown.
    • The top action requested was to focus on continuing professional development to keep pace with change.
  • 15. Results The top benefit that LLUK gave to its audience was access to workforce information. Over 90% of delegates and 95% of LLUK employees involved in the conference learned something new.
  • 16. Conference video Please download this presentation to view this video clip
  • 17. Impact
    • 100,000 budget was allocated to this event and related activity.
    • All delegates stated their understanding of LLUKs work increased after their conference experience.
    • Over 90% were interested in attending similar events hosted by LLUK.
  • 18. For more information contact: [email_address]