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    glowing skin?

    Whats the secret of Kates

    Theres a new beauty must-buy in town and were told the Duchess of Cambridge swears by it

    Want fawless, glowing skin just like the

    Duchess of Cambridge? Well, now you can, as the 33-year-olds latest beauty secret doesnt come with a royal price tag. At just 16.50, Trilogys Certifed Organic Rosehip Oil is what Kates believed to use to correct any fne lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.The fashion-forward royal is

    said to have discovered the oil when she visited New Zealand last year and is now reaping its body benefts. Even her mother, Carole, 60, is a fan. Not only is rosehip rich in

    omega 3, the versatile oil is said to restore elasticity and protect against sun damage

    that can lead to wrinkles. Plus, it can also be used to de-frizz hair and tame split ends ideal for a mum like Kate who is known for her perfect locks.And it seems Kate cant get

    enough of it. Even her facialist, Deborah Mitchell, is said to add rosehip oil to her therapy treatment. I add a drop to moisturiser to boost results Kate loves it because it adds a luminous glow, she reveals.

    So soothingAnd the Duchess isnt alone. Mum-of-one model Miranda Kerr, 32, has created a version for her Kora Organics skincare line. I use rosehip oil at night, she says. Its so full of antioxidants that I wake up glowing. Bridesmaids actress Rose Byrne, 35, uses the oil on her sensitive skin. I suffer from rosacea and rosehip oil is so soothing, she admits.And its not just for us

    ladies! M&S model David Gandy, 35, relies on it too.

    I take 90-odd fights a year, so my skin gets dehydrated, but rosehip oil works wonders, he says.

    So why is it so good? Rosehip is a dry oil, so it penetrates to the skins deep layers where it regenerates

    skin cells, producing more collagen and elastin, explains aromatherapist Denise Leicester. Its so light, you can apply a small amount over make-up to perk up skin.

    Gently healing The Duchess may have given it buzz status but rosehip oil is not new. Rosehips were used by ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans, says celeb facialist Joanna Vargas. The beauty industry is turning to these healing ingredients as an alternative to the chemicals we usually rely on.And if its gentle enough for

    new mum Kate to use, then well defnitely give it a try.

    More facialsof the famous

    Feeling brave and have some spare cash? Try one of these strange-sounding treatments with nature-inspired ingredients the A-listers love


    HD DiAmOND

    & Ruby Peel

    Celeb fan: mila KunisThe 4,200 procedure involves precious gems being rubbed over the skin, which are meant to leave a sheen. Oh, and you also have to suck on an ice cube

    to decrease facial puffness!

    HeAveN SKiNCARe

    bee veNOm mASKCeleb fans: Dannii minogue, The Duchess

    of CornwallBee venom is extracted (but no bees harmed). Then for 165, your skin will be gently stung to help relax and strengthen facial muscles.

    HD DiAmOND

    HeAveN SKiNCARe

    SHeeP PlACeNTACeleb fans: Harry Styles, victoria beckham, J.lo,

    Simon Cowell At 325 a go, nutrient-rich stem cells from New Zealand sheep are frozen, then mixed with 24-carat gold fecks before being applied to the face.


    DROPPiNg FACe mASKCeleb fans: The beckhams,

    Katie HolmesThe purifed poo of the nightingale bird, from the Japanese island of Kyushu, is mixed with rice bran and water to form a mask. At 180,

    it claims to unclog pores.

    SNAil Slime FACiAl

    Celeb fan: Katie HolmesClaiming to reduce acne, scarring and wrinkles, snail slime mucus is slathered all over your skin. For a salon facial expect to pay 50 or try Dr Organic Snail Gel,

    19.99, Holland & Barrett.



    Wonder product

    Trilogy Rosehip Oil is scientifically proven to work on skin

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    Kates mum Carole, 60, is also a rosehip fan

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