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  • 1. Believe in yourself

2. Why does a child born into a rich family gets everything without doing any Karma and why does a child born into a poor family go hungry? 3. Why do some people have a hard life compared to others?How is their Karma different than the others Karma? 4. What is Destiny(Bhagya)? Destiny is result of your past Deeds.We all do good or bad karma through out our life and createdestiny for our self.Our destiny bounds us again to do the karma as per defined destiny; its a cycle of Karma and destiny of human being. 5. What is Karma?

  • Karmais act performed by an individual with freewill to achieve some objective
  • Willingly or unwillingly,
  • As a part of a process or duty,
  • Knowingly or unknowingly, or
  • Mentally by thinking,
  • Physically by speaking, hearing, seeing, touching or doing
  • Karma leads to result and it becomes destiny.

6. Classification ofKarma ? Sanchit (Accumulated from previous births) Kriyamaan (Being performed in present life with freewill) Prarabdh (Part of Sanchit karma allocated to be executed in present life) Karma Phal-Ansh Shudh Good deeds Beneficial for all Ashudh Bad deeds arising out of Greed, Lust, Anger, Ego, Jealousy & Attachment Drashta(visible) Adrashta (invisible) Tatkalik(immediate) Kalantarik(Long term) Lokik(within this life span e.g. Hate, Love, Respect ) Parlokik(accumulate forfuture births) 7. Study well, Pass exam with good marks... Do not study ----- May fail.Philosophy ofHow Karma creates Destiny? Pass or Failis result of your Deed karma- STUDY 8. Philosophy of Bhagya(Destiny), Freewill & Karma Rope limit is Destiny Choice to move is Freewill Grazing is Karma A Cow is tied up with a rope. She has a limitation that shecant move beyond a certain distance, But she has freedom to graze & movewithin the circumference of Circlepossible . 9. Then what to do

  • Thank God for whatever you have got, and accept that its outcome of yourpast Karma.
  • Do your K arma(duties & responsibilities) towards your family, Work, & Society, avoid harming or hurting anyone.
  • Serve humanity selflessly in whatever best you can do.
  • Try consciously not to get influenced by
    • Kama(Lust),Krodh(Anger),Lobh(Greed),Moh(Attachment),Aahankar(Ego) andIrsha(Jealousy)

10. Create your own destiny by doing good karma