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    OF FAMOUS PERSONALITIES an interesting and insightful approach of our world

    Translated from Greek by AKAKIA Publications

  • Copyright Aggil Loupescou 2014 Published in England by AKAKIA Publications, 2014

    Aggil Loupescou


    OF FAMOUS PERSONALITIES an interesting and insightful approach of our world

    Translated from Greek by AKAKIA Publications

    ISBN: 978-1-909884-55-7

    Copyright Aggil Loupescou 2014 CopyrightHouse.co.uk ID: 162178

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    Mixed and Designed by AKAKIA Publications

    Famous Personalities Illustrated by Stella Karagiorgi


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    2014, London, UK

  • Dedicated to

    the famous neurosurgeon G. Panayiotopoulos

    and to my mentor Alexios Gioutsos.

    They were the persons who discovered my telepathy,

    loved me truly and entrusted me with the covenant

    of their knowledge. Thanks to them

    I can help people.

  • CONTENTS Prologue by Dr N. Tsilimigakis, MD Prologue by the Author PART A Introduction Chapter A: The immortality of the soul and Karma 1. The immortality of the soul and reincarnation 2. The law of Karma a. The meaning of compensatory justice b. Karma and fate c. The purpose of karma d. Karma and time e. Positive thinking and karma f. The correct self-evaluation g. Karma as a law of love h. The realization of karma i. The educational and curative value of the knowledge of karma j. Karma and faith k. Salvation from karma l. A technique of meditation to transcend karma Chapter B: Karmic relations 1. Love and karma a. the unfortunate repetition of a love story b. The happy end of an old love story 2. Karma and career 3. Karma, health and vices 4. Karma and death 5. Karma and family

  • PART B Past lives and the Karma of famous personalities A different approach to our world Prince William and Kate His Majesty Prince George of Cambridge Queen Elizabeth II of England Prince Charles Lady Diana Queen Noor of Jordan Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco Gianna Aggelopoulou Nikos Kourkoulos and Marianna Latsis Ludwig van Beethoven Pablo Picasso Aggelos Sikelianos Nikos Kazantzakis Sophia Loren Marilyn Monroe Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Nicole Kidman Bill Gates Steve Jobs Albert Einstein Alfred Nobel Nelson Mandela Mahatma Gandhi Indira Gandhi Eva and Domingo Pern Benazir Bhutto Bill Clinton Hilary Clinton George Walker Bush Barack and Michelle Obama Vladimir Putin Angela Merkel

  • Wolfgang Schuble Christine Lagarde Nicola Sarkozy Francois Hollande Ariel Sharon Shimon Peres Benjamin Netanyahu Ioannis Kapodistrias Harilaos Trikoupis Eleftherios Venizelos Konstantinos Tsatsos Konstantinos Karamanlis Kostas Simitis Georgios A. Papandreou Andreas G. Papandreou Konstantinos and Marika Mitsotakis Dora Bakogianni Antonis Samaras Evangelos Venizelos Makarios III Archbishop of Cyprus Glavkos Klerides Spyros Kyprianou Georgios Vasileiou Vassos Lyssarides Giannakis Omirou Tasos Papadopoulos Dimitris Christophias Nikos Anastasiades Recep Tayyip Erdoan Rauf Denkta Athena Onassis Aristotelis Onassis Epilogue The Author

  • Every life is sacred and karma exists to help it achieve

    its spiritual fulfilment

  • Prologue by Dr N. Tsilimigakis, MD1

    have known Ms Aggil Loupescou for many years. She is a unique person, who, due to her amazing capacities becomes a capable aid of medical science and a significant researcher as regards prevention,

    diagnosis and correct treatment. We collaborate on research regarding diseases which have no clinical symptoms and conduct experiments together. Her capacities are impressive, or better still, wondrous. When she told me that she was about to write a book on reincarnation and the past lives of famous personalities, I wanted to know all sorts of information she would offer in her record-book of the past millennium and I asked her to be the first to read it. The first pages of the book, as you will also come to see, are full of information about the wonderful world that concerns both sides of human existence, speaks all languages of the soul and through its journey, brings to life every single one of its reincarnations innumerable times. My experiences drawn from our cooperation are numerous and this type of research is yet another link to the chain of life, which in itself requires further research. Hypnosis helped us many times to enter through the windows of thought into the rooms of being, i.e., to follow a path from the conscious being to the subconscious one, and see the causes that triggered diseases long before any symptoms surface, and which even the latest technology equipment was unable to diagnose. There were cases where predispositions for serious chronic diseases, such as obesity, neuroses, even dysfunctions of important organs, were


  • due to some previous state of existence of the persons we were examining. These predispositions could be diagnosed only by Ms Aggil Loupescou on first sight. Particularly when under hypnosis, she could analyse everything about them contrary to the readings by machines which showed no indication whatsoever. I therefore know beforehand and with certainty that this book will send you messages of optimism regarding knowledge of your existence and will liberate you once and for all, from the unbearable burden of the fear of death.

  • Prologue by the Author

    he first edition of the present book titled The previous lives of famous personalities with the subtitle methods and experiences in two worlds took place in 2000 and sold out very fast.

    Its second edition had to wait enough because I unceasingly continue to research all about our past lives and in the meantime, new data came forth and new thoughts prevailed, which I thought had first to be evaluated and presented in the second edition. Thus, I thought that a reorganization of the Introduction of the first edition was in order, as well as dropping information which was included in my other books2, make more extensive reference to Karma and show techniques of its realisation and transcendence. In the second part of the book, I decided to present a number of lives with more information than others. This distinction does not devalue the meaning of Karma for any life but permitted me to gain some space and concern myself with the past lives of more people, so that the reader will be able to survey more cases and draw her/her conclusions more effortlessly. The complete book is a record of my systematic effort to approach truth and the results of the research that I conducted, searching by means of hypnosis to find traces of past existences of important personalities of our everyday lives. Whatever is written about those people is just as true as the story that they wrote in the past and are still writing in their present. The successful completion of this cumbersome and arduous effort is primarily due to my faith to God and the immortality of the soul. Indeed, this faith is the necessary and sufficient condition for the study of supernatural or metaphysical phenomena. Faithlessness readily


  • annuls every effort to enter and understand the spiritual psychic world, every effort to communicate with the existing immaterial entities. My teachers were devotees of the western thought and had studied metaphysical philosophy in India. They all shared a deep faith in God and absence of all evil. Every one of them constantly repeated to me that the main goal of psychic research is to help our fellow beings. This is precisely the goal of the present book: to send the light of truth to its readers, to reduce the darkness of ignorance, to unbind them from fear and prejudice. It carries my belief in life after death, my belief in re-embodiment (reincarnation) and my belief that researching the past lives of every person can reveal causes founded in the depths of our psychic world and trigger various problems. Their diagnosis may help people who suffer from torturing obsessions or other problems, improve on their social demeanour, understand what causes their inner conflicts, and cure themselves from the pain that the classical treatment methods cannot alleviate. On this paper, with the pencil piercing its fibres, I surrender to the reader not just a statement of my soul but the imprint of knowledge that will offer him or her actual help in his or her life.

    Aggil Loupescou Kifissia 2014

  • PART A

  • Introduction

    Metaphysics, the science of life after life

    he sum total of the issues under examination in this book belongs to the discipline of Metaphysics, which is a branch of Philosophy.

    The subject matter of Metaphysics is everything that exists and aims at determining the initial causal principles of living beings and of all that occur, the occurrences. Naming this branch of philosophy as metaphysics is probably due to a coincidence. During the middle of the first century BC, the dean of the Peripatetic School, Andronicus of Rhodes, in