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Kahiniwalla press release describing the introduction of the Pebble Brand to North America. Pebble's products include handmade crochet and knit baby toys, rattles etc.


  • Kahiniwalla[kuh hee nee wol uh] A person who tells or writes stories

    Kahiniwalla, a newcomer to the ABC Kids Expo in 2012 is showcasing the handmade Pebble product line for the first time in United States. Pebbles quirky and cool products include rattles, blankets, hats and a compel-ling variety of soft toys as well as a signature collection of organic items.

    Extremely safe for babies and children, Pebbles products are made using cotton produced in an Oeko-Tex 100 Certified mill. Their products are designed using only cotton and filler without eyes, trims or buttons avoiding the unnecessary risk involved with small or removable parts.

    Pebble Fair Trade with a goal of providing employment to rural Bangladeshi women within walking distance of their homes. This opportunity enables them to provide for their families without the need to leave their children at home with relatives to work in large urban areas. To date Pebble is providing jobs to well over 5,000 women in over 40 locations throughout Bangladesh.


    These quirky hand-crocheted octopus rattles have wriggled their way into the hearts of babies and grown-ups alike.

  • Kahiniwalla, meaning Storyteller in Bengali, is a fitting name for this company whose mission is to dis-tribute high quality, handmade products with extraordinary stories behind them. Austin and Marita, the authors of Kahiniwalla lived in Bangladesh for over seven years where they lived and worked with marginal-ized women. They have interacted with the women making the Pebble products and have come to know and admire Samantha, Pebbles creator, who shares their belief that entrepreneurship and providing the dignity of a job is one of the most effective ways of dealing with poverty.

    Visit their booth to hear more stories about the Pebble product line and to become a part of their inspiring story.

    The creation of this Fair Trade octopus rattle gives the dignity of a job to rural Bangladeshi women.

    Crocheted and knitted with fine yarn and col-ored with safe dyes, Pebbles toys are delight-ful gifts for babies and children!

    Website: www.kahiniwalla.comEmail: wholesale@kahiniwalla.comFacebook: kahiniwalla

    Booth #2622