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Kat alexander ♥. 3 rd period. About me~ . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Kat alexander

3rd period Kat alexander

Art is my favorite past time, I could spend all day drawing. I enjoy all medias but I prefer pencil and paints the most. I plan on either going into some career of art or becoming a tattoo artist. I see myself as a creative person and I enjoy doing things most people wouldnt. I am a one-of-a-kind and thats a promise(: I also play soccer and hope to join the soccer team in high school. I love trying new things, and love a good challenge. I am me, and thats all I will ever be. I am very random and always hyper. I hate seeing my friends sad, and I love making people laugh. Art is a major way of how I express myself, whenever I have no words to say, my pencil always finds a way to describe exactly how I feel on paper. I always have my headphones in, music is another big part of my life. Music and art are the best ways that I feel I can express myself.I live by the motto, You only live once. About me~ Amy BrownShe was born 1972 in Bellingham Washington. She is very popular for her fairy and fantasy art. Her art is everywhere. Theres shirts, statues, and all sorts of other things. I am infatuated by her art and I love her style. The fairy's and dragons are so whimsical and it makes me wonder if maybe fairys do exist. An artist that inspires me..

Marie & plank

This is Marie Kanker, and Plank from the show, Ed, Edd, And Eddy. Though Plank and Marie have nothing to with each other, I drew them together because there my two favorite :D xDArt portfolio~

If you could tell, I LOVE bright colors I also enjoy a lot of retro things like stuff from the 90 ;D I keep it real ha-ha(: This was one of my favorite projects. I just wish the hands would have turned out a little better and the paint would have blended better. I am pleased with how it turned out. I think its one of my best hand drawings. Hand contour~

This project was really fun. I got to do it with my friend Lexi. We made a marker using old portfolio's, an old yogurt cup, and paper Mache. Than we painted it with acrylic paint. Paper Mache~

This was my ultimate favorite project. It was so much fun and I got to express myself in ways I normally cant. Using the different medias was a fun challenge. I even brought in my own headphones to attach to the mask. Expressive mask project~

This was a robotic bird I drew for a video we watched about Leonardo Davinci. The project was to draw a flying machine, and I drew a bird. I had fun with this sketch. It required creativity and a bit of logical thinking. Flying machine~

This is all my work from my 12 weeks of art . Hope you liked! ^_^~

Thats all folks~